Transcript for St. Louis Luminary, 13 Oct. 1855, 186

Elder James McGaw writes to President Spencer from Mormon Grove, K. T., under date of September 20, from which we extract the following:

"I arrived safely at the Grove on the second day after leaving you, though I had a rainy and muddy time. I found all things as well here as could be expected, though the hogs have destroyed much corn, and on account of the damp cold wheather, I can scarcely expect much to ripen. I shall endeavor to save the fodder which will be a large quantity. The brethren have put up twenty tons of hay. The cattle are all alive and have done well. Brother George Rust has found one horse, one ox, and one cow since I left home. When I can be liberated from here, I will take a tour up the river as was expected, unless otherwise ordered."

We shall be glad to have a visit from brother [James] McGaw as soon as his circumstances will permit.

Elder B. F. Matthews writes us from Brewerington Miss., under date of September 14, and says:

"I take up my pen to let you know that I am in the Southern States. I was sent from San Barnidino, California, by Presidents Lyman and Rich, who preside at that place. I was appointed at a Conference held on the 6th of October, 1854. I arrived in Monroe Co., Mississippi, Feb. 4th, '55. I soon commenced to preach and many of the people commenced to believe and advocate our doctrine, and I thought the prospect was good for doing a good work in that country, but the people are generally given up to political questions that they have no mind to devote to religion.

I am now laboring some to be re-baptised at my next meeting, which will take place on the 6th of October. I am quite alone here, my companion stopped at San Francisco, and I have not heard from him since. I am anxious to correspond with you, and would like to take your paper. I think of going through in the Spring to Salt Lake City, and shall pass through St. Louis en route; my company will be about 40 or 50. There are a great may calls for preaching in this country, more than there has been in any part where I have travelled. I have large crowds out every day.