Transcript for "The Companies for the Missouri River," Deseret News, 4 June 1862, 388

The Companies for the Missouri River.

The companies with teams for the Missouri have been often heard from since their departure and were getting along quite well considering the high waters and bad roads, which, as anticipated, had impeded their progress. Those difficulties, however, had, to latest dates from the several trains, been, by diligence and perseverance, overcome with but little loss or damage—a few wagons upset and broken, with some little loss of provisions and other articles comprising their casualities.

Col. Burton and company, returning from the "seceded" or "infested" section of the eastern road, through which he escorted Mr. Hooper and those accompanying him, met Capt. [John R.] Murdock and company at Fort Bridger, which place they left on the morning May 28th, expecting to camp that night on Muddy, twenty miles distant. Captain [Homer] Duncan’s train, with Captain [Joseph] Horn[e]’s close in the rear, was met that forenoon a few miles this side of Fort Bridger. Captain [Ansel P.] Harmon left Bear river on the morning of the 29th, and the companies in charge of Captains [Horton D.] Haight and [Henry W.] Miller, respectively, were met on that day near each other about fifteen miles up Echo, all well and progressing finely.