Transcript for "Steam Ferry," Frontier Guardian and Iowa Sentinel, 15 Apr. 1852, 2

Steam Ferry.

Permanent arrangements are now made, we hear to establish a steam ferry across the Missouri river at this place. The Steam Ferry Boat, Eagle, has been purchased and is now on its way to its station here, to ply as a regular ferry across this river. This speaks volumes in favor of this northern route. Emigrants need not despair while corn is only from 20 to 25 cts per bushel, and most other things in proportion; and besides a good steam ferry to set emigrants over the river on the shortest notice.

Western Iowa is a great country, and Kanesville a great business point Our merchants are now flush with all sorts of goods, wares and merchandize for home use and for crossing the plains; besides many extras in the way of Oysters, Sardines, Oranges, Lemons, Champaigne, Sherry, Port, Madiera, and Malaga wines; Brandy, Rum, Gin, Whiskey and Alcohol; besides many other things to cheer the heart and make smooth the way of the emigrant over the plains.