Transcript for Smith, Mercy Livermore, Autobiography, in Dorothy Streeper, Family Histories, [ca. 1983]

When we reached Laramie, the teamsters had been waiting for us about two weeks. Soon we were ready for our long trek across the plains, with Brother Simpson Molin [Molen] and Aaron Thatcher in charge of the company. It rained all the first day, but after that we had fine weather all the way. We enjoyed sleeping out under the stars after our long day's journey.

When the teamsters were on their way to meet us, the water in the Green River was so high that several of the boys as well as their oxen were drowned, but when we were ready to cross, the water had gone down, and we had no trouble in crossing, except that the water came in the wagon boxes and wet our things, so we had to wait there two days to dry our bedding and clothes; then—we had no more trouble.

We arrived in Salt Lake City the second day of September [1868].