Transcript for Smith, John Lyman, Autobiography and diaries 1846-1895, fd. 5, 1-5

September 1st 1864. Platt[e] River

Thursday 1. After burying a child of br. [Jacob] Niffenager's [Nieffenegger's] Camp moved 15 miles. & camped for the Night.

Frid. 2. Traveled at 7 am—Made 15 miles today.

Sat. 3. Payers as usual at 7.30 am. 15 miles.

Sun 4 Moved 8 Miles. & in pm 4 miles = 12 miles. Indian Scouts seen on the hills most of the day.

Mon 5. Two funerals today Mary Steiner & Zilla [Zillah] Smith We traveled 21 miles to day. We passed a large force of Volunteer Soldiers camped on Cotton wood.

Tues 6 Moved 12 Miles to day.

Wed 7 A child of br Hiffenagers [Nieffenegger's] was buried. We traveled 18 miles to day. Passed Platt Junction.

Thur 8. Buried a child of br. [Anthony] Haynes Moved 13 miles Heavy Rain Storm.

Fri. 9. 7.30 am prayers—Moved 10 m. pm made 8.=18 m Notice was given that J A Young would want on express for SL City with some others to send provisions & teams back to meet us

Sat. 10. J A Y. & others started Camp moved 14 miles Camp 368 Miles West.

Sun. 11. Camp Made 20 Miles to day Evening Meeting & instruction given

Mon 12. Moved 10 miles & Crossed South Platt when a heavy shower came upon us.

Tues. 13 Some Cattle strayed which delayed camp till 4 pm Moved 9 miles & crossed Pale Creek camped at 4 pm

Wed. 14. Br Wm Hargale was found dead in his wagon in the pm. He was as well as usual & eat a hearty meal at noon. Camp made = 18 miles to day

Thur. 15. Camp moved to day = 18 miles

Fri. 16. Camp pulled over heavy Sand Hills = 17 miles

Sat. 17. Camp moved 18 miles 478 M. W

Sun. 18. Train made today = 17 m Sandy roads

Mon. 19. Tr. Moved to day = 16 Miles an antelope has been killed every day for some days Meeting in Evening

Tues. 20. Several cattle lost start. Late made 17 miles I was sick with chills all day.

Wed. 21. Tr. Made at 2 drives today = 24 miles.

Thur. 22. Tr. Made today = 18 Miles we are now in the Edge of the Black Hills.

Fri. 23. Tr. Moved . = 23 miles.

Sat. 24. Tr. Moved = 16 Miles. At meeting the propriety of dividing the Train was discussed.

Sun. 25 Tr. Mooved 8 Miles & Camped for the day.

Mon. 26 Tr moved at 7.30 am over a rough/ road am 7 m. pm. 9 miles = 16 m

Sept. 1865 North Platt

Tues. 27. —Sister Keller was found dead in her bed & buried at night Tr. Moved = 20 miles.

Wed. 28. Moved at 11 am. 12 m & camped at Rattle snake pass a Sharp Frost.

Thur. 29. Tr. on the moove & drove 8 miles & Camped on Pass Creek for the day. 4 years ago today I left S.L City for Europe

Fri. 30. Camp start at 8 am & drove to North Platt = 16 m

October. 1864 North Platte

Sat. 1. Tr. Moved 20 miles today. 937 M. W.

Sun. 2 Cold & Snow 3 inches deep Tr. Moved to Pine grove—8 m

Mon 3 Tr. divided 25 Individual Teams placed under charge of John Stewart = drove to [---] 15 miles. Crossed Bridgers pass & the water runs West.

Tues. 4. Tr. moved 20 m. . Met 2 waggons & 16 yoke of oxen to assist the Church Trains. 4 yoke remained with our Tr. the others went on to Snows Tr.

Wed 5. Oxen lost or strayed. Were found 12 miles from Camp did not move today

Thu. 6. Traveled at 1 drive 20 m camped at Sulphur Springs. I walked all day & carried part of a large Buck antelope - Genl Conf of Church today SL City.

Frid 7 Tr. Move 22 Miles at one drive Camped at Bitter Creek—This morning Stage-- passe S L City G. Q. Cannon & J.W. Young passengers

October. 1864.

Sat. 8 We met 2 Waggons & 33 head of cattle here from S L City to help in the Trains. Tr. Moved 7 m. & camped feed poor & scattering

Sun. 9. Tr. Moved at 1 drive = 18 miles & camped

Mon. 10. Tr. Started at noon. Made one drive = 16 m

Tues. 11. Tr moved at 9 am. = 17 miles. Met 3 mule teams loaded with flour. This came in good as we have not enough to deal out rations today. Several yoke of Oxen passed us for Snows Camp

Wed. 12. By request & permission of Capt Hyde I arranged my things. & took my trunk & bedding & I started with Valley return teams. drove 4 miles to Green river & camped with other teams who were waiting the arrival of companies. Br Phillip Smith from Provo Valley having requested me to accompany him to Wm. Kimballs Ranch & Station Parleys Park

Thur. 13. Started at 11 am. Drove 16 miles camped on Blacks Fork. Cold storm during the night.

Fri. 14. Moved 2 drives & camped at Tall Timber. 35 m

Sat. 15 Drove to Bridger. 2pm arrive to Cotton Wood = 25 m

Sun. 16 Drove to Willow Creek 20 m. Drove 20 m to Bear river. = 40 m.

Mon. 17. Drove to Coleville at the mouth of Chalk Creek 40 m [---] at Wm H Smiths.

Tues. 18 Drove 17 miles to Wm H Kimballs. The Provo bretheren left me here as they go through Provo Valley I staid all night with my old friend Wm H K Mr. James Bromley Overland Mail Agent gave me [torn] free passage in his buggy to SL City

Oct. 1864. Salt Lake City

Wed 19. Mr. Bromley started at 6 am & drove to Bp. Handys & took breakfast & drove to S L. City only stopping a few minutes at the Cotton Factory on Kanyon Creek. Then drove to my brothers at the Historian office, who welcomed me warmly. In Company with Mr. George A. I crossed to Pres. B. Youngs office at 1 pm. He welcomed me kindly & said he was glad to see me home again & told me to go & see my folks.