Transcript for Taylor, Anstis Elmina Shepard, [1859 Diary], Collection 1844-1956, box 1, fd. 1

Saturday 25

Quite a rainy morning. Intended to move out but prevented by the breaking of a wagon. Many murmurers in the camp, but I now feel content & enjoy a good spirit: May it continue, & may I realize that to enjoy the spirit of the Lord I must strive against evil influences.

Sunday 26

Great excitement in camp in consequence of yoking wild cattle & one breaking away. Moved out about 7 miles: it now appears that we are on our way. Walked about 5 miles, very much fatiegued [fatigued] & I almost fear I cannot walk as much as will be required of me!

Monday 27

George’s [George Hamilton Taylor] first night as guard [--] a drenching rain with thunder &c. Started about ten & camped about 3. Everything moved well & we felt prospered[.] Traveled through a most beautiful rooling [rolling] country & much delighted with the scene. Walked about 5 miles[,] 10 were traveled.

Tuesday 28

Traveled through a most beautiful country, camped on the Rawhide Creek & such a night of misery I never spent so tormented with mosquitoes. Glad to leave & start on our toilsome journey.

Wednesday 29

Moved out between 6 & 7 made excelent time, stoped a short time for dinner then drove till 4 P.M. such a weary, sore footed & fadged [fatigued] people I never saw[.] still all was borne without murmuring.

Thursday 30

Traveled quite well during the forenoon, but obliged in consequence of illness to walk <ride> nearly all the way. I find it requires all my strength & faith too endure all the fatiegues [fatigues] of the journey.

Friday 1

All passed off pleasantly till we camped & each & all seemed to have a good spirit, but when we reached camp & all too much fatiegued to move, then each felt cross & ill tempered & said words which never should have been spoken

Saturday 2

Sick in body & mind. If I were not so sensitive, I might not feel unkind words as I now do, but I will endeavor not to use them to others. God help me to do right! Traveled 12 miles & then washed, baked &c[,] &c[.] Tired but more calm in mind.

Sunday 3

Traveled all day: could not realize that it was Sabbath. Tormented past all endurance with mosquitoes.

Monday 4

Started about ten & crossed the Loup Fork ferry. At 1¼ [illegible] written to Nisson [illegible] Haverstrans & Bloomfield[.] It appears but little like the Memorable Fourth & little do I now care about the day.

Tuesday 5

Remained in camp till two P.M. Washed, baked &c with [g...d] Traveled 6 miles.

Wednesday 6

Nothing of note transpired. found good water but about tormented to death with mosquitoes. Very feeble.

Thursday 7

Very warm but I am much better than yesterday. Traveled about 20 miles, all very much fatiegued [fatigued]. Camped at Sand Wells, six miles on the hills. 4 good wells of water, dug by Church.

Friday 8

A long tedious journey over sand hills, Camped at 6 P.M. on Prairie Creek. George killed a rattlesnake. Traveled about 17 miles. Good springs of water.

Saturday 9

Started about 9 o’clock, warm & dusty. Traveled about 15 miles. Camped in the most beautiful spot we have had since we started & for a luxury we had excellent cold water.

Sunday 10

Traveled till 2 P.M. then camped on Wood River. Saw the first Indians since we left Florence.

Monday 11

Remained in camp to repair wagons &c. Washed, baked[,] aired our provisions, cleaned our wagons &c. Very much fatiegued[.] George on the first guard.

Tuesday 12

Remained in camp till 2-30 [2:30] P.M. Started out & traveled 8 miles, & camped at 8 in the evening.

Wednesday 13

Left camp at 8 in the morning in consequence of the rain, traveled till noon then stop[p]ed to water. The drive was a weary one: camped at 8 where we had very poor water.

Thursday 14

A Buf[f]alo was killed in opposition to counsel. A man went out to secure the meat & was lost. Went on & camped, expecting to resume our journey in a few hours, & travel in the evening, but remained to get, if possible[,] some intelligence of the missing man.

Friday 15

Remained in camp & dispatched a company in search of the lost. They returned about 8 in the evening weary & sad for no tidings could be gleaned of the missing man. After prayers we were all overjoyed by seeing him come into camp weary & worn but well[.] one long loud shout rent the air.

Saturday 16

Not well. I sometimes feel that the journey will never be accomplished, but I know that this is in consequence of weakness of body.

Sunday 17

Traveled all day. Did not appear to be Sabbath. I shall be happy when we get where we can have a day of rest such as we once enjoyed.

Sunday September 4

Moved at 9 A.M. Cattle weak from want of food. Rainy, cold & unpleasant. 3 P. M. passed a grave which contained a body found by Capt Stevensons company. Stop[p]ed for dinner at 4 P.M. Camped about 8. We were cheered by the arrival of Brs. J. Taylor & F. D. Richards.

Monday 5

Treated by Br Taylor to Muskmelon & an apple grown in his garden. Moved at 11 A.M. Crossed Ham’s Fork at 2-30 the second fording of Blk. Fork at 3. Twice in water & camped at 6-30.

Tuesday 6

Moved at 9 A.M. Our ox was found dead. Stop[p]ed for dinner from 2 till 3-30[.] Camped at 10-30.

Wednesday 7

Cold & unpleasant. Moved at 10-30 [10:30]. Passed Bridger at 1 P.M. Stop[p]ed for dinner from 3-15 till 4 P.M. Camped at 7-30 P.M. Very cold

Thursday 8

Moved at 9-30. Nooned from 12-30 till 2 P.M. Exceedingly cold & windy. Camped at 5-30 & to our disappointment, no water.

Friday 9

Moved at 8 A.M. Nooned on Bear River, from 1 PM till 3. Watered & crossed Sulphur Creek at 12 M. Windy, but pleasant. Camped at 6 P.M. A most lovely camping ground

Saturday 10

Moved at 9 A.M. Stoped for dinner from 2 till 3. Camped at 7 P.M.

Sunday 11

Most desired a day of rest but Capt Stevenson is so anxious to get home that he will not hear to it. Moved at 6½ A.M. without breakfast. Stoped from 0 9 till 12. camped at 3-30

Monday 12

Moved at 1 P.M. in consequence of some cattle being lost. Crossed the Weber between 5 & 6 & camped at 6 P.M. My birthday. I wonder if my dear Mother thought of it.

Tuesday 13

Did not move till 3 P.M. camped at 7.

Wednesday 14

Moved at 9 A.M. Stop for dinner from 1 till 2-30. Br. Stevensons division 12 miles in advance. Camped at the foot of the big mountain at 5-45.

Thursday 15

Moved at 6 A.M. Stoped for breakfast from 11 A.M. till 1-30 P.M. Camped at 5-30 on the top of Little Mountain with Br Stevenson’s division.

Friday 16

Moved at 10 A.M. Reached the City or its suburbs at 4 P.M.