Transcript for Terry, Thomas Searles, Autobiography [ca. 1856], 15-16

We got ready to Start and our wagons left Winter quarters on the Ninth of June 1847[.] we traviled out 28 miles to the Elk Horn River, we here we waited till All of the wagons had come up.

on the Eighteenth of June, there was 656 wagons on the Ground, and was all Organized into Companys of tens, and tens into fiftys and fiftys into Hundreds[.] Our wagons was in the first ten and first fifty and the <first> Hundred, our fifty left next Morning for the Mountains in the command of Perrygreen [Perrigrine] Sessions and Elijah F[unk] Sheets Captain of the first ten And Daniel Spencer Captain of the hundred

we left the Elk Horn River June 19, 1847[.] We were on the road three months and Six days, We was Pilgrims inceach [in search] of A Home, we was Banished by a ruthless Mob, who was Sancioned by the Authorites of our Goverm Goverment, from our homes and the land of our Birth to Seek an Asyl Asylum in the far distant West among Savages, and the wild Beast of the Mountains, but the noble Band of Pioneers who was lead [led] by President Brigham Young, who was the Prophet of God; They had Started in the Spring, we followed their trail as much as possible[.] it was Some times difficult to follow, as the heavy rains and the high Grass, had covered it all up, our journey was Toilsome And fetaugeing [fatiguing] yet we had Many Senes [Scenes] of Pleasure and of joye, while on the Plaines[.] I enjoyed myself first reat [rate], on the Plaines it was A new life to me, and which Suited well, I enjoyed good health, And the time pass a way Pleasant,

After a journey of one Thousand and thirty Miles which took us three months and 6 days, we arrived on the 25th of September in the valley of the Great Salt Leake [Lake], where the Pioniers had Arrived on the 24th of July, 1847 and which place they had selected a home for the Saints,