Transcript for Stohl, Ola Nilsson, Diaries, 1861-1864

Monday June 16—The Emigrants left Hannibal at 5 a.m. by train. Many soldiers came up to them at whistle stops but did them no harm. Stayed a few hours in St. Joseph then boarded a big " steamer " and sailed up the Misare [Missouri] river.

Wednesday 18th—Arrived in Omaha and then to Florence at 2 a.m. The "Church wagons carried us over to the camp. There were already two companies from Scandinavia there."

Friday June 20—For those who could afford it the Church wagons would take them to Utah for $40.00 and provide everything. Others purchased their own outfits. Some were taken by the Church for the small means they had with a promise to pay later. Grandfather is offered a job as teamster with the privilege of taking 80 lbs. of "belongings." He must buy his own food. He had to "submit the lists from his company."

Saturday June 21—Another death—A Norrkoping sister that had been sick all the way. She made Grandfather her administrator. He took charge of her burial, purchasing a casket, etc., paid ten dollars of her money to the Church. “She said that I would [----] pillows and a pair of sheets.” Three more deaths are recorded.

Sunday June 22—"We had a meeting at the camp at 5 p.m. Thousands of people were gathered. Pres. Joseph W. Young, Bro. Blackburn and J. Van Cott preached, all in English except Van Cott. A very good meeting even though our ignorance of the English language caused that we could neither understand nor benefit from it."

Tuesday June 24—Midsummer day. Bought a hat and glasses for protection from the sun.

Wednesday—Helped to organize 12 to each tent. During the next week the business of organizing, making a list to be sent to Zion, recording several more deaths and a marriage and administrations to the sick kept our Grandfather busy.

Sunday July 6—The Libeck's decide to stay in Omaha for a year. “He commissioned me to collect all the money he had lent to several people for the journey. I wanted to sign a note for 77 dollars that I owed him, but he said no, he trusted me completely.

Monday July 7—"A terrible hurricane followed by thunder and lightning surprised us. Brother Hakon Andersson and I were down at the river to look after a wagon. An American was first hit in the face. His hat flew away. Andersson and I ran for it. I caught it over in a corn field, where I hid while some of the hurricane passed over me. When I came back I saw our dear Bro. Young had nearly his whole head crushed when some wagon parts nearly buried him. Nearly uncoscious he was carried in. I ran for Van Cott and Blackburn. Some Americans were hit to death and others hurt. Anderson and I were in a marvellous way led away from the wagons, praise the Lord. This day I had the joy to meet Apostle Rich of Utah."

Friday July 11—"In the evening I baptized 3 people. Carline Gren bore a child which died.

Sunday July 13—Grandfather is asked to be a teamster for a Danish family with all expenses paid. Brother Christofferson releases him from the other job.

Monday July 14, 1862—The journey to Zion begins. Things seemed to be uneventful until the last of July when "I became sick with Constipation." "I took in some American oil. Then I was sick for three weeks with diarrhoea. I was very weak but did not suffer anything in my head that I lost my senses."

Sunday August 17—"After being well for a couple of days, but not yet regained all my strength, I drove one of our wagons loaded with more than 2000 pounds. The road was very hilly. At one occassion we drove down a steep hill with banks high as the wheels. The stopper was sitting over the front wheel. When I should stop the wagon I slid down the high bank and I could not come forward but one of the back wheels drove over both my legs below the knee of the one and up on the thigh on the other. As soon as the wheel was over I stood up without help of hands or men—I walked and drove my oxen to the next camp. In the evening I felt some pain in my thigh but in the leg that the wheel passed over first I never [text missing] with consecrated oil and during the night the pain left me. I rode on the wagon the frst half of the next day, but thereafter I walked by the side and drove my oxen. For this Thy great mercy, O my Father in Heaven, I wish I could always be tankful and live to glorify Thy name. O Lord help me to do this"

Monday, September 22—After two months and eight days they reach Emigration Canyon and that same evening “I was surprised by the very pleasant meeting with my mother and her husband Pehr Brodersson. This was wonderful to meet Mother for the first time in six years. I was very gracefully invited to stay with them."

Tuesday, September 23—“We drove over the large mountain range which in its bosom protects Israel, gathered from all parts of the world. We camped at the big camp-ground in the City. There I met my dear sister Johanna and her husband C.P. Willingbeck who very gracefully asked me to stay with them which I accepted because my mother lived 4 miles from the city. At this place I had the joy to meet many old friends. The honor be Thine, O Lord, who spared my life that I am now happily gathered with the Saints in the valleys of the mountains.”

[Note: Internal evidence suggests that Stohl could have been in the Horne, Liljenquist, or Madsen companies.]