Transcript for Smith, John Lyman to Editor, June 26, 1894, St. George, "Nauvoo to the West," Deseret Evening News, 7 July 1894, 11

We loaded our wagons and having our certificates as to the amount of provisions (eighteen months’ supply) on the 9th of June we bade farewell to Winter Quarters and rode up the hill four miles and camped for the night.

June 11th, at noon, we reached the place of rendezvous on the Elk Horn river and formed into line.

On the 16th we raised a pole fifty feet high with a white flag, as a token of peace.

On the 18th Alfred B. Lambson and Jacob Wetherby were shot at while carrying an express to Winter Quarters. Wetherby was wounded and died soon after.

The camp was organized and we made a start as per program from Elk Horn river on the 22nd. We herded our stock evenings and corralled them with our wagons and guarded at nights.

On July 1st, doubling our teams, we crossed the Loup fork of the Platte river.

On the 5th we found a Pioneer postal.

“April 29th, Camp of Pioneers. Grass short but plenty. Watch Indians. 217 miles to Winter Quarters; watch the trees near our encampment.”

This was our first news from the Pioneers since they left Winter Quarters.

On the 8th two horses, evidently strays, were caught by Apostles P. O. Pratt and J. Taylor. We saw that day our first buffalo. We were now fairly on our way for the west. show


J. L. Smith