Transcript for Taylor, Charles B., Journal, Apr 1865-Oct 1865, in Woodard Family, Collection [ca.1851-1979], box 1, fd. 7, vol. 2

[For at least the first couple weeks of this journal, the writer had dates confused. The first entry was actually written August 2nd, not July 2nd.]

July [August] 2th we roled out and we made Three miles for the Cattle was very green And the temesters was as green[.] i Stopt tall Dark and then went to camp found i mist the rode, and i walked About 10 miles. and cold not find the Camp, and i walk back to Wyoming

3 i got a few things and a horse for Brother Atwood, and then Brother Walker And my Self went to the herd to gat fore [four] yoke of cattle, and the[y] was so wild that we cod [could] not drive tham so we went to camp

4 We rold out and <the> was a fine boy Born and we traveled 4 miles

5 Sunday we traveled h over sum very Ruff rode, and we made, 5.

Munday 6 we Broke axcle tree. J used Went over Sum very bad bridges And traveled 9 miles

Tuesday 7 the was very good and Traveled 15 miles

8 Wensday we traveled to Cherre Cree Salt Creek 15 miles. Salt Creek is 53 miles from Wyoming

Thursday 10 we rold out. Went to Three a clock and the in the Hufter nun [afternoon] and we made 6 miles

11 we roled out before breakfast. Destence 6 miles Rand [rained] all Day And we Burried one of the Denma Danes Sister on Cherry Creek

12 Saturday we roled out hat one a clock And went to the Blue, and it was very muday all the way. Destence 8

Sunday 13 we roled out hat one a clock And several of the wagens got Stock In the mud, and we campt on the Prayray Dastence 8 miles

Monday 14 we roled out, hat five a Clock. with our Brecfast and we got Stock in the mud five tiems And we campt on Walnut Creek hat three a clock bout And there we campt for the Day Dastence 7 miles and it Thunded and litned and the[re] was a mite [illegible] cald and the Cattle stamped[ed], and we had A grate dele of trebal [trouble]

Tuesday 15, we roled out hat 7 a Clock And we travel 9 miles and [illegible] Capt for Danner, roled in the after noon and Travel 6 miles and Campt on the Baker Creek and it raned and thundred In the night. and the cattle was very une[a]sy

Wednesday 16, we rold out in the mud and fac[e]t sum bad places, and we Traveled 12 miles and i Dropted a calf And give Sum to the Soup and campt On the Baever Craek [Beaver Creek]

Thursday 17 we roled out hat eigh[t] a Clock, and made nine miles report And none [nooned] on Robert Beaver Crack [creek], roled Out hat 3 clock and made 6 miles And was colder was very Bad The dastence 15 miles

Friday 18 we rold at hat 8 Clock, and Travel 13 miles and campt on the Prayary And no wood and the was 2 Big mud Ols [holes], ware we Dubers [double] tames [teamed]

Saturday 19 we roled out hat 8 Clock and we noonen [nooned] on the Plat[te] Botem And roled out hat 4 Clock and Campt And i never Saw the mosketos So Bad in my life. we traveled 16 miles

Sunday 20 we roled out hat 12 Clock And we traveled 10 And campt by the Plat[te], and i had a good Bade. [illegible] And i cod [could] not Sleep for the moscotes was So very Bad Destence 10

Monday 21 the weather was very [missing text] and the Rode was very hard and we had Sum Cold S[o]up for dinner and it gave us all the Dayareere [diarrhea] very [missing text] And we traveled 14 miles And one of the Steers give out.

Tuesday 22 we roled out hat 8 Clock And <nonen> [nooned] fore miles from Fort Carney And i went on with Brother John Pupper to gat a wagen fixed and we cod not geat it fixed So we went on to Dog town, and i did A little trading, and we campt One miles from the town Destence 15 miles and i put on dubel [double] guard becase the[re] was So many shul Shuldres [soldiers] came to camp, and the[re] was no[t] musqotes with [which] a forded Me a good sleep

Wensday 23 we roled out hat 8 Clock and i was Bed all Day. we traveled 15 miles, and We meet three hundred shuldres [soldiers] from The Platt[e] Bridge, and the[y] Sed the[y] Had a fite, and Anders [Indians] had keld 26 Shuldres

Thursday 24 we roled 8 Clock, and it <was> warm and lots of sand. and The[re] was 5 wagens Stuck, on Stormed And one of the Danish Sister got kild on Plum Creeck And we traveled 16 miles

Friday 25 musquetes very Bad and we roled 7 Clock and it <was> very warm We traveled 16 miles, and had Pray[er] with Brothers [Anders W. Winburg] Winngburg, Brother [Miner G.]Atwood Spoke on the abilite of the Saints Etc

Saturday 26 we roled out 9 Clock, as usual I was very Sick all Day and i had a bag of Salt on my <hot> Bowles [bowels] all night Dastence 16 miles

Sunday 27 we roled out hat 9 clock And campt hat one for the Day, and I co[u]ld not walk for i was So Sick I was very Sick all night, and i Had the Challs and fever. i Shaked For a bought one hour, we traveled 8 miles.

Monday 28 we roled out hat 8 Clock it Was very warm all Day. and very dustey And was very much Pested with the Shulres [shudders]. traveled 15 miles, and i was very weeke, and it it was very hard To walk all Day

Tuesday 29 we roled out 8 and campt for the Danner [dinner], and the[n] came Sum Shuldres [soldiers] in Camp and one drew [h]is pastell [pistol] out And Swore he would blow my branes out he cock [h]is Pistell hat my brest [illegible]. we traveled throu Dobey town tow Citten [Cotton] wood Dastence 15. miles

Wensday 30 we roled out 9 the rode was Dustey and hot. destence 15 miles

Thursday 31 we roled out 8 and <we> travel<ed> Destence 15 miles

Seot September 1 we crost the Plat[te] Raver all Safe i was very Sick That Day

Saturday 2 we roled 8 and the[re] was Plenty crost, and we felt like being In haven as we had left all hall On the other side the river Destence 15

Sunnday 3 we roled but 8 ti it was very Warm all Day traveled 15 miles

Monday 4 it has was very hot all Day traveled 15 miles.

Tuesday 5 we had conseberl [considerable] Sand And we traveled 15 miles

Wensday 6 we roled out and we Had very havey Sand all hafternoo<n> And we traveled 13 miles

Thursday 7 we roled out We had lots of fun pay the we about 12 Antelop[e], and we Stopt the tra[i]n[.] Seems All Denmark was out With thare guns and they faired [fired] those a hollering, and thoz one came in Camp i durst not Shoot because the[re] was So meny wemen and cheldern Chuldren and ran & he Stampe[e]d tow [two of] Our temes but the[re] was no body hurt and i shot Shot one threw the heart With Pastell, and he made lots Sup for the Sick, and i though[t] It was a god Send

Frieday 8 we roled hat 7 and Saw Saverl Lots of musqetoes it was very warm in the hafternoon[.] traveled 16 miles

Saturday 9 we roled out 6 and it was very Dustey, and very Cold wend [wind] All Day[.] we made a Dray [Dry] Camp, and Traveled 22 miles

Sunday 10 we roled 8 and we campt on muddey Creek Destence 15 miles

Monday 11 we roled out, and nooned on Pamken Creek, near the Co[u]rt house Rock. we roled and campt hon The hold back holer rode [road], in the North Platt[e.] we traveled 12 miles

Tuesday 12 we roled 8 and in Site of Chemley [Chimney] rock[.] we traveled 9 miles And campt nere the raver[.] we roled And it was very Sendey we traveled 7 miles

Wensday 13 we roled and it was very Sandey and traveled 15 miles

Thursday 14 we traveled 10 miles, and Set tire

Friday 15 we roled out, and <we> went thure the S[c]otch Bluf[f], and it was very ruff, and we traveled 16 miles, and my h[e]alth was not very good

Fraday Saturday 16 we roled out, and It was very Sanday[.] we traveled 9 miles And Campt for Denner. we roled And we left one ferry we used we Left 2 32 man and the Drusted, and Graded it on three Banks and the[n] Meet a bout 10 Shuldres with tow bagged Carrages, and the[y] got friten, and The[y] Sad that the[re] were tow [2] hundred Inddens Camping hover the river and the[y] was Half friten to Deth, and the[n] we our Man carr[y]ing the Beef, and 7 miles

Sunday 17 we roled out and it was Sunday and we meet a bout 20 Shuldres and the[y] going to haunt [hunt] the hendens[Indians], and we told them, That we had not seen hany of them We Did not camp tell 9½ traveled 20 miles

Monday 18 we roled out, and the rode was very good. in the fournoon, and very sanday in the harfnoon[afternoon], and we Campt About ½ miles from Larney[Laramie], and we Tourned [turned] our Cattle over the Platt[e] river And the Shuldres taste trade [tried] <to> Stamped Hours [our] Cattle but we put Plenty of Man on and the[y] Did not[.] we travele<d> 12 miles

Tuesday 19 we lost 15 hed of cattle and tow Mules[.] we cod not find anney[.] we roled Out, and traveled 5 miles

Wensday 20. the Boys went hout, and The[y] found 10 [or] 11 head, and we have lost 4 had [head] of Cattle, and 2 mules But I though[t] that we Shall find them.

Thursday 21 the Boys cod not find them And the[re] come t[w]o Offares [Officers] from fort Larmey [Laramie]. and the[y] Sad that we had some girls in camp, that we was taking to Utah, agenst [against] thare [their] will, But the very Sune [-], that we had not hany [any] But what what was goins whith Thare hone [own] free wall [will] and chose [choice].

We traveled 10 miles

Fraday 22. we Started in the Black hills And the rode was very Bad. Camp on horce [horse] S[h]ue Creek, and the[re] was of Bruch lots of Bruch [brush], and no feed and just as we was Warting [watering] our Cattle, the [illegible] about 10 Hundens [Indians] came to Stampe[e]d hours Cattle But the[y] ded not gat hany Of the Cattle But in the rood Tant the women was 7 of the Danish Man. and capted one Woman We got a way as Soon as we Cold [could] , and we campt hat 10 Clock And the[re] was no feed nor warter And we cot horses cattle[.] In the crall [corral] was 6 mules & Cattle ded [died] in the night[.] bad mesqitos Travelled 24 miles

Saturday 23 we roled out hat 10 Clock And it was very Sanday, and Slipery very [p…] halls [hills] and we camped hat 4 Clock and no feed. one Steer Diede Traveled 5 miles

Sunday 24 we roled out and went and was very Rocky road Sunday and we traveled 12 About crost the Plat campt <for the> night more feed in the Platt Botom for The night.

Monday 25 we roled the[re] was Tow Cattle Dide. we roled. and it Was very Dustey and we moved on The Platt[e]. we crost the Platt[e], and Camped in good feed. and we Traveled 11 miles

Tusday 26 Just as we were going to Start Brother Holmen and Captain Walker Company com[e] in Site, and we was very glad to Se them, and we roled And traveled 11 miles

Wensday 27 we roled before Brescfast And traveled and 8 miles and campt. and we went to the ford, and We Dubel ferrys, and then we Crost And Campt for the night. it was A very Bad crosen[.] traveled 16 miles

Friday <Thursday> 28 we roled. and the rode was very Bad[.] we Campt on the Platt And traveled 15[.] rode was very [illegible] <Bad>

Fraday 29 we roled 4 miles on very good and we met with [illegible sentences] Traveled 15 miles and no feed the[re]

Saturday 30 we roled [ blank space] Was very good [-] before Brecfast We roled and then we leve the Platt[e] gard we rolled [-] had a Stampede Sume of wich the[re] was no Body Tow hours, and one of the mules To gather, we hear we had hevy wind and we in [---] miles[.] We travell 15 the ride was very Quiet [--] lots of [-] we bag [--]

Cattle is Dien uni[illegible]nined on Short Creek, and Brother Holman came and took my laders to hale [haul] Sunnes goods, Wich only left me tow youke Wich may be have to walke And we traveled 10 miles.

Fraday 6 we roled hat 6 Clock and We got Stock in the mud. and i got 3 youk of Cattle to Pul me Hout. we nooned 10 miles from Daniel [Devils] <Gate> on hors[e] Shue Creek. we Roled and the Sand was very heavy And i had to walke all afternoon And we Campt on Sweet warter [Water] About one mile from the Salareaters lake and the feed was very good And we traveled 15 miles

Saturd 7 we roled and crost the Sweet Warter. and the gr[e]ater Part of hour women had to wade Thare, and it was very Cold Foor the Poor Sisters traveled 10 miles

Sunday 8 we roled hat 6 clock and it was very Sanday all Day, and we traveled 14 miles

Monday 9 [illegible] we roled and traveled 14 and we ninened hat the three crosens [crossings] Of the Sweet warter [Water], and it commence Snow, and it Snoed [snowed] for 48 hours, and The English Compane was with us

Sunday <Thursday> 12 we Dobeled [doubled] temes, for three miles, and campt for the night. plenty gras and wood

Fraday 13 we sent one team Back [illegible] prarrie, to the English camp[.] We roled and the rode was very Sandey And we no[o]nened on Sweet water

We roled and Did not camp till dark And we campt in a Salaratus Botem And it was very [illegible] what [wet] and Cold i did not Sleep all night We travelled 12 miles

Saturday 14 we roled and the rode was very muday, and the [illegible] we campt, and Had Plenty of wood water gras and no Water[.] travelled 12 miles

Sunday 15. we roled and in bout 3 miles We came to Creeck and we Stopt for Tow hours, we roled and campt in rockey Rage [Ridge] Plenty of wood and warter. and we Had a very have[y] frost we travelled 11 miles

Monday 16 we roled[.] Preaty good rode[.] And we no[o]ned on a Small Creeck. We roled and traveled 20 miles and Camp on hat the South pass Stashun [Station]

Tuesday 17 we roled and we meet Brother Thomas Tayler, and 4 women wich Came to meet us wath flour And we campt for the Day. and We travelled 2 miles

Wensday 18 we roled and it was very Muday and Snown [snowing] and we campt hat the Pacifice [Pacific] Spring[.] travell 12 Miles

Thursday 19 we roled and campt on Dry Sandy, and we meet 11 teems From the valley and we campt For the Day[.] we travelled 10 miles

Fraday 20 we roled and the English company came up, and we travelled To gatther, and the rode was very good And we campt on little Sanday[Sandy], and The[re] was 5 mules[,] waggens, and ox persevered, and <we> Sited Sume of the Church teemes, and put 50 or 60 Peopul in <e[a]ch> [of] tham, <and thare> and i was Apointed thare Capten to take Tham to the city[.] we travelled 12 miles

Saturday 21 we roled to bag [Big] Sanday <campt> and whnth [went] hunton. have for Danner[.] Dastence 9 miles[.] we roled and travelled 8 miles and campt on the Creeck

Sunday 22 we Buried one of the Danish Sister, on the camp of horse Creeck We Did not yark [yoke] hare[our] harses [horses] w[h]ich Case [caused] us to make a late Start[.] we campt On the green raver [Green River] and travelled 18 miles

Monday 23 we roled to hams fork, and Got 5 Sacks of flour, for the Poor, and we Campt on Black fork[.] Plenty of wood And grass[.] Travelled 22 miles

Tuesday 24 we roled and it was very Cold and we travelled 13 miles

Wenesday 25 the[re] was one of the Danish Sister Died, and we Buried her on The Bank of Black fork 12 miles from Bruger [Bridger.] we roled and went throue Bruger, and Campt hat the hold Station On the muday [Muddy], and it was about Fore enches Deep[.] we travelled 28 miles[.] The[re] was 12 wagens of Stamlish campt Thursday 26 we what [with] us all night

Thursday 26 we roled and the rode Was very Slapery and Bad[.] we Campt one mile from Bare raver [Bear River] And travelled 19 miles

Fraday 27 we lost 2 of hour mules, w[h]ich Made us have, a very late Start. It was very muday, and very cold[.] We camped hat the head of Aco Cannen [Echo Canyon], and it made tall 10 clock And we travelled 23 miles.

Saturday 28 it was very fine morning We roled and Camped in Coalville, hat the Bishops upon and thay made us very comfortable, and we travelled 15 miles

Sunday 29 i hate [ate] my Brecfaste hat the Bishops we [-] campt at the had [head] of Salrie Creek, hand we travelled 15 miles

Monday 30 we roled and was very Cold and it Snowed all the [-] The Sunset made us campt hat Capten Harday Stashun [station] and we campt Travelled 20 miles and i Started and Walked 15 miles to the camp and the Stashun till i got sight of the Cennens [canyons] and i got home hat half past 10 a Clock and My fater moher [father and mother] [---] and glad to see me and i was glad to see them