Transcript for Stoney, Robert, Reminiscences and diary, 1860 June-August

Thursday 9 8th this Morning we had a meeting for & we enjoyed ourselves very Much[.] Bros. Lyman[,] Rich & G.Q. Cannon 3 of the twelve apostles spoke to us on our Journey & gave us some excelant Instruction

This Afternoon I was Appointed Captain of the 4[th] company of Hand Carts 8 in number

We camped at night at Ranch No. 1 we found another camp of Missionaries[.] Bro Samuel H B Smith one of the number who had travelled in our Conferance came to see us at night[.] I then went on Guard till one o clock in the Morning

Friday 9th traveled 8 miles before dinner & then camped at Elk horn [Elkhorn] Creek till Morni<ng> on account of Bro Thos Jones one of My Com[pany] falling sick

Saturday 10th Started about Six o clock & travelled about 10 miles before dinner when we come up with the waggons[.] the day is cool & Cloudy had a shower of rain awhile [while] we were Cooking our dinners. Bro Jones is much Better[.] Passed through Freemont [Fremont] about 5 o clock[.] Camped 2 miles past[.] have every[one] as usual called up to prayers[.] Bro Corbutt [Corbitt] the Seargeant [Sergeant] of Guard prayed[.] the Spirit of God rested upon us & his prayer was good[.] we gave out the Second allowance of Bacon

Sunday 11th went 4 miles to Loup Fork[.] had some heavy rain awhile we were traveling & [blank space] assembled for Sacrement [Sacrament] Meeting in the afternoon but was stopped by a heavy Shower[.] after the Shower the Meeting continued & our Chapl[a]in who held the Office of Priest was ordained an Elder[.] rained heavy till near sunset[.] we had a heavy shower of hail in the afternoon

Monday 12 Very fine day[.] Stayed till 1 o clock for the Sisters to wash & dry thier Clothes[.] Some of the Brethren caught a turtle & Brought it to the camp & cooked it[.] The Saints are beginning to loss [lose] cakes & other articles either by theft or other things[.] Gave out tea

walked ten miles the hardest day we have had on account of the heavy roads with the rain[.] we camped for the night by the River side

Tuesday 12th some Indians came to our camp this Morning[.] some that we had seen at Florence[.] they have followed us all the way[.] 19 head of cattle were missing this Morning (all found)[.] Started about 7 oclock & went 9 miles camp<ed> for dinner[.] then went 4 miles saw some <spring> wheat Shot[.] Camped for the night[.] I went on watch till ½ past 11[.] we had a heavy rain till 9 o clock[.] next I got up about 2 o clock & sent 2 more to watch the cattle that were stray<ed> away[.] the rain come in at the bottom of our tent that our Bedclothes & ourselves were wet.

Wednesday 13 Started about 2 oclock & travelled & about the hardest days travel we have had on account of the heavy road with the rain[.] we arrived in camp about 9 o clock very tired & footsore but after we had our meals & prayers[,] we felt first rate & much refreshed

Thursday 14th this Morning we arose refreshed & strenghthened[.] had our breakfast & then traveled 8 miles to Columbus & had to Camp all day on account of the ferry[.] we have boiled some dried apples & peaches from Bro Brigham & Hebers Garden to day[.] Our pilot has gone to Genoa to ascertain if we can cross the fe[rry]

Saturday 16th we arose & got our breakfast & Started by ½ past 6[.] we traveled about 4 miles & then learned we could not cross the ferry for a few days so we camped about 1 mile of[f.] we were then visited by scores of Indians who want either to trade or to beg or steal but they seem to prefer the latter[.] Sarah bought me a pair of mocc<sins> for about 2 lbs of bread[.] they sell flint Guns 1 dollar each & upwards[.] they are very troublesome[.] one Sister bought an old Buffalo robe for about 1/8 <d> English money[.] we had some visitors from the old Country[.] one Sister brought us some milk

Sunday 17th Stayed in camp all day waiting of the ferry[.] we sent 10 men down to help repair the ferry w[h]ich had been washed away by the heavy rains[.] this Morning Bro Corbutt [Corbitt] delivered a Lecture according to previ<ous> announcement on the decline of the Christian Religeon[.] he spoke well & powerful[.] we had a sacrement Meeting in the afternoon at w[h]ich I Blessed a Child born at Florence of Scotch parents & called it Mary[.] after Meeting attended the ordinance to sister who had the fever[.] we had another Meeting at night[.] Mark H Forscut[t] preached[.] we had a good time.

Monday 18th I went on watch at 2 oclock this Morning to watch till 5 oclock & Scores of Indians come to I had visit us & to beg or steal any thing that is not to hot nor to heavy[.] when I look at then & see the depths of misery into w[h]ich they have sunk I feel to say God preserve me from disobeying his commandme<nts>[.] Surely <our> God is a God of vengeance & a God of mercy[.] two men out of my Company have left & Started[.] they are not in the Church[.] few can bear it unless they have the Lord to help & are in the Church & some who are can[']t without Grumbling[.] God preserve me from that

we Started about ½ past 9 to the ferry. the first lot Crossed about 11[.] the boat does not take us halfway across[.] we had to ford the other [half.] I was about 7 hours in the water[.] we had to help the waggons across

I have had the piles 3 or 4 days but the water has made them worse. we then went about ½ mile to Camp

Tuesday 19 got out of bed at 4 oclock[.] Started about 6 & traveled 10 miles[.] during our Journey some of the Brethren took thier Guns & pistols to shoot some dark object in the distance & found it to be a large Buffalos head

The prairie smells very sweet as sweet as any English Garden[.] they are covered with pretty flowers

No water on the way until we camped about ½ past 11 oclock. S[t]arted about 2 oclock & traveled 7 miles & Struck the Platte about 7 oclock at night & camped besides some Californians Emigrants[.] I Travelled in pain to day on account of my piles being so bad[.] a Sister gave me some flour of Brimstone[.] I took 2 doses in honey & got some Oil[.] they feel sore

Wednesday 20th we had a light shower of rain about 6 oclock[.] Started about ½ past [blank space] I feel much better but rather weak[.] traveled about 12 miles when we got about 11 we came up with a man whom I had known in Florence[.] he Chanced to be going about 4 miles 3 past Camp so by the Captains permission he[,] having two Oxen[,] fastened one hand Cart to the Waggo<n> & gave us a ride[.] he took us to a house where we got some Indian meal & milk & about 4 pounds of Buffalo Beef killed 2 days before at Wood River 13 miles from the house

we then took our Cart about 5 miles fu[r]ther to the Lone Tree where we arrived about 2 hours before the Company[.] we then Camped for the night & Cooked our Beef[.] I acknowledge the hand of the Lord in this and thank him for it for he has been kind to me since I left my home & I feel my Religion good to day[.] May God preser<ve> me in the faith & help me to serve him with my whole Soul from this time forth & for ever[.] I crave the Lords help in the name of Jesus Christ[,] Amen

My piles feel very painful at Night[.] the day has been very hot

Thursday 21st Started a little before 7 oclock & came to a house[.] the Master gave most of the Saints Some Buffalo Beef[.] Sarah got a few potatoes given

I was very bad with my piles this morning[.] Sarah went & asked the Lord to make me well[.] She went unknown to me & by [the time] we camped at noon I felt better very near well & I feel to thank the Lord for it

we come 9 miles & then Camp<ed> for dinner Started

Started about 3 oclock[.] some waggons were passing at the time & Sarah & the Baby rode 3 miles[.] the woman gave Sarah some Indian Meal & some milk[.] we went about 7 miles after dinner

Friday 22nd Started about 6 oclock[.] travelld about 9 miles when we come up with a Comp[an]y of Missionaries[.] we camped for the night about 3 miles of Wood River[.] the Missionaries Camped too[.] Bro Joseph W Young was thier Captain[.] We had Meeting in the Evening when Bro. Young spoke to us & gave us Some Excelent Instructions[.] he made me feel the Spirit of Zion

We had a Social party at night[.] I recited 1 piece the[n] Bro. Thompson brought me a note from Bro. F. Cooper from the Valley w[h]ich I sent home in a letter to my mother[.] I had a first rate day to day[.] My heart rejoiced much

Saturday 23 This morning as soon as we arose we [found] about 300 Indians Sous [Sioux] & Shians [Cheyennes] dressed for war[.] they had been against the Pawnee[.] they had a lot of loose ponies with them[.] we started about ½ past 6 & travelled 13 miles fording Wood River on our way[.] we camped for the day & Served out provisions

Sunday 24 I went to wacth [watch] the Cattle at 1 oclock this morning & stayed till near to 5 oclock[.] it thundered & lightned all the time & rained a good part[.] it was so dark that my partner stumbled over the Cattle[.] we had a meeting this morning several of the Brethren spoke and cheered our hearts[.] after meeting I was Instructed by the Chapl[a]in to visit my Compy. and ascertain the feelings of the Saints towards the Captain & their Religion[.] some one <in the Camp> had been Missionaries[.] I found my Compy. all right[.] we held a Council & found James Miller had been speaking against the Captain[.] he would not Confess his[.] I was the last man that spoke to him[.] he acknowledged his fault & asked forgiveness[.] he was fellowshiped again[.] we saw an Antelope[.] the Brethren went after it with their guns but could not get within rea[ch] of it[.] we had a fellowship meeting in the afternoon & we had the Spirit in great power & the Spirit of prophecy[.] Bro. Corbutt [Corbitt] prophecied that if we would do right not one of us should leave our body on the way[.] all the time was well spent[.] we had another meeting at night[.] Bro. Forscutt Preached on Baptism for the dead[.] he spoke well[.] had a hevy thunder Storm at night

Monday 25 Started about ½ past 6 & went 10 miles & Camped for dinner[.] when we had our dinner & was starting again[,] the axle of Bro. [Daniel] McAllisters Waggon Broke. and The waggons stayed behind except one[,] the tent <waggon>[.] Some Saints stayed behind here (Wood River Center)[.] The Carts went 4 miles further & Camped for the night Sis. Emma is sickTuesday 26th we were told this morning to make some extra pegs for our tents as we were leaving the wood country[.] Started 7 oclock & went 3 miles & posted my letter to Bro. Cooper[.] we then Crossed a small creek

Sis. Emma is much better[.] we come up with a Comp. of 13 waggons[.] Captain F. Brown from Omaha & the Bluffs Bound for the Valley[.] we went 16 miles by 4 o clock & Camped for the night but some of the Brethren went to hunt Buffalo & did not return till late[.] we thought them lost. [All] the waggons reached us to night having travelled 20 miles without Camping & we 16 [blank space] There are hundreds of muscitoes [musquitoes] about us[.] to night they biteus [bite us] very bad

Wednesday 27th Started about 8 o clock & went 7 miles & Camped for dinner with the 13 waggons who were Camped on account of one of the Sisters being Confined[.] Sarah went to see & made her something to drink[.] She gave her 23 eggs & 2 tongues[.] thank God for his goodness to me[.] went 8 miles more & Camped for the night[.] we made our first fire of Buffallo Chips

Thursday 28 went about 7 miles when we saw about 20 or 30 Buffalo[.] the pilot took his horse & a Revolver & we (4 of us) took our Rifles[.] we succeded in seperating one from the herd & I wou[n]ding him[.] he run through the Camp[.] he got within 80 yards of me[.] I took aim on his broad side but I could not pull the trigger down[.] Bro. McAllister [was] within 40 yards & his gun missed fire[.] we went about 9 miles more & had another hunt but did not succeed in killing one niether time.

Friday 29th travelled 7 miles & camped for dinner[.] Started again about 12 oclock & went 16 miles more[.] as we were Starting the 13 teams came in to Camp[.] we were very tired[.] some of the Saints stayed by the way to rest[.] awhile we were at prayers the Cattle strayed away[.] Bro. Corbutt [Corbitt] told the Saints he had seen them stampede in a dream[.] they were found before mor<ning>

Saturday 30 stayed in Camp till after dinner to serve out provisions[.] The 13 Waggons Camped with us [.] started about 2 oclock & travelled 7 miles & Camped with the other teams

Sunday July 1st I attended to prayers on account of Bro. Webbs wife Being sick[.] we had a meeting in the forenoo<n> the Brethren from the other Comp[any] Camp spoke[.] we had a good meeting[.] we had a council meeting[.] when Bro. Slater & Sis. Webb who were summoned to attend[,] appeared to answer to the Charge of Adultery[.] though the Charge but proof was fou[nd] that they had slept together[.] it was agreed that they be excommunicated from the Church on account of thier Lies[.] I cut the woman of[f] freely but the man I felt a thrill run through me when I raised my hand against him[.] I asked the Lord at night respecting it & I felt an influence coming over me & I was afraid & arose[.] I have asked since & I intend to ask him again & again until I know[.] We had a short meeting in the afternoon administered the Sacrement & Bro. Forscutt occupied the time in Speaking on the priesthood

We had a fellowship meeting at night & the Spirit of the Lord was with us in great abundance[.] Sis. Thacker spoke in an unknown [tongue] & she gave the interpretation w[h]ich was All ye that will be faithful to that ye have made shall reach Zion but if ye are not faithfull Woe unto ye[.] Sarah has the diarhea[.] I have called for the Elders

Monday 2nd Travelled 10 miles & then Camped for dinner[.] Started again about ½ past 3 & travelled about 6 miles across sand bank[.] this is the hottest day & the hardest work we have had[.] we camped for the night under the Bluffs beside the water[.] the moon was at full[.] this was the most beautiful night I had seen[.] the muscitoes bite dreadful[.] My hands & face are swollen with them

Tuesday 3rd travelled about 10 miles & Camped for dinner then travelled 6 miles & camped for the night on a beautiful plain [.] splendid night[.] Moonlight.[.] The muscitoes are very troublesome

Wednesday 4th Started about 7 oclock[.] when we had got about 1 mile we come to a large Spring of beautiful water[.] the best we have had on the Journey[.] we found a piece of wood with this Inscription[:] Captain Browns Comp[an]y 15 Waggons nooned here <July 3> Cleaned out this spring for the Benefit of after trains[.] drink our health freely[.] Zion is a hard road to travel[.] went about 5 miles further & Camped about 5 hours to fish & Caught a large tubfull[.] we went about 8 miles further & Camped for the night[.] we divided our fish[.] we had about 1½ lb to each Cart[.] I went on to watch the Cattle till ½ [illegible] 11[.] It was a beautiful night[.] the Aurora Borealis or northerun [northern] lights were seen very Clear[.] very hot

Thursday 5th travelled 8 miles & camped for dinner then went 5[.] Crossed 2 Creeks & Camped for night[.] this has been the hottest day we have had yet

Friday 6th Sister McAllister was delivered of a daughter in consequence of w[h]ich we Stayed in camp all day[.] Sarah & Emma washed her Clothes[.] after we had got to bed 5 teams of Apostates Came up to Camp[.] they were very shy[.] much Cooler to day

Saturday 7th Started out of Camp about 4 oclock & travelled 12 miles & Camped for the day because we could not find wood & water under 10 miles

We had a meeting in the evening[.] we had the gift of tongues again phrophesing the welfare of the Camp on Conditions of Obediance[.] we had a good meeting[.] we crossed 2 heavy mud holes[.] very windy till after dinn<er> The Chapl[a]in Baptized 2 Childre<n> Alexand[e]r & Christina Moffutt [Moffat]

Sunday 8th Started about 5 oclock & travelled 10 miles through very heavy Sand Banks wich took about 6½ hours[.] we camped for the day beside the River[.] Bro. Pilling Captain of the 5th Comp[an]y got married to day[.] we had a Sacrament Meeting[.] this has been the Coldest morning we have had since we left florence but hot in the Afternoon

Monday 9th Started about ½ past 4 travled 10 miles[.] the first 3 being the worst road we have had yet. crossed a small Creek[.] went 8 miles & Camped for the night[.] this is the worst night we have had for muscitoes [mosquitoes.] we cannot rest for them[.] 6 boiling Springs[.] (cold) in one hole.

Tuesday 10 arose at 2 o clock got our breakfast & prepared for starting & witnessed the most beautiful Sunrise this morning I ever witness[ed] & started about 6 oclock went 1 mile through Sand & crossed a Small Creek[.] went 10 miles[,] crossed 4 Creeks & Camped for dinner[.] It being my turn I took the lead[.] Started about ½ past 2 and travelld about 8 miles & Camped for the night[.] we crossed Muddy Creek[.] thunderstorm commenced as soon as we got in camp & continued till Morning[.] I was appointed to go on watch at ½ past 1 but the guard mistaking the time waked me at before 12

Wednesday 11 Started about ½ past 7 & travelld 10 miles[.] Crossed 6 Creeks making in all about 27[.] we camped for the day at the foot of a large Sand hill on account of Sis. [blank space] being Confind of a daughter[.] we had some rain to night

Thursday 12 Started at 6 oclock & had over 1 mile of very rough Sand & Crossed this Morning[.] I felt Strong in answer to my prayers this Morning[.] went 8 miles and Camped for dinner[.] roads good except the first Mile[.] about 2 pecks of Black Currants & Cherrys have been gathered to day[.] Started about ½ past 2 & went about 7 miles & Crossed a Creek 30 yards wide[,] 2 feet deep. Quick Sand Bottom[.] we found a full sized grave Seemed to be newly made. Camped for the night across the Creek[.] roads good[;] water rather muddy[.] 4 Indians camped near the Camp but would not <come> in[.] Sarah was very sick to night[.] we had to make Bread to serve us till Saturday[.] noon very Cool

Friday 13th Started about 5 oclock & traveled some bad roads[.] went 10 miles & Camped for dinner 2½ miles of water[.] this is the hottest I have felt yet[.] I started to go for water & walked quick for 4 miles[.] when I returned I felt a faintness Creeping over me[.] it was the Sun Struck me[.] I was not able to pull all the afternoon[.] went 7 miles & Camped beside the river[.] we had some thunder & lightning but no rain

Saturday 14th Started at 5 oclock & traveled 9 miles[.] Roads not good[.] Camped beside a <Crab> creek & the River all day

we had to shorten our provisions to day tea[,] Coffee[,] & Sugar ½ & ¼ lb of Flour each person per day

Sunday 15th Started 4 oclock & travelled some very bad Sandy Road to the Ancient Bluff Ruins 11 miles[.] ar[r]ived there about 9 oclock[.] very little fire. Some Black Currants & Cherrys were gathered here. I traveled about 7 miles to the Bluff & back but found very few[.] saw an Antelope[.] Started about 1 oclock & traveled 10 miles through some sand & camped by the River for the night

Sister Emma & Sarah had some wrong words but I hope to make all right again[.] about noon Chimney Rock appeared in sight[.] I took lead to day & tied the Cart behind the waggon w[h]ich caused a deal of bad feeling[.] I did it, to help the weak[.] [blank space] by permission of Capt Robinson [Robison] [blank space] Bro Wm Robinson asked me to ride in the waggon I being weak[.] I road [rode] about 5 minutes but felt miserable & so got out again

Monday 16th Started about ½ to 4 & traveled through some Sand about 2 miles & about 10 better & then Camped for dinner[.] it was so hot that we were obliged to camp till near 5 oclock[.] we then Started & traveled till ½ past 8 making 20 miles the day we had no water[.] first mile Sand[.] under 6 miles there & back we went to Sleep without wood & Started at 3 & went 4 miles to water

Tuesday 17th Started a[t] 3 & went 4 miles to the River[.] had breakfast[.] Started at ½ past 7 & went 8 more & Camped by the River for dinner[.] Some Indians Came to see us to day[.] they were kind[.] reached Chimney Rock about 9 oclock[.] we saw a Shower approaching & fixed our tents[.] it blew round North[,] we took our tents down & Started about 5 oclock & went 5 miles [to] Camp[.] roads good

Wednesday 18 Started at 6 oclock & went 8 miles to the Scotch [Scotts] Bluffs & Camped for dinner[.] we went 1 mile out of our way[.] Bro. Robinson [Robison] tried the plan of traveling Slow[.] we traveled till 12 & Camped till ½ past then traveled till 7 & went 6 miles[.] we had the worst Camped [Camp] to night we have had[.] road good except down to the Camp & back w[h]ich was very bad[.] Started at ½ past 2 & went 6 miles[.] roads good

Thursday 19th we were short of flour[.] the pilot started at 1 oclock to overtake Capt Browns 15 waggons to borrow flour of them[.] he overtook them about 16 miles from us[.] they lent us 1000 lb[.] they gave us Some milk[.] we started about ½ past 4 & traveled 14 miles about 8 miles through Sand & Camped for dinner[.] Started at 2 and traveled 10 miles & Camped for the night beside the river[.] we had a good wood fire

this morning a man overtook us from a Gentile train 12 miles behind & told [us] Bro. Rob[.ison] Camp was about 50 miles behind us that a man had been Shot accidently while reaching for something out of his waggon (buried last Monday morning) a horse team came up to day & Camped with[blank space]

Friday 20th I went on watch at ½ past 1[.] I took the lead today[.] Started about ½ past 4 & traveled 12 miles through some Sand[.] plenty of wood & water

Started about 2 oclock & went 6 miles to a very good Camp Ground[.] It Commenced raining Soon after we Started & rained till next morning. some traders Camped with us[.] we had to Collect the money from the Camp to bring flour with

Saturday 21st Started about 9 oclock & went 4 miles

this morning we Collected Money from the Saints to buy flour with one team & My Compy were appointed to go to Fort Larimie [Laramie.] we came up to Capn. Browns Compny. & Camped for dinner about 2 miles of Larimie[.] Started about 3 & went to buy flour while the other Compny[.] went to Camp 3 miles Past[.] we did not complete our purchases until 10 oclock[.] we felt the most wicked influence here that ever I felt in my life[.] we brought our provisions in our Carts & brought them across[.] Started from our camp & traveled about 1½ hours through Some heavy road to the other Camp[.] When we arrived within about 100 yards of the Waggons Bears Catched a tree & the Oxen took fright & ran of[f] but were Stop[p]ed before Much Injury was done[.] I was as tired tonight as I had been all the Journey[.] we made our bed out in the open air[.] we bought 6 Bags of flour & 3 of Corn meal

Some of the Soldiers here were from Camp Floyd they did Curse & swear against the Authorities

Sunday 22nd we did not Start till about dinner time but served out provisions[.] we traveled about 11 miles over hills Camped at night but had very little water & poor [feed.] plenty of Wood

Monday 23rd Started about 5 oclock & went 7 miles the worst road every [ever] I saw in my life for Rocks & hills[.] Capt Brown & Robinson Considered to Stay at our Camp all day by the river[.] we gave out provisions[.] the women washed & made Bread

Tuesday 24th Started at 4 & went 13 miles before dinner & without water[.] roads a deal better a little[.] Camped on a very nice ground under the Shade of trees[.] Started about ½ past 3 & come 7 miles very good road[.] camped beside a creek no wood[.] Sis. [page torn] came to our cart to day

Wednesday 25 Started about 5 oclock & went 15 miles over some good road & camped for dinner beside the river w[h]ich was very muddy

Started about 3 oclock & went 7 miles & Camped about 1 mile of the river[.] wood & Water[.] rough road after dinner

Thursday 26th Started about 5 oclock & went 11 miles[.] Bro. Robinson & Forscutt Started back on horseback to a merchant train behind to borrow flour

Started about 3 oclock & went 5 miles more[.] we camped soon on account of the rain[.] roads good[.] wood & water

Friday 27th Stayed in Camp all day[.] about 6 oclock Bros. Robinson & Forscutt returned to Camp having got a promise of 900 [lb] of Flour payable when we get to the Valley & we had to go with a team to meet it[.] Captain Murphys train of 40 waggons was about 50 miles behind[.] they sent a horse team to meet us with the Flour[.] Bro MacAllister[,] Gunn[,] Rogers & myself were selected to go[.] we started about 7 oclock & arrived half way by 2 oclock[.] the horse team met us about 4[.] we started back about ½ past 5[.] we drove in our turns[.] I was sat [sitting] in the waggons looking at a pistol[.] I pulled the trigger part up & with the shake of the waggon it Slipped & went off but thank God[,] though Charged with ball[,] Nothing was Injure<d>[.] we arrived in Camp about ½ past 12 very tired

Saturday 28th Started in the morning at 6 oclock & went about 3 miles & found Lawrences Freight <train> ready to start[.] we took the lead & traveled about 11 miles of very bad road[.] hills & dales[.] Lawrence passed us to Camp & Started before us[.] in the afternoon we had better road[.] they Camped 4 miles past us at night[.] we had the best & prettiest Camping Ground that we have had on the way[.] plenty of wood & Water

Sunday 29th Started about 5 ocloc k & went 13 miles through some very heavy Sand[.] Camped beside the river[.] held a Council meeting & removed Captain [Demas] Ashdown [Saunders] from the first Camp & appointed George Facer in his place[.] Ashdown was removed for neglecting his duties[.] one of my Compny Bro. Richard Gough was suspended for one week for telling the Captain he was a liar & Calling upon God[,] Angels & man to witness[.] if he does not acknowledge himself the liar & ask forgiveness[,] he will be cut off

Sis. Long was suspended for insulting the Captain[.] She will be dealt with on the Same terms[.] [blank space] we started again about 3 oclock & come [illegible] Creek in about 1 hour we left the Frieght [Freight] train[.] in camp one of Brown’s Oxen got bit by a rattlesnake[.] we travele<d> about 6 miles & camped by the River for the night

Monday 30th Started about 5 oclock & traveled 9 miles over some sand & hills & camped by the river for dinner[.] Started about 2 & traveled 10 miles expecting to reach Flour at the Platte Crossing but were dissapointed[.] we had some very bad road sand & some heavy rain[.] we were so tired that we went to bed without supper

Tuesday 31st Started at 6 oclock & traveled 8 miles over the worst road we have had all the Journey[.] the worst Sand hills[.] we camped at upper platte Crossing all day & recieved our Flour[.] left the River[.] I have no boots that I can walk in

Wednesday August 1st Started about 5 oclock & traveled 10 miles through some sand & Broke 2 Carts & traded them of [f] to some traders near[.] Searched the carts & burned the rubbish[.] Started about 2 oclock & traveled 12 miles over good road but the wind beat against us & made it very hard traveling[.] Sarah was sick & had to be hauled in the waggons. we arrived in Camp about ½ past 8 was [more] tired than we have been before. we had water but no wood only sage brush[.] Bro Nash gave me a pair of slippers

Thursday 2nd Started about ½ past 7 & come 5 miles & Camped 4 hours for dinner[.] good road[.] Some Indians came to Camp[.] I cried to day because I feel so weak in body & especially in my feet & ancles [ankles.] I asked God to bless me & I hope he will & strength<en> me. Started again about 1 oclock & went 4 miles & camped ½ way up a hill for the night[.] we had a fellowship meeting & I felt first rate[.] roads good[.] the Frieght [Freight] train passed us[.] Sarah is better

Friday 3rd I had a good rest & I feel a deal better this morning[.] Started about 6 oclock & traveled 9 miles, a little Sand, a very deal of Alkali water. the roads are lined with Ox Bones wich have been poisened by the water[,] when we got up the hill[,] the Rattlesnake Mountains[,] Devils Gate & Independance [Independence] appeared in sight[.] Camped on the hill for dinner[.] no wood

Started about 2 oclock & traveled 9½ [.] came to a Salaratus [saleratus] Lake[.] the[y] gathered Some[.] at 4 oclock we arrived at Sweetwater Mai[l] Station & camped for the night at Independance Rock[.] so called on account of <its> standing by itself[.] we camped by the side of Sweetwater[.] roads rather Sandy

Saturday 4th this morning we did not start till late because we had some Oxen to Shoe[.] we traveled about 5 miles to Devils Gate & Camped for dinner[.] I went to See the place & I must say I Consider it one of natures wonders[.] a little Sand[.] Started again about 2 oclock & went 6 miles & Camped for the night[.] no wood[.] Sis. [Dorothy] Ripling [Kipling] was very Sick to night[.] I thought she was going to die

Sunday 5th Started about 6 oclock & went 10 miles & camped for the day[.] we had a council meeting & tried some cases[.] Bro. Richard Gough & Sis[te]r Long came & acknowledged thier [their] fault & asked forgiveness[.] Bros. Crook & Townsend for speaking against the Captain[.] Bro. Crook for threat[e]ning to Shoot him[.] we had a fellowship & Sacrament meeting at noon[.] two mountaineers road [rode] up to Camp & asked if we had seen a man on horseback[.] we told them when we saw him [diary ends here]