Transcript for Stevenson, Edward, Diary, in Edward Stevenson, Collection, 1849-1922, reel 1, fd. 2, vol. 5, 1-9

June 11 th 1855

This afternoon I arrived at Atchison 5 miles from Mormon Grove With A Company of Saints Compriseing Souls mostley of the Chimborazo Company that came With me over the sea from Liverpool via Philadelphia, Pittsburgh [Pittsburg], Penselvania [Pennsylvania] & St. Louis, Mo. My company has deminished from 502 Souls to the Presant No. but thank god not by Death as onley two Deaths of infants on the sea & one Lad 8 years old Who fell overboard in the Hoio Rover [Ohio River]—

I Recd A not[e] from Elder Mcgaw teams would be forth comeing in the morning to remove us to camp Ground up to the Grove or farm[.] therefore wee Put to gether 20 waggons that I brought up from St[.] Louis & covered them in which wee passed the Nite which seemed like mormon Life—

on the 12th wee arrived Near Sunsest [sunset] at the Grove in A Rain storm[.] Nearly Worn Down with fateague as our toils have been ardious[.] the cattle are the wildest I Ever saw & most of the Drivers Equaly Wild being from the old country whare oxen Do not toil as here[.] two wagons tip[p]ed over[.] one broke the tounge but not one tent—notwithstanding the scene of waggons tents form Lewing of cattle & the buisy Scenes of the serveral companys Prepareing to Emigrate[.] with the meeting of old & Long Parted friends seemed to Revive the Wearied Tabernacle. here I remained in charge of my compa[n]y assisting other compa[n]ys. Ditching in the farm &c untill the 23d inst.

Sun 17 Preached from A carriage in the open air

21st A compa[n]y of Elders arrived from the valley[.] Elder Hector Height Capt.

23 attended A feast prepared by Elder Milo Andrews for the Elders on missions & those on their Return saf[e]ly[.] time & News from the valley held meeting[.] the following Letters. [....]

Mormon Grove Camp of Isarel [Israel]
June 22 1855

Elder S.M. Blair[,] Captain Greer and all the Elders and Saints in the third Company of our Emigration, Greeting

Beloved Bretheren and Sisters it hath Pleased God our Eternal Father and his Servants to Place us over you for your Comfort and Salvation and having heard of your distressed Condition and of the Power of Death that has been in our midst we have felt Sincerly to Sympathise with you and to afford you that Succour which through Elder S. M. Blair you have desired at our hands

The Holy Spirit manifests unto us that Disorder and the Spirit of Confusion prevails in your midst to a greater or less Extent and in order to Suppress this Destiny and the more Effectually to Secure your Salvation temporaly and Spiritualy we have appointed our well beloved and Faithfull Brother Elder Stevenson to come into your midst and to take the Entire Control and management of your Little Camp that Life and health and Salvation may Flow unto you and inasmuch as you will receive this our Brother to be your Captain and Guide and be directed by his Counsels the Power of the destroyer shall be stayed and your lives shall be preserved

Bretheren and Sisters will you do this[.] iff so manifest it by raising the right hand and you shall be Blessed in the name of Jesus Christ Amen

May Peace be with you all and the spirit of live return and Enter into your midst and into your Flesh and Marrow is the Ernest prayer of your Bretheren and Servants

Milo Andrews
Richard Balantyne

This Like many other calls in mormonism is on Short Notice & by surprise—

I leave my Part of A team with Elder John B. Mabin former Book agent in London as wee were Prepareing to Emegrate to gether[.] arrangements are Entered into for Elder Mabin to draw Luggage to the amount of 7.00 lbs for the Church alsoe my trunk & About 50 lbs Suggar. Sister Davis alsoe takes About 50 lbs of apples for me as my freight has not yet arrived & the church is to Draw 8.00 lbs for me as they Leave Still Later. I Leave in the Hands of Elder James McGaw 94.55 Dollars to Pay for 4 Boxes of Com[m]on & 2 of one cross tin Plate & the Pay for the Extra one Hundred of Freight.

This had been one of the biusy Days with me as I have not only my own affairs to attend to but for my former Company as meny of them are fund passengers. Now I find in Parting with them their Kind feelings & Wish to go With me Still further to t[h]eir home in Zion having taken the Parting hand with my Brethren & freinds many of Whome Said you are entering uppon an ardious Duty[.] I took my exit at 9 O’Clock in the Evening taking 5 other Brethren in A Carriage to the assistance of my Distresed Brethren Who are Daily Dying with the Cholera[.] 72 miles[.] wee cross Walnut Creek & after passing A few miles Camped in the open Peraire it being 2 O Clock in the morning of the 24th whare we Remained untill 4 O Clock to Rest & let our horses feed uppon the Buitiful Grass which is Spontainous on those Perairies[.] Wee Passed on camping Rock Creek & weigh other small streams[.] at 12 o clock while baiting the Horses I Wrote A Letter to my Dear family[.] Near sun Set wee took tea on the vermilion of our own cooking[.] this being the first food I have taken to Day as this is[..] Day Set apart for my compa[n]y to fast & Pray Previous to my knowledge of Leaveing them & I thought best to observe my covenant or vote in which I truely feel blest. wee have passed mutch Peraire With Scattering timber on the Streams which are Small. Thare are onley A few setlers. & the Soil generaly good.

Near Sun Set wee set off Passing Thomas Williamses good train in charge of Peenneno Jackman[.] alsoe other good trains[.] Some for ft Carney [Kearney] 265 miles on our way also other for Ft. Larime [Laramie] About 600 miles up the Platte & the former for Salt Lake[.] other trains have gone in advance both of goods & Emigration of our Emigration[.] Capt Kinley of the first Company, Jacob Secchirst [Secrist] 2nd Compa[n]y & S. M. Blair 3rd & Richard Balentyne [Ballantyne] Capt of the fourth Compa[n]y which is to Start in A few Days.

the 1st Compa[n]y moved out on the 1st of June[.] 2nd & 3rd train followed—During this day many are the Reflections that have Revolved through my mind as wee have pased the grave of meny of the 3d Company Which is increaseing as wee approach the company having Just pased 3 persons Buried in one grave. wee continued in route untill one O’Clock whare wee overtook the Company in A confused State at Oak Point [.3] miles and haveing Just camped or on hitched [unhitched]