Transcript for Sprague, Matilda Olson, [Interview], in "Utah Pioneer Biographies," 44 vols., 27:52

We took the train out to the little town of Wyoming, Nebraska about 7 miles north of Nebraska City. There we outfitted, meanwhile camping in the brush for three weeks in hot weather waiting for the church teams to come and meet us.

"The ground was so hot it burned our feet. About 170 teams were sent from Utah that year to the Missouri river for the immigrants. We staeted [started] our trip across the plains July 1. Although I was only ten------. Charlotte Olson (Langlois) and Gustova [Gustave] Olson [Ohlsson] (Thomas). When night came, we would be tired and weary but we would clear a spot in camp and enjoy a dance.

"While my sisters prepared the meals I would gather buffalo chips or sticks for fuel.

"One time a group of Indians came to our camp. The immigrants decided to divide their food with them to make peace. This made our supplies run short. Another time, one of the oxen was bitten by a rattlesnake and his bellowing caused a stampede among the cattle.

"We arrived in Salt Lake September 5, 1864, being five months and eleven days on the journey.