Transcript for Stephen Kelsey in "Fifty Years Ago Today," Salt Lake Tribune, 16 June 1897

In the spring of 1847, although at that time not a member of the church, I volunteered to join the band of pioneers in their proposed march to the Rocky Mountains under the leadership of Brigham Young. Left Winter Quarters about the 14th of April, and camped on the Elk Horn river. The band of pioneers were thoroughly organized into companies and fully officered. I being one of Capt. [Stephen Avon] Markham's fifty. Drove team for Seth Taft across the plains until the valley was reached. Was on guard upon many occasions and had many exciting experiences both with Indians as well as with the herds of buffalo, the latter at times being so numerous and so near the camp that it was necessary to drive them away in order to travel.

When Echo canyon had been reached, the company was divided, because of the sickness of President Young and many others of the camp, those who were well and able-bodied being sent ahead under the direction of Orson Pratt. I was one of the advance company, and reached Salt Lake valley on the 23rd of July, 1847.