Transcript for Stayner, Thomas C., to Brigham Young, 13 Sep. 1862, in Brigham Young, Office Files 1832-1878, reel 40, box 29, fd. 6

12 Miles East of Laremey [Laramie]
13th Sept. 1862

President B. Young

Dear Brother

You will observe I have enclosed a note I wrote at Florence but had not mailed it. I now address you at this place to acquaint you that we have traveled thus far, without meeting with any accident, our Cattle appear to be getting on pretty well[.] we have lost 5 or 6, some few are lame and a few are thin, I pray that the Lord will bless us in our journeying that we get in before the severe cold sets in. I have written to my sons asking if they could send a span of Mules or horses to hitch on to our light waggon in which we have rode without one yoke of Oxen, which yoke we could then hitch on to Arthurs waggon to help draw it over some of the bad roads & Mountains.

Sister <Stayner> and myself are keeping our health very well[.] we are traveling steady and comfortable, and we intend to make our little waggon as warm as we can preparatory to the anticipated cold weather.

Not having heard any news from the States of late I feel a little anxious to hear something from there[.] England is preparing for war and I believe if the South gets down to a low ebb the former Country will interfere in some measure to get possession of some of their Cotton and on behalf of other Interests they have in relation to this Country.

We shall pass Laramy [Laramie] to morrow and I hope we shall arrive in four weeks in the G.S.L. City.

I remain
Your Brother in the Gospel

Thos C. Stayner