Transcript for South, Charles, Diary 1856-1865, 64-67

I Started from Cincinnati to Forance [Florence] of the 14 th of My in 1856 on the Steam bote [boat] Emma and arived in St Lewis [St. Louis] on the 18 th [.] I S[t]arted from St. L 20 th [.] Arrived at Omeho [Omaha] City on the 28 th Seven miles b[e]low Florance[.] Arrived in Florance on the 30 th .

June 5th there was forty Waggons Started for Greate Salt Vall[e]y

6th There was Seven Waggons started out

June 14th There was a steam boat arrived in Florance from St. L. with One hundred and Seventy Saints all in good he[a]lth

17 Theire was One hundred yoak of t Oxen for the Saints to go to GSL City

Jun 18 The third Company of Saints was organised and Bro J[ohn] Banks ele[c]ted <Captane> over that Fifty[.] Bro Wadsworth was elected marchel [marshall] in Floranc [Florence]

22 We went up the River about four miles x on the ferry Boat to fetch us sum [some] fence poles to make a carel [corral]

23 The Saints had a dance on the Steam boate

27 I Started from Florance 24 Waggons [with] people that spoke the English Language & 26 Waggongs [wagons] Dainesh [Danish] & Norweganss [Norwegians,] Swdanai<vi>ns [Scandinavians.] Camp on 5 miles from florance [Florence] on a Creek—

28 We Com[m]enced Working made a bridg[e] over a creek

29 Went four miles[.] Camp on the Papio [Papillion]

30 We left big Papio traveled to Elk Horn

July 1th Crossed the Elk Horn & traveled thirteen miles[.] five Oxen died[.] Camp on the plat[te.] a verry hot day

3 Camp<ed;> all Day[.] One woman died

4 Trav[e]led thirteen M[.] all well

5 Trav[e]led thirteen Mi Arrived at the Mormon ferry

11 Traveled ten miles and found no water[.] we dug wells[.] found water in the evning[.] plenty of it

12th Camp on preare [Prairie] Creek

13th Campd. of South of wood River

14 The first Buffalo we Saw on the plains[.] it was on the North side of the train and a man the name of Clark got on [h]is hores [horse] and got a head of the Buffalo and A turned him and back and he came right through the train and about thirty of the Brethern Shot at him and did <not> kill kill him

Sep 22 I Arrived in Greate Salt Lake City 1856 in good he[a]lth