Transcript for Spencer, Daniel, Diaries 1845-1857, vol. 2

on Thursday <10th> [June 1847]; after I started for the west after bidding my Bishopric fair[fare] well after driving about 1 1/2 miles got into a mud hole[.] after trying many times had to onload [unload] all our loding [loading] excess about 8 ore [or] so were driven out and cam[e] on about 1 1/2 miles farther & put up for the night our tools & camp with Br Boss & [..] [Jacob] Houtz & many other[s]

Friday came on our way Camp at [blank space] Crick

Saturday <12> arived at the horn [Elkhorn] about 25 miles from Winter Quarters[.] cross over Safe on a Lrg [large] Kraft[.] Came into Camp from Br P.P. Prat[t] & J Smith & Som[e] 150 Waggons ready for a Start[.] Br Pratt called the People togeathe [together] to coun Councal [council] with [?] & to Solius [solicit] subscriptions & pay for repairing cannon got about fiv[e] dollars

Sund[a]y the 13th Jun 1847[.] Br. Pratt returned back to Winter Quarters[.] Br Everitt [Everett] [,] Rushman & Br J. Van Cott accompanied him[.] had a meeting[.] Spoke a few words my self and I was [rescued] by Br J Smith visitt[.] Br Timmons rather out of healthe[.] Bad cold[.] We are prepaired [prepared] with absen[thia] gave previous to 19 pirsons [persons]--

Mond[a]y Jun 14th[.] Spent most of today repairing Axeltree & waggon Setting up a coal pit & firy [firing][.] Br Pratt return to the camp stating that there was above 500 waggons ready to start on Tusdy [Tuesday] for the mountains[.] Br Eldrichy [Eldredge] cam[e] on this day

Tuesd[a]y 15th Jun[e] 1847[.] Br Morl[e]y & H Eldridge [Eldredge] & oth[e]rs ar[r]ived from [Winter] Quarters[.] commenced organizat[ion][.] mad[e] up 100 from what are his Chie[f]s[.] FM J. Smith president of the Spiritual council, P.P Pratt & J Tayler [Taylor] principl[e] Leaders of the camp[.] Br John John Young presid[en]t of the camp & E[dward] Hunter & D[aniel] Spencer his Councilors[.] appointed D Spenc[er] captain of one Hund[red] p [.] Ira Eldridge Ca[p]t of Fifty

Wednesday 16th 1847[.] Weather quite cold[.] Br E Hunter & General Rich ar[r]ive from Winter Quarters B Scott & J. Young was expected to Start on Thursd[a]y Several of our cattle cross the River on the way back but were found Some 100 Waggons are in camp

Thursday 17th Jun[e] 1847[.] Weather cold[.] had a meeting on the subject of organisation & other matters[.] Agreed that all the camp but B[r] P. P. Pratt 50 should start out on the way West & go as far as the Platt Rive[r] on tomorrow & Send a company to fatsh [fetch] the Cannon ready or [met] at the Horn

Friday 18th June 1847[.] started from the Elkhorn River Camp about 10 oclock with Capt as the 1st Hundred with the 2d fifty with [n...nh?][.] traveled about 14 miles through what is called the Sandy Willows & Incamped by Ira Eldridge [Eldredge][,] Boss [&] [Samuel] Ensign & Boys [Boyce] & Brigham Caps [captains] of 10s with me form a Ring for our cattle to stay during the Night[.] on the East side of the Willows was found blud [blood] on the ground with a part of a pair of pantaluns [pantaloons] in the Pockits of which there were 2 letters purporting to be directed to the agent of the Farming business at [Parks...?] from the agent at St Louis from which we concluded that a messenger had been killed & robbed[.] we Sent the letters by the Camp Smith B Horman[.] we lost 2 of our cattle

Saturday th[e] 19 1847[.] Staid at Camp wa[i]ting for General Rich & the Cannon but never ar[r]ived

Sunday the 20th 1847[.] pleasant weathe[r][.] had preaching by P. Pratt

Monday[.] Taylor, Bro Cullen[,] Whitney & Lot ar[r]ives from Camp[.] stated that Scott had not come up to the Elk but that the Cannon would probably cross that night[.] held a Inquest on som[e] bones found near the Road side supposed to be human & the Jury so decide as there was part of pantaluns [pantaloons] w[h]ich contained 2 Letters from the agent Moss Miller which made it probable that the biearer [bearer] of Letters to one of the agents at the Pawnee nation was murdered

Monday 21 Jun 1847[.] No cannon at 10 oclock Br P Pratt & myself started back to ascertain the caus[e] of the delay of the Cannon[.] After proceeding about 10 miles met Br Young & G[eneral] Rich with all the ef[f]ects left the raft without any ropes to cross[.] Col Scott not having ar[r]ived[.] about 4 PM the waggons of Br Rich[,] Young & ar[r]ive in Camp preparations are making for a start of all the Camp tomorrow

Tuesday 22nd June 1847[.] The weather fine[.] all the camp amounting to ab[o]ut 600 waggons[.] got underway about 9 o clock A.M [.] first Company ahead 5 Teams abre[a]st proceeded this day about 10 miles[.] The weather fine but warm & having to brake [break] 3 new trails went Slow[.] put up about Sunset the front teams the hind one about 9 oclock

Wednesday 23d Jun[e] 1847[.] Weather good[.] commenced our marsh [march] with General Rich a head about 8 Oclock AM[.] traveled about 8 miles[.] came to the Platt & Watered our our oxen in the Bucket[.] about 5 miles further com[e] to Shell Crick[.] part of us cross on a bridge[.] the balance forded it[.] from there proceeded about 4 miles & Incamped without Timber but a slew for our cattle and having traveled about 17 miles put up about 5 Oclock

Thursday June 24t[h] 1847[.] Weather pleasant[.] commenced our march abo[u]t 8 oclock[.] traveled about 9 miles[.] struck a Branch of the Platt[e] & put out our Teams. after traveling about 2 miles from camp Br J. Taylor called to me as he was passing & said he wished me to go a piece with him which I according did[.] he said that his head ordered Br. Jedadiah [Jedediah] Grant to stop his teams & let him pass but had refused to stop saying [that?] he was under Br J. Young[.] he then said to Br J. Young you must stop or I shal[l] prefer a charg[e] aga[i]nst you for disobey of Council[.] according they did not stop[.] Taylor the[n] preferred a charge against Br Grant & Young and a council was held & the subject discussed at length by severral men particularly by Br. Pratt[.] he gav[e] a full histery of the nead [need] of Government of the Church & camp to the intire [entire] satisfaction of the camp according to the vote & Young & Grant asked pardon of Br Tayler for this insute [insult] to him and all was amicably settled

Friday June 25th 1847[.] Weath[er] pleasant but quite Windy[.] traveled about 14 miles[.] Crossed the Looking [Glass] & Shell Creek

Saturd[a]y June 26 1847 trevld [traveled] ab[o]ut 14 miles quite unusual[.] spent most of the afternoon on the bed[.] crossed the Looking Glass Crick[.] proceeded up the Loup Fork to [blank space] crick

Sunday 27th Jun[e] 1847[.] Spent the day in camp[.] meet the 2d 50 wh[o] crossed over the [blank space] Crick & encamped in the South Side[.] Br Pratt Tayler [Taylor] & others went to the Loop River found it was impassable without Bridging[.] was visited by the Pawnee Judge McIntyre who informed us that the Poineers [Pioneers] made a flo[a]ting Bridge & it probably would be the best way to clear the Ford[fork][.] Br Parley & Taylor & [Abraham] Smoot & [Jedediah M.] Grant was on the other side calculating to cross in the morning

Monday June 28th 1847 Weath[er] quit[e] cold in the morning[.] balanc[e] of the day warm[.] Br Taylor commenced crossing the creek about 9 ocl[o]ck & proceeded on thing [thinking] with the expectation of continuing up the north Side of the Loop until they find a more favorable place to cross[.] my company to stay behind with Br [Charles C.] Rich but with our cannon[.] in crossing the ford the 1st 50 of the 1st 100 brok[e] a Waggon wheel & Br Rich a waggon Tongue[.] trevild [traveled] this day about 6 miles & put up at the Old Town of Pawnee which was Burnt by the Sou [Sioux] Indian about 5 yrs since[.] the Pawnee tribe is about 1200 in number and in much fear of the Sous [Sioux] have moved to the North Sid[e] of the Loop fork to be more out of their reach

Tuesd[a]y 29th June 1847[.] Br Taylor ahead Grant next & Smith next and the 1st Company nx [next] the 2d fifty in advance of the 1st travild [traveled] about 8 miles this day[.] Crossed creek of consider[able] sisp [size] by the name of Sudren [Cedar][.] Encamped on the Loop

Wednesday 30th June 1847[.] Commenced our march in Br J. Taylors 100 in front[.] went with Brothers Prat[t] & Tayler [Taylor] ahe[a]d to Examine the rout[e][.] proceeded about 5 miles the 2d India[n] town over took Taylors Camp[.] proceed by them & come to Several Ravines many of which are almost impassable[.] proceed about 8 miles & concluded to try to cross the Loup as the way seemed to be hedged up on the North sid[e] of it accordingly all camped about 3 oclock AM [P.M.?] and a committee appointed to examine the River[.] after examination it was concluded to make the attempt in the morning

Thursd[a]y July 1st 1847[.] Commenced crossing Taylor Company ahead his call & sett[l]ed a difficulty in connection with B[r] Van Cot[t] in relation to a heifer Claimed by B[r] Wm Brown in possession of B[r] Shirts dicided that Brown should pay Sh[i]rts $3.00 & take the heifre [heifer][.] finished the crossing all the company by Sunset[.] B[r] Tayler [Taylor] advanced with his Company about 4 miles[.] Grant about 3. The balance encamped on the banks of the Loop

Frid[a]y the 2 July 1847[.] Commenced our march about 6 oclock[.] traveled about 16 miles[.] Encamped on the prairie with out wood or water Except where it was brought from the Loop[.] B[r] Nobl[e]s lost an ox this day

Saturd[a]y 3d July[.] continue our Journey in abo[u]t a South direction[.] traveled about 18 mil[e]s[.] Cross a small slew about 10 mil[es] from our Morning Camp[.] 2[nd] fifty of the 1s[t] Company ahe[a]d as they cross the slue[.] first ar[r]ive at Timbe[r] about 5 oclock on a Small Creek some distance from the Plat[t][.] Say about 4 mil[e]s off

Sunday July 4 1847[.] Weath[er] rainy[.] good feed for our Cattle & wood a plenty[.] Br Sessin [Sessions] shot an dere [deer][.] had a Council in the Eving [evening][.] agreed to rais[e] 3 pr of oxen for the Cannon

Monday 5th July 1847 2 Indians w[ere] discovered around our camp[.] Crossed a Small str[ea]m of water said to be in Grand Island[.] traveled about 15 miles to a Branch of the Plat[te] & found us the Pioneer Camp with a Board on which the foll[o]wing was Posted 217 mil[e]s from Winter Quart[er]s all well 29th Apr 1847[.] Guard well against the Indi[a]ns & look for our camps with informty [information]

Tuesday July 6th 1847[.] Traveled about 17 miles[.] Encamped on the Branch of the Platt[e][.] Campt found much signs of Buffa[lo][.] up Land poore & not much grass

Wednesday 7th July 1847[.] Traveled about 14 miles & Encamped near the Platt[e][.] as we thought a letter claimed the heifer of Br Glines[.] found another Bo[a]rd left by the Poin [Pioneers] Stating they had killed Eliven [eleven] Buffalo on this Enaft----- [Encampment?] dated M[a]y 6th[.] the weather quit[e] hot[.] saw many Prerier [Prairie] Doggs & Som[e] Deer

Thursd[a]y 8th July 1847[.] Trave[lled] about 11 miles[.] Saw Surrel [several] Buffalows Cross on Bad Slew[.] the land poor & clay Soil[.] Brother Pratt & others found 2 Iron Grey mair [mares] about 4 or 5 years old[.] on[e] had on a Rop[e] the other a fashionable missone [?] Bridle[.] many prairie dogs we[re]r shot this day[.] Br Boss lost an oxen

Friday July 9th Traveled about 10 mil[e]s[.] the weather quit[e] warm[.] all our company came up

Saturday 10 July[.] traveled about 5 miles[.] Put up to burn cole [coal] & make som[e] repair as it was understood that their was not much wood after we left here until we got within about 60 miles of Larimie [Laramie]

Sund[a]y 11th July[.] did not travel but a company went & kille[d] Buffalos & some attend[ed] meeting[.] I rod[e] about 40 miles this day[.] Saw innumerable Buffalos[.] Several were killed

Monday July 12th 1847[.] traveled about 14 miles[.] 2nd fifty of the 1st 100 ahead[.] Br Eldrige [Eldredge] turned over his waggon came nie killing his buoy [boy?][.] on Sund[a]y 1 child died & Br [Jacob] Houtz lost an ox[list of food and supplies]

Tuesday July 13th 1847[.] traveled about 16 miles[.] Encamped on the River where the Bluffs come ne[a]r to the River[.] the Bthe [Brethren] killed several Buffalows[.] discovered 2 horses but could not hitch them[.] Br Smoot camp staid a few miles back as they broke a waggon[.] we are probably near the Junction of the North & South Platt[e] [.] find quite poor & land sandy[.] Buffalow quit[e] thick

<Wednesd[a]y 14> July 1847 traveled about 12 miles[.] turn out under the Bluffs[,] pass Br Taylors Comp[an]y[.] Come to an Exelent [excellent] Boiling Spring[.] quite Cold[.] our cattle much fatigued and [worn?] out of going & hot[.] the Brethren discovered some cottn [cottonwood] on I[s]land opposite our camp which is on the River & from of where [?] near the Junction of the South & Nor[th] Fork of the Platt[e] find quit[e] Poor

Frid[a]y 16th July 1847[.] Traveled about 9 miles[.] Br Parl[e]y encamping about 2 miles behind[.] wated [waited] for him to com[e] up[.] weath[er] heat [hot][.] Saw immense herds of Buffalow on both Sid[e]s of the River[.] Killed 2[.] many run amongst our hirds [herds] of Cattle[.] the [C....?] went to hooking them & falling off but no injury was done[.] we are about 9 miles ab[o]ve the Junction of the 2 Platts Forks[.] the Poines [Pioneers] track plain to be seen

Saturday 17th July 1847[.] Traveled 13 miles[.] Saw Large hirds [herds] of Buffalo[.] Revcd [received] Communication from the Poiniers [Pioneers] by the Returning Emigrants[.] state they saw the[m] at the South Pass on the mountains 15 days Since[.] Br Grant had 70 head of cattle brake [break] from them t[hat] are missing we are about 25 mil[e]s above the Junction of the 2 Platts [Plattes]

Sunday July 18th 1847 Br Taylor & Rich up with us & Smoot [and] Grant who having Lost about 70 head of cattle[.] feed tolerable good[.] camped near a Small River

<Monday 19 July> Spent the day at the same place wate [waited] to hear from Br Grant[.] Sent 12 men to help sirch [search][.] 6 on the South side of Plat[te] & 6 North[.] the 6 on the South found 20 head of oxen supposed to be Origon [Oregon] emigrants[.] Gilbert was one of the men that helped get them

Monday July 2

Tuesd[a]y 20th July [.] travel about 9 mil[e]s with road a high Bluff of sand[.] Encamped on a Large bottom[.] good feed[.] in company with Tayler[,] Smoot & Rich here we found tracks 15 prs [pairs] of oxen & assist the Brethren of Br Grant Company in continuing their travel[.] 5 pr [pair] from Each camp of 100s[.] we send one fresh[.] a pair White one & a Brindle with white face[.] Br P Prat delivered up to us a pr [pair] of oxen which he had of us thinking he could get along without them

Wednesday 21 July 1847[.] traveled 12 miles[.] found a letter from the Poineers [Pioneers] Stating it was 356 miles from Winter Quarters, 45 above the Junction of the 2 Plats [Plattes] & that they should measure all the distance beyond this pass[.] this day a Sand hill the worst we have come to Since of [left?] Indians[.] a Short distance from here the Brethren Saw where 13 Buffalow have been[.] insight they say this day [killed] Encamped near the west side of the Sand ridges

Thursday July 22d 1847[.] Traveled about 12 miles[.] cross[e]d 2 small slews[.] followed the Poineers [Pioneers] trail up to one of them[.] they then turned to the right & went up the first one under the Bluff[.] we cross[e]d & went to the Bank of the River [.] found excel[l]ent Road[.] Encamped on the River[.] plenty of [fload?] and Wood[.] moved about noon[.] disc[o]vered Indian Lodges about 8 miles distan[t] by the Glass[.] agree to move slowly on about 2 or 3 miles & wait for Br J. Taylor & Smoots company to come up and acordly [accordingly] drive on about 2 miles & camp[.] at the time we had unyoke[d] our oxen & garde [guard] them[.] a number of Indians made their appearance and we turned our cattle in the yard[.] they came up and stop[e]d th[e]re about 50 Rods from camp[.] the first company was about 15 or 20 in No.[.] we fed them with bread[.] about the time they had done eating there came another company of about 80[.] we proceeded the same with them as the others[.] they were quit[e] anxious to com[e] into our camp but we refused until we fired the Cannon to gratify them after which they cum [came] round our camp[.] they express the best of feeling, they could not understand our language[.] Br Stan [Staines?] could talk with one of them who had bin [been] with the Punk [Ponca] trib[e][.] they cal[l]ed themselves the Ogelaligus [Ogalalla Sioux][.] they left our camp before dark

Friday 23d July 1847[.] hard Rain during the Night and a part of the forenoon[.] tar[r]ied all day while waiting for Br Grants company to come up[.] was visited by many Indians & some trading was had with them[.] the cannon was fired several times[.] Fife & Drumb [drum] & fiddle playing & Dancing by the Indian[s] & our people[.] they expressed perfect friendship

Satur[d]ay July 24th 1847[.] Traveled 12 miles[.] cross[e]d Several Cricks [creeks][.] Encamped on the River[.] traded some with the Indians[.] Br Pratt purchased a pr [pair] of oxen from the Native[s] at about 3 dollar[s][.] others have to pay higer [higher][.] they got 9 in all[.] Indians appeared to be well satisfied with all our deals

Sunday 25th July 1847[.] Traveled about 4 miles near a Crick & Bad Bluffs[.] This day were med [met] by a company of our Brethern from the Poin [Pioneers] Br Grover, E Ellsworth & others who brot [brought] us letters of information of this [...] & road[.] they here [hear] the company was advised to make their best way to the mountains if 50s are merjt [merged]

Monday 26th July 1847[.] traveled about 18 mil[s][.] cross[ed] a bad sand hill[.] several crick [creeks] & sr Rivers of 8 Rods wid[e][.] Br Boss broke his waggon tongue[.] Encamped on the bottom near a Smaller Bluff on the Poineer [Pioneer] camp[.] Broth[er] Walis [Wallace] Cap of 50 in Br Smoots company is near us.

Tuesday July 27th 1847 [.] traveled 14 miles[.] pasd [passed] an Indian Lodge[.] was met by their Chief & Braves[.] the Name is [blank space] we fed them upon the rest [west?] of our Camp & they passed by[] this tribe is about 125 mile from Fort Larimie [Laramie] & 30 miles above the Oglialigus [Ogalalla Sioux][.] we done no trading with them[.] they see[m] to have plenty of horses & mules[.] Campt in company with Capt. Wallis [Walker] on the bank of River

Wednesday July 28th 1847[.] traveled about 14 miles passed a bad Sand ridge[.] Shower of rain about 4 OClock P.M.[.] was overtaken & passed by us Br Parleys 50, Riches & Russels[.] Met several men returning from Origon [Oregon] who had been th[ere] 2 years[.] Saw the Poineers [Pioneers] about the 10 of July about 450 miles from this place

Thursday 29th July 1847 traveled about 20 miles[.] Road good[.] pass[e]d a ledge of Rock or Sand Caled the cort hous [Courthouse] & camped in South of what is cal[l]ed the Chimny [Chimney] Rock about 6 miles distant[.] all the companies behind us

Friday July 30th 1847[.] traveled 14 miles[.] Encamped on the River[.] good feed[.] Parley[,] Wallis [Wallace] & Rich with us[.] Saw some Buffalow this day[.] we are in about 17 miles of the High Bluff said to be about 60 miles from fort Larimie [Laramie] & in are in about 3 miles of the Chimny [Chimney] Stone[.] Weath[er] fine

July 31 Saturday 1847[.] traveled 16 miles[.] incamp on Banks of the River ne[ar]ly opposit[e] the 2 Cort House Rocks said to be 60 miles from Fort Larimie [Laramie][.] met Several Emigrants returning from Oregon[.] Sister Brown complains of Sister Curtiss [Catherine Adelia Curtis]

Sunday August 1st 1847[.] Remain in our camp[.] repair Waggons[.] good feed[.] Br Parley camp lost 2 ox [oxen][.] Recd a Visit from 2 fr men [frenchmen] who live at the Fort[.] took Suppe[r] at Cind[?] Waggons

Monday August 2d 1847[.] traveled about 24 miles[.] feed rather Poor[.] cattle are in camp[?] for the first time[.] drove until Sunset

Tuesday August 3d 1847[.] Traveled 12 miles[.] Encamp on the River[.] plenty of wood[.] poor feed[.] lost 2 oxen by the efects [effects] of Saltpeter & some others sick[.] one ox belongs to Br [William] Brown the other to [blank space][.] we were met by 15 of the Souldrs [Soldiers] on their return to their [wifes?][.] Some uniting in the 1st 50 of the 1st 100

Wednesday 4th August 1847[.] Traveled 12 miles[.] came to a french trader & an Indian Sett[le]ment all near Fort Larimie[Laramie][.] we treated the Indians to some bread but they are not perfectly satisfied[.] poor feed[.] plenty of wood[.] got many wild currants

Thursday August 5th 1847[.] Traveled 6 miles crossed the Platt[e] at Fort Larimie [Laramie] at the mouth of the Larime [Laramie] River[.] Small stream[.] Beautiful water[.] about 400 Lodges of Indians was visited by many & made present[s] to them[.] Br Eldredge exc... [exachanged] oxen[.] Encamp[e]d about 4 M[iles] above the ford on the bank of the Platt[e] in company with Br Pratt & Walker [,] Smoot having precd [preceded]

Friday August 6th 1847[.] Spent the day in repairing waggons and sho[e]ing oxen[.] Br Wallis [Wallace][,] Prat[t] & a part of Grants Company pass[ed] us[.] Br Farr [--] [etc.] come into our company

Saturday 7th 1847[.] Traveled 6 miles[.] preced[ed] by Taylor[,] Grant[,] Smoot & Parley Pratt Company[.] came on a verry steep Bluff on to a sandy bottom[.] encamped on the River[.] tolerable feed[.] Br Far[r] went ahd [ahead] & laid out the Camp[.] Br Joseph Murdock Broke a W. Tire[.] a little Rain at Sundown[.] Shod several of our cattle

Sunday August 8 1847[.] traveled 16 miles over high Hills & Deep vallies[.] Br Houtz turned over a Waggon on top of the higher hill[.] Barron [barren] country[.] Encamp[e]d at a good Spring [blank space] the best one we have found had a hail storm & rain about 12 oclock noon and rain in in the Night[.] good feed

Monday 9th August[.] Traveled 16 miles to Horse Cri[c]k[.] Besra [?] Curtis[.] feed tolerable good[.] had a tremendous Storm in the Night[.] Br Eldridge on <[gu--]> [guard?]

Tuesday 10th August 1847[.] traveled 16 miles over Hilly Ro[a]ds the worst we had from[.] Several little spots of sand[.] Ro[a]ds hard[.] mad[e] many of our oxen lame[.] Encamped on a Small Cri[c]k [.] tolerable feed 1 mile dow<n> & saw 2 Buffalows

Wedn[e]sday Aug[u]st 11 1847[.] traveled 9 miles[.] hard shower[.] some hills[.] verry broken country[.] find little water about 3 miles from our camp[.] Encamped on a dry Crick but found a little water

Thursd[a]y 12th August[.] traveled 9 miles[.] Encamp[e]d on a small cri[c]k by the Name of Papill[i]on [.] Some 50 head of our cattle came over to this place from the camp in the Night[.] did not find all until next day[.] shod several oxen[.] killed 2 Buffalow[.] Br Benson [?] & Glines came ahe[a]d with the 2 tires[.] wood & water plenty & some feed

Friday August 13[.] Traveled 12 miles[.] past [passed] a pleant [pleasant] creek about 7 miles[.] Encamp on a cri[c]k[.] pleasant place[.] tolerable feed[.] Br Ensign had an ox stray[.] Ro[a]ds good

Saturd[a]y August 1847[.] Traveled about 9 miles[.] good Road[.] Encampt on Deer Crick & Platt River having come to it about 5 miles back[.] here we[re] met by Br Glines & Brinley messengers for Br Benson with his letters incouriging [encouraging] us to come on & that he wo[u]ld meet us tomorro[w]

Sunday August 15th Traveled 16 miles[.] Smo[o]th Road[.] met B Benson who continued on to meet the balance of the Camp[.] Encamped on the Platt[e] about 8 miles from the 1st ferry

Monday August 16, 1847[.] Traveled 13 miles[.] Br Holm[e]s brok[e] a Wagon Wheel ar[r]ive at the ferry [.] found Jonathan Higby [John Somers Higbee][,] Luke Johnson[,] [William Adam] Empey & Som[e] others wa[i]ting our arivel [arrival][.] Encamp on the River crossed our cattle, found good feed[.] killed 1 Buffalow

Tuesday Aug 17th[.] Spent the day in repairing waggons[.] had 9 Tire set myself [.] Brthrn [Brethren] Killed 2 Buffalows[.] Some Rain during the day & Night

Wednesd[a]y August 18th [.] Spent the day in repairing [blank space][.] Rained most of the day

Thursday Augu[s]t 19th[.] Wet & rainy [.] P.P. Prat[t]s comp[an]y overtook us they crossed the Plat[te] River & encamped[.] We started & drove about 3 miles beyond them & Cam[p]ed with out wood[,] water or feed in the Rain

Frid[a]y 20 Augu[s]t[.] traveled about 21 miles[.] Good Roads[.] poor feed[.] Encamped on a [.ont] crick or Spring 3 miles beyond the Poison Springs

Saturd[a]y Augu[s]t 21st traveled about 8 miles[.] Encamped on a Sand hill 3 miles from the Willow Springs[.] Weath[er] cold[.] plenty Buffalows

Sunday Augu[s]t 22d 1847 [.] traveled 17 miles[.] deep sands[.] crossed 1 cri[c]k turned over on B[r] Houtz Waggon[.] Encamp on Sweetwater[.] Good feed[.] Br Benson & Rockwell they left us for the Poineers [Pioneers] camp and Sent Ellin [Calvin?][.] Boss to our company[.] they passed the saleratus Beds[.] laid in Stor[e]s of it[.] Encamped by the sid[e] of the Independence Rock--Quit[e] huge[.] many names written on [.] Sent a letter to B [Francis] Boggs requesting to meet us as soon as he can

Monday Aug[u]st 23rd 1847[.] traveled 12 miles[.] Encamp on Sweet water [Sweetwater][.] feed good [.] B[r] [Rufus] Abbot[t]s Team sent for[.] did not come up till later

Tuesday Aug[us]t 24th 1847[.] traveled 16 mil[e]s[.] Encampt on Sweet water[.] Br Green found an Indian Pony lame[.] drove ah[ea]d by request of Br Eldridge [Eldredge] in the afternoon[.] had a meeting in the evening to decid[e] who should go ahe[a]d [.] Voted that the Capt[a]ins should decide the order of traveling on[.] decided that the 1st 10 should go a head all the time[.] the other 10's to take turns[.] the Rodes [roads] quit[e] Sandy

Wednesd[a]y Aug[u]st 25th 1847[.] traveled 9 miles to the narrows in the mountains[.] Weather cold[.] [stopped?] Capt [Cleathin?] [Wayland?] this day good feed

Thursday Aug[u]st 26 1847[.] Traveled 9 miles[.] road stony[.] the Narrows at what is cal[l]ed the canion [canyon][.] crossed the Crick 6 times during the day [.] Br Eldrich [Eldredge] & Farr oxen sick[.] Encampt on the River[.] poor feed [.] Ice found on our water pails & whit[e] frost

Friday Augu[s]t 27th[.] traveled 17 miles[.] pasd [passed] the Sulfur springs being about 6 miles from our Encampment[.] most Rode [road] Gravely to Sandy[.] encamp on the Sweet water[.] found an Indian Pony all bound this morning

Saturd[a]y Aug 28th 1847[.] traveled 14 miles to the head of a F [Fork?] East over the a South mntn [mountain?][.] here met a company of the Poineers [Pioneers] also Eliet Boss the person we sent with Br Benson[.] Weather quit[e] cold[.] Snow was sene [seen] on the mount[a]ins not far off

Sunday Aug[us]t 29th[.] Traveled 13 miles[.] Encampt on a Small crick[.] poor feed[.] John Eldridge came to us from the Poineers [Pioneers][.] informed us that Br Bogs was a long [along?]

Monday 30th[.] Travel 8 miles over with the pioner [pioneers] Br Boggs and all of camp

Monday 29th [sic] Aug[ust][.] travel 8 miles[.] Good feed on the Sweet water [Sweetwater]

Tuesday 31 Aug[ust][.] traveled fourteen miles[.] roads good[.] was overtaken by Br P P Prat[t] with a letter from Br Taylor informing us of the misfit [misfortune?] of the Back camps of the loss of cattle by Poison and otherwise requesting a genall [generall] councils of the capt[ains] of companys[.] we concluded not to have a council as this could not help to spair [spare] to relieve them but agreed to send messenger to the Salt River Val[l]ey to get help there[.] Encamp[e]d at the Pasific [Pacific] Springs[.] here we were overtaken by Br Little & Br Hunter [...?] who informed us that Prest Young was already here[.] Br Elderdg [Eldredge] had 2 horses lost[.] supposed to be taken by the Indian who was in our Camp[.] all day there were hundred[s] of by the nor[th] of Smoky

We[dne]sday 1 Sep 1847

Thursday 2 Sept 1847 [.] traveled 23 miles[.] good road [.] Encamp on Sandy[.] Poor feed[.] the Brethern that were in the sirch [search] of the lost horses did not return[.] Weath[er] quit[e] cold[.] Some Rain

Friday Sept 3 1847[.] Traveled 10 miles[.] camp[e]d on big Sandy[.] here we were overtaken by Br Young & the 12[.] we found them in good health & spirits[.] had a meeting in the evening[.] all good[.] were Blessd [Blessed] by the 12 & promised prosperity & requested locate to the Valley & then return for the rest of our brethren

Saturday 4 Sept 1847[.] traveled 17 miles[.] Encamp on a large plain by the River[.] Br Norton [?] Frost & Taft join[e]d our company[.] Sent a letter to J. Williams

Sunday 5th Sept 1847[.] traveled 14 miles[.] Encamp[e]d on Green <River> roads good

Monday 6 Sept 1847[.] trav[eled] 19 miles[.] Road sandy & Slow[.] Encamp[e]d on Muddy Banks of Green River

Tuesday 7th Sept[.] traveled 4 miles[.] Encamp[e]d on a Crick[.] plenty currants

Wednesday 8th Sept 1847[.] Cold[.] Still all day[.] Capt [Erastus Willard] Bingham & Buoys [Boyce] left us & went ahead [.] Feed good[.] Set som[e] tires & made other repairs[.] was overtaken by Goodye[a]rs men on their way home with skins, peltry 20 mil[e]s behind.

Thursday Sept 9 1847[.] Traveled 15 miles[.] crossed 3 cricks or Rivers[.] Encamped on a crick & Br Eldridge Broke a Brace to his waggon[.] had to stay up miles behind[.] Road tolerable good

Friday Sept 10th 1847[.] Traveled 15 miles to a good cam[p]ing a mil[e]from Bridgers Fort[.] a company of almo[s]t 30 man fur company have good cows [corn?] & Horses plenty[.] quite Independent in Spirit[.] Br Abbot[t] used a mair [mare] to draw his Waggon

Saturday 11th Sept 1847[.] Traveled 15 miles passed the Fort Bridger on a handsom[e] Val[le]y [.] 3 Sandy cricks pass[e]d this day[.] made som[e] allretis [alterations] in the Road[.] went Round a mountain[.] Br McInt[yre] & Br J. Hate [Haight] broke there [their] waggons

Sunday 12th [Sept] 1847[.] Traveled 13 miles[.] [foll]owed the Road [with McIntyre?] on Steep Hill Br McIntire Broke his waggon

Monday 13th[.] Traveled 17 miles[.] made 8 miles of new road around to requested of Br Young[.] Broke Br [Samuel Oliver] Holm[e]s last waggon[.] Encamp on a little Crick 2 1/2 mil[e]s east or north of Bair [Bear] River the calculation in the Road down Bair [Bear] mountain

Tuesday 14th Sept 1847[.] traveled 12 miles[.] Encamp[e]d on a smaller crick 42 1/2 miles from Fort Bridger--feed first rate[.] Broke the Bolt to the Toung [tongue] of my waggon[.] need some repairs[.] & the Road tolerable good[.] from this we Scat[t]ered ourSelv[e]s & made the last of our way over the mountains[.] Br Eldridge Brok[e] his Wheel & turned over his waggon

we all ar[r]ived in the Gr[e]at Salt Lake Val[l]ey the 23rd of Sept 1847