Transcript for "The Death of the Captive Mrs. Wilson," The Mormon, 10 January 1857, 3

The Death of the Captive Mrs. Wilson.

We some time since alluded to the capture by the Indians of Mrs. Wilson, a lady who was on her way from St. Louis to Salt Lake City, in Col. Babbitt's train. Measures were immediately taken to secure her rescue, and Captain Wharton, of the United States Army, exerted himself to the utmost. He offered large rewards, sent parties in search, and even anticipated the wishes of the family, so anxious and energetic was he in this work of humanity. It appears, however, that his labors were in vain, for a letter received in this city yesterday states that Mrs. Wilson was killed on the day after her capture; because she could not ride on horseback and keep up with the train. She was a most estimable lady, and her melancholy fate has produced a painful sensation in the minds and hearts of those who know and appreciated her.—Philadelphia Inquirer, Jan. 2.