Transcript for Smith, Joseph Daniel, Autobiographical sketch, 5-6

I had Elder C.W. Penrose secure me quarters in the American Congress which sailed May 21 from the London docks. It was here where I was first introduced to Mary Ann Frampton, a trim young lady of 17 years, who in less than 2 months after, or on the 16 of July 1866 became my wife upon reaching Wyoming after our travels across the ocean and through the States. We were united in the bonds of matrimony by Elder John Nicholson and started across the plains in Captain Daniel Thompson Company for Utah.

I well remember my reflections in the evening after we were married. I commenced to consider what I had done and went off alone and poured out my heart to God, my Eternal Father, that he might assist me in the journey of life and that should children be born to us, that they might be healthy and strong. This blessing was granted me, for when we had 4 children the eldest being 8 years we had not known sickness in our family.

We arrived in Utah Sept 29, 1866, laying my Father in the grave at Wanship at the mouth of Silver Creek Canyon feeling blessed indeed that we had got this far to lay his body away upon the land which had been set apart and held in reserve for God's people to locate on. Arrived in S.L. Valley and camped in the church pasture.