Transcript for "The Immigration," Deseret News, 16 September 1863, 64

The Immigration

The last heard from the seven Church trains which are enroute across the plains from Florence to this city, they were each progressing finely and making good time. The 4th company, Capt. P. Nebeker, the next to arrive, is expected on or before the 24th inst. The 5th company, Capt. McArthur; the 6th, Capt. Haight; the 7th, Capt. Woolley; and the 8th, Capt. Ricks; may be looked for between the 10th and 15th of October. Capt. Hyde, with the 9th company, will probably arrive before October 20th.

The 10th company, Capt. White, which left Florence on the 16th of August, passed Fort Laramie on the morning of Monday, Sept. 14th, and may be expected on or about the 22nd of October.

The teams in each of the companies are reported to be in good condition and not heavily loaded, consequently, with good care and favorable weather, they will no doubt accomplish the entire journey inside of seventy days, which will be making good speed considering the lateness of the season.

Since writing the foregoing, we have been furnished, by Col. F. Little, with the following statement in relation to the companies passed by him between Florence and Salt Lake City:

Capt. White's train, 210 adults, on Loup-Fork, Aug. 21st, p.m.

Capt. Hyde's train, 240 adults, opposite Grand Island, Aug. 22nd, 10 a.m.

Capt. Ricks' train, 315 adults, 10 miles below Pawnee Springs, Aug. 24th, p.m.

Capt. Woolley's train, 155 adults, on Skunk Creek, Aug. 25th, a.m.

Capt. Haight's train, 130 adults, on Skunk Creek, Aug. 25th, a.m.

Capt. McArthur's train, 400 adults, 30 miles below Ash Hollow, Aug. 26th, a.m.

Capt. Canfield's independent company, 10 miles above Fort Laramie, Aug. 31st, a.m.

Capt. Jackman's independent company, 15 miles above Fort Laramie, Aug. 31st, a.m.

Capt. Nebeker's train, 300 adults, on Greasewood, Sept. 3rd, p.m.