Transcript for Squires, John Paternoster, Reminiscences and journals, 1848-1900, Book B, 28-29

Some time in June we left Keokuk and Started for the Valley of the Great Salt Lake, and arrived There on Friday The 30 of Septr., Elder Jacob Gates was our Captain and Leader and a good one he was too, I Think I Shall never forgit, the industry, energy, and untiring he exersised for The good of The Company and upon The whole we had a prosperous and quick Journey, but I am grieved to Say That we had The unspeakable grief of Loosing our Little Boy Richard who fell A Sleep on Monday The 12 th of Sepr. 1853, about four miles This Side The dividing ridge at a place Called The Pacific Springs. His Spirit left his Body about 10 Minutes before three Oclock[.] we Burried him The next day at the place called little Sandy 27 Miles This side of dividing ridge on The South Side of The main road 8 miles from big Sandy—There is A Road on The left leading to The river, we Buried him between The forks of the two roads.