Transcript for Staker, Catherine Marie Parsons, Reminiscences [1921], [3]

we left our home on the fourth of July 1852[.] reached the Mosoury [Missouri] river whare we wer feried over with many other Saints[.] after words the Saints wer formed int[o] Companies[.] our Captain was Henry Miller[.] their was 21 Companies Crosed the plains that year[.] the colara [cholera] was bad[.] many from other Companies died and wre laid to rest with nothi[n]g to mark their graves wot [.] we only had three cases and one death from it [.] we had the Chills and fever from loop [Loup] fork to the Valey no serious miss happen <to> we lost one ox out of our team but was replace with another

we arived in Salt Lake Sep 27 [….]