Transcript for Smith, Job, Autobiography, 46

About the first of October 1861 a man named Blake arrived at my place from Birmingham to report to me the death of my grandfather in that city. He said he had been the agent through whom the money came monthly from the sale of George Watts publication. I having a basket in part construction he informed me that an experienced basket maker from London was in the wagon company then arriving with whom he had travelled. This immediately attracted my attention. In addition to my farming I was in the habit of making a few coarse baskets for which I found a very ready sale. I had not the technical knowledge of the trade of basket making and I realized the discount to which I could be subjected by having a skilled competitor, and also having a great desire to learn the trade from a skilled workman, I immediately repaired to the camping ground and found the basket maker--named Elijah Pearce. To whom I offered employment and shelter for himself and wife [Jane Cadrill Pearce], they having no children.