Transcript for Stuart, David M., Reminiscences, in David M. Stuart, Pioneer Missionary, True Life Story of David M. Stuart [1988], 5

. . . I started west with the first emigration after that winer of '47. I drove team for John Benlow in Bishop Smoot's company. We carried with us everything we needed to colonize a new country: agricultural implements, seeds, and domestic animals, even to pigs, chickens, dogs, and cats, for we were leaving civilization to establish the Kingdom of God in the wilderness.

On arriving in Great Salt Lake Valley, as it was then called, a thrill of joy ran through my soul and filled me with delight and thankfulness to my Father in Heaven who had helped me to see the home of the Saints and the land where the Kingdom of God was to be established no more to be thrown down forever. I wept with soul felt gratitude to God who had prompted me to leave my native land and allow me to associate with the founders of God's Kingdom.