Transcript for Stokes, Henry, [Reminiscences], in "Utah Pioneer Biographies," 44 vols., 2:103

We traveled by railway from New York to Saint Joe, then from Saint Joe to Florence on a steam Tugg, where we landed at midnight had no place to shelter our selves, We camped at Florence six weeks in tents waiting for the church teams to come from Utah, We had a fearful storm which blew down every tent and everybody was drenched to the skin, We crossed the plains in captain Henry Miller's oxteam was ten weeks traveling from the Missouri River to Salt Lake City, Utah where we arrived 16th, Oct. 1862, we found it a hard trip, many of the company had to walk my Wife and daughter only eleven years old had to walk and take care of the baby by turns. I walked all the way from the Missouri river to Salt Lake City, and waded every stream or river, Green River not excepted which was deep with a strong current, the water was up to my chin.