Transcript for Taylor, John, "Nebraska Settlement," The Mormon 21 June 1856, 2

Nebraska Settlement

SOME time ago Bishop Andrew Cunningham was appointed to select a company and go to the extreme western portion of the Nebraska Territory on the north side of, and as near the river Platte as good soil, water and timber could be obtained for a settlement. As I do not know Br. Cunningham's whereabouts at present, I take this method of informing him and those associated with him, that I hope nothing will prevent the carrying out of his instructions in relation to this company. There will also be other companies formed in other locations, so that it will not only facilitate the mails and the forwarding of emigration, but will also be a good opportunity for enterprising men to make themselves farms where they will be able to dispose of their produce for good prices. There will be captains appointed over all such companies. They will be expected also to go prepared to put in grain, build forts, and take with them the necessary implements of defence in a new country. It will be well for the brethren to reflect on these matters, about which I shall say more at another time. JOHN TAYLOR.