Transcript for "Starting of Trains," Deseret Evening News, 13 August 1868, 3

STARTING OF TRAINS.—The following trains started from Laramie City at the dates named, with immigrants: Captains Rawlins' and Loveland's trains left July 25th; Captain Murdock's on the 27th, and Captain Haight's on the 28th, with the passengers that came by the Minnesota and John Bright, 1,250 in number. Captain Seeley's train left August 1st, with the Williamsburg passengers, and freight. The first of the trains may reach this city by Saturday or Sunday, though it is difficult to say exactly, since no information has reached yet of their striking the road where a telegraph station is; and the first they would come to, on the road they will most likely travel, would be at Bear River.

Since writing the above, the following telegram has been received from Captain Murdock:Fort Bridger, Aug. 13, 1868.

President B. Young:—My train is on the way in good condition. Be at Salt Lake the 20th.