Transcript for Taylor, Leonora Cannon Taylor diaries, 1832 and 1846-1847, in George J. Taylor papers, 1832-1909

June [blank space] left Winter Quarters at ½ past 3 oclock traveled 4 miles[.] broke the tounge in a Waggon[.] Campt on a beautyfull Prairy

Sund. I went 2 miles to wood & water[.] the company left us there on Monday[.] Waitting for some cattle that were back[.] Sister P.[arley] P. Pratt arived at winter Quarters the Morning we left[.] Br. P. P. went back to see her, he and Br. Van cot staid with us all night[,] as the[y] came back we got all our Creatures &c set of[f]

15th went 11 miles

16th 6 miles to the Elkhorn River cros’d it on a raft, the girls road with me[.] E. made a fuss[.] I went to see Sister Pierce & Snow[.] washd & Baked[.] thunder & rain[.] stopt 2 days

19th traveled all day[.] heard a young man was kil’d by an Indian on his way back to Nauvoo[.] our company numbered over 500 wagons led by Br P. P. Prat[t] Mr. Taylor, Jeddediah Grant, Br. Smoot, Br. Spencer, we found the Body of a Man murdered by the Indians[,] a messenger to the Pawnees from St Louis[.] we started from the horn[,] five abreast a hundred in length[.] it was a beautyfull sight but inconvenient[.] we have traveld since in hundreds and camp a little apart

Wed fine day[.] camped near a creek[.] traveled 15 miles[.] camp on the Platte

24 Thursd. all the Companies togather

Fri high wind very dusty

Sund. Our leaders went to see the Lupe [Loup] fork[.] returnd along with the Agent to the Pawnes

Mond. 17 miles. Crossd Creek in the Morning and two others in the course of the day[.] a Man came on to inform us that a war party of indians were a head[.] we fired 2 cannon and had evry man armed[.] we saw nothing of them

Tus 3[,] 2 chil<dren> were run over but Mercy fiel[d]ing not injured much[.] passed Pawnee Villiage about a hundred lodges[,] many of them burned by the S[i]oux who kild many of them[,] the remainder has removed to another place[.] reached the Luke [Loup] forke a branch of the Plat[t]e[.] our company forded it[,] first a very bad place on acount of the Quick Sand bottoms all got through well[.] next day saw a great many Antalope Shot some[,] the[y] are very good to eat

Fri July 2 Camped on the Prairie[.] traveled 15 miles. Mr. T. & David Seely went to find out a road[.] turnd there horses to gras & the[y] started of[f] on the gallop and were not found without a deal of trouble

Sat 3d. 4 men went after them[.] A gun of G. Cannons and a six shooter which were fastened on the horses[,] the horses found at the last ford

Sun 4th raind in the morning[.] the ground here is covered with wild roses and sensetive, Briars[,] prickly pears and other new Flowers that are very sweet smelling[.] we are now 176 miles from winter Quarters <Grants Camp in touch>

Mond. went 13 miles

Tuesday 7th we had one of our pigs run over[.] went 15 miles[.] found a board left by the Pion<eers> dated 1st of May[.] the[y] here kild 11 Buffalow

Thd. 8th Mr Taylor & Br. Prat caught a Horse apiece which were running loose on the Prairie[.] could find no trace of where the[y] came from, in the afternoon Mr. T. laid his Toe open while cutting brush to make a Bridge[.] Br. Pratt caught his hand between two waggons and hurt it very grave[.] had a good day to travel[.] at Night it rain’d and blew very hard[.] we found the Pioneers camp ground and a post written on the 4th of May[.] Stayd here two days[.] many indians and Buffalow. The indians are angry with us because we kild there Buffalos

July F 9th Peregrine Session came to claim the Horse Mr. T caught[.] a very warm day after the rain and stopt at ½ past 4 <oclock> had traveled about 13 miles west[.] close [to] Br. P. P. Camp[.] the first Buffalow seen this morning.

Sat 10 J. Russel & Smoot road with us[.] traveled 6 miles[.] Stopt to burn coal wash bake

Sun 11d Br. [Robert] holmes Child died[,] first death in the camp[.] Mr. T. preached

Mon started at 9 traveled 16 miles

Tue 13 traveled 13 M[.] Grey A broke from the Wagon with a kettle tied to the Rope

<Wed> 14 crost the Sand Hills & Saw Strange Lizards[.] a Letter from the Pioneers founds in a box[.] Mr. T. of[f] hunting buffalow[.] Br. Taylor kild one

Thd 15[.] went off hunting in the Cariage along the blufs past a beauty full Spring of Cold Watter[.] came 16 miles

Frd. traveled about 10 miles Stopt early[.] Shot Severel Buffalow

Sat 17[.] Mr. T in the waggons all afternoon[.] got in camp at night[.] I sat up to prepare for Elizabeth Taylors wedding[.] about 11 oclock we heard a dreadfull roaring of Bufalo[.] the guard cald every man to arise[.] the herd of Bufalow were crossing the river[.] Mr. T got up all the foulks were stirring round great fire least the[y] Should Land & [……..] our Wagons[.] 3 alarm the same

Sunday went to meeting in Cariage[.] took M. A.[,] O.[,] Sophia[,] Annie & Mary Ann after meeting[.] Mr. T Baptised Joseph and 10 other children[,] blessed 4 children & mari[e]d his A. Elizabeth, to Br. G[eorge] Boyce [Boyes.] we remained here to help

<Mon> 19th hunt up Br. Jeddediah Grants cattle which broke out of there yard the Second time[,] 75 were missing[.] got Letters from some of our Brethern by traders[.] the[y] Said the[y] were at the South pass in the Mountains[.] we travel on the north side the river Plate[.] better feed for cattle here than on the Oregon trail the other side the river[.] amigrant [migrating] great many Buffalow on the Bank across the River. Mr. T.[,] George G.[Q.] Cannon[,] Br. Horn & a number more went over[.] J. horn[e] & I sat in the Cariage and watched them through the glass[.] Saw new temperature on Sunday[.] be hold when you think not the Indians will be upon you acording to Ft John T went to see S Smoot in the Evening[.[ left them to get Supper

20[.] had a good breakfast mond went hunting Buffalow in the Cariage along with Mr. Taylor[.] did not see shoot any[.] went 8 miles to day to find better pasture for the cattle

Wed went out hunting Buffalows again & saw thousands[.] Mr. T rode[.] I took grandmother in the cariage[.] our Company kild 9, evry person bussy drying Buffalow[.] I like it much better than Beef. More tender and pleasant, truly the Lord Has spread a Table for us in the Wilderness[.] we have not yet seen one Indian since we left winter Quarters, our road not so good have to travel over sandy Blufs, no wood, obliged to burn Buffalow Chips, crost a good many Streams of watters[,] River Watter good to use

Th 22 two wagons broke down[,] obliged to wait for them. Made poor [] this last week[.] detained so long for Grants Company

Fri 23d Br Prat[t] sent a mesenger to the camp to let us know that 100 Indians had been at there camp[.] the next morning we were vissited by a number of them[.] the[y] Danced 14 weomen & 3 men[.]traded for Buffalow Robes with a good manny[.] Smoked the Pipe of Peace[;] gave them food[;] our folks danced had Musick

Sun July 25d camped near Br. Grant[,] Phineaus Young & others arived from the Pionears. Had a meeting wrote Letters

Mond. 26th started at 7 till 1 pm

July 27 Monday N. A. rode the horse & stopt behind[.] I felt very much frightened but the Indians had got both his and the horse[.] his Father rode back and found help[.] we cros’d a creek and some Sand hills[.] soon aftter we Started at noon there was a cry that a Child was run over; and the next cry that it was George Taylor[.] I don’t know how I got to him[.] he lay on his back[.] the first word he spoke was I am not hurt mother[.] his poor breast & back was brusied black[.] he stood on the tongue to whip his oxen, his feet sliped & he fell on his face with both wheels of a heavy loaded wagon ran over his back. I road with him in Br. [Abraham] Hogalind [Hoagland] wagon to our camp place[,] had him bled, put on a poultice of wormwood and vinegar[,] had hands laid on and trust in the Lord, he will soon be well, found a board left by the Pioneers from winter Quarters 409 Miles

wed 2d[……] Ottala Indians came to visit us[,] friendly[,] smoke the pipe of peace[.] in site of Chimney rock[.] good feed for cattle

August[.] met several came [..antes] from Oregon on there way to the States[.] great Storm of Wind[.] they crosd bluffs and Chimney rock[.] went 20 miles

on Satd. 31th slept over

Sunday opisite Scots Bluffs

Mon travled 16 miles

Tuesday 1-8 feed good at night[.] the blufs look beautyfull like the finest kind of old […….] travld about twenty five miles[.] roled Mr. T drove me on to Br. Smoots train[.] our [are] obliged to camp back on along of the ford[.] I & cattle giving out[.] I had to drive M. A. & Joseph back in the night 6 miles.

Thd. a beauty full day[.] walked with S. H through the day of [……] visited by souxs [Sioux.] 200 went back & crosed the Plat[t]e River[.] went to Fort Larimie [Laramie,] campt about 4 miles from the ford getting waggons repaired[,] burnt coal[,] staid 3 days

Tud. I left past our 50[.] Mr. T & I took Super with Br. Shurtliff

Wed Stad at 7 ock[,] cross a creek came to a Spring[.] tr 18 mi

11th 7oc s[t]opt for noon on a hill[,] a beautyfull creek from it[.] td 16 mi campt on Horse Shoe Creek a fine spring

Frd. 12th doubled team up a dreadfull Hill[.] crost thru black Hills[.] campt without wood or water[.] tr 14 mi

Sat 14th cattle tired[.] campt near Br. Rich

Sund 15th a hail storm in the afternoon[.] went 3¾ mi found a Spring of Cool watter

Mon. 16th started ¼ past 10[.] the road good <met Br Benson> pasd very romantick Scenery[,] a parimid of Stone td. 14 mi on that rola prales

Tud remained in camp Br. Benson spoke in meetting[.] Elizabeth walkd home with A. Boleantine

Wed. 18th at ½ past 7 Crossed a Creek 1 mi crost an nother, past Br. Rich camp[,] tr 12½ mi Raind

Thrs. 19th went to Rob[ert] Gardner['s] Child [Robert Rierson Gardner] Funeral[.] <felt bad> tr 5½ mi to Deer Creek[.] Raind hard

Frid 20th st ½ past 9[.] a very bad <wet> road[.] crossd a bad revine and muddy Creek[,] the Carriage got past

Sat 21st camp went on[.] Wm. Taylor ten stopt back[.] little Henry Horn[e] run over[.] bad road[,] many creeks

Sund 22d remained in camp untill noon[.] met the Bretherin at the Firry[,] Lyman Johnson and others

Mon. 23d st ¼ to 8[.] a child run over in Br. Wallace Company & his thigh broke[.] crost the Platte[,] Campt oposite the Red Butes[.] cattle get sick & die[.] tr 13¼ mi.

Tus 24th st 10[.] saw Buffalow[,] came to Poison Spring[,] traveled to Willow Springs[,] 10¼ mi.

Wed 25 16¼ a Bitter cold day[,] foggy[.] fineer in the camp[.] travelled 10 mi

Thd. 26 travld over a very bad road[,] heavy Sand[,] past the Salteratis [Saleratus] Lakes[.] Tr. 10¾ mi.

Frid. 27th very Sandy[.] Stopt all day[.] 4 oxen Dead

Sat 28 past Independence Rock[.] Frank [Francis] pullins [Pullin] drew his knife on Br. [Joseph] Horn[.] kept ½ a day[.] 7 mi. past the Divils Gate[.] Mr. Tay[lor] Started with Br. Lyons for P.P.P. Camp

Sund. 30th walk with S[is Mary Isabella Hales] Horn[e], S [Maria Louisa] Woodworth & Annie to see the Div [Devils] gate where the Sweet Watter [Sweetwater River] run through the Rock[.] tr. 10 mi.

<Sept> Mond. very Sandy[.] Crossed Duck Creek[.] met Mr. Taylor & tr. 7 mi.

Tud 2d. tr. 12 mi. in company with Br. Hunters 50ty[.] Mr. T & [I] took supr. along with william[,] it was his birth day[.] Crosed the Sweet Watter 3 times[.] Sandy road[,] very Dusty, Rocky Mountains on either both sides for many Days[.] find many Beautyful Stones cowhiliana came both capn.[.] met at night had a good meetting[,] for the men it kept up late

Wed. st[.] Crosed Rivers 3 times[.] part of the Road heavy Sand[.] Tr. 11 mi.

2d travd 12 mi met the Pioniers Wagons[.] got a Yoke of Cattle & our own back which helped us greatly

3d tr 4 mile[.] a river s[t]opt at noon[.] Br. [………] and some more brethren dined with us[.] tr 6 mi.

4th Sat S[t]opt[.] Washd[,] Bak’d

had a Sud. meeting Sud 5th tr 11¾ mi.

Mond. 6th tr. 10 mi. arived at the Sweet watter[.] got word the brethren was coming on

Tud. morng[.] had a meetting of the sisters[.] apointed T. Hunter[,] J. Thomas & I to regulate a Din[n]er for the Pioners an Volunters[.] had a splendid Diner for them in the Grove, about a hundred sat down, the[y] had a dance after, the 12 met in Counsel, until 11 oclock[.] it snowed untill the afternoon when it became fine, the 12 Breakfasted with us and started for winter Quarters

Wed 8th traveled 14 mi good Road[.] Camped on the Spearfish Springs

Thd 9 we travelled 21 mi the camp got in at Night[.] the girls & I had lighted a Fire[.] made a fire on a Hill to light the Wagons

Frid 10th went 9 miles campt on <big> Sandy Creek.

Sat 11th started from Sandy Fork tr 17 mi cross streams 4 times

Sud 19th traveled from the land of big Sandy to green River 4 mi[.] crost Green river and campt on the other side

Mon 20 for remained here all day[.] gathered a great quanitty of Currents

Tus. 14th tra to Mu<d>dy Creek 19 mi. arrived in camp after dark

<on Tusd. 14th left 7 wagons on green River to come latter on at there leasure to save time>

Wed. 15 tra 5 mi stop on hams fork

Thd. 16th to blacks fork 14 mi

Fri. 9 mi

Sat Tra 8¼ to bridger[.] ran a race[.] J. Horn & Grand mother went

Sund. Started late[.] an ox was missing[.] went up & down a steep hill[.] Rob Gardners child ran over[.] Tra 13 mi[.] I feel & know in all my tryals that the Lord is near and that he blesses and Comforts my Heart, they that trust in the Lord shall never be Confounded

Oct 6th entered Valley of Salt Lake