Transcript for "The Eastern Mail," Deseret News, 1 July 1857

The Eastern Mail, under the conduct of Mr. Ephraim K. Hanks, arrived at 2 p.m. of June 23. Mr. Hanks left Independence at 6 p.m. of June 1, and safely brought through every thing committed to his charge. He made the trip inside of 23 days, which is the shortest on record, save one, also made by Mr. Hanks.

Elder Feramorz Little and sisters Sayers and Vose arrived with the mail. Elder Little reports having met br. John Y. Green, on the 6th of June, 12 miles up the Little Blue, who stated that the hand cart company of Elders was then probably near the Loup Fork, they having gone down on the north side of the Platte. Col. Samner with his baggage train was passed, June 8, 10 miles west of Plum Creek; his troops were proceeding up the Republican Fork, and were to meet him at Laramie, where he expected to receive instructions to govern his further movements. As Col. Samner, at the time of passing, was about a mile from the road, there was no opportunity for conversing with him. Mr. A. O. Smoot, conductor of the down June mail, was met at noon of the 14th, 12 miles below Laramie. The grass on the line of the road below Laramie is unusually scant and very dry, and was burning in many places where the old grass had not been burnt off. It is estimated that 50,000 head of cattle are on the road for the California market, and many of them were dying. No troublesome Indians were seen or heard of on the route.