Transcript for "The Immigration," Deseret News, 11 September 1861, 156

The Immigration.


Companies of the immigrating Saints have been arriving at short intervals for some days as we are informed, but their arrival has attracted so little attention that our local reporter has not been particularly interested in the matter, at least if he has made himself acquainted with the facts he has not made report, and we have had so many other matters to see after during the last two weeks, that we have not had time nor opportunity to make the necessary enquiries to ascertain whether one, two three four or more companies have come in, but we are of opinion that a majority of the independent companies have arrived, and that the others will be here shortly.


Captains Murdock, Horne and Eldredge, with their companies are reported near at hand, and will be in to-day or to-morrow. Captain Young, with the last of the Church trains, so called, is expected to arrive in about ten days.