Transcript for "The Immigration," Deseret News, 19 June 1861, 128

The Immigration.

A telegram from Elder Gates to President Young, of June 4th, announces the departure from the Missouri river for Utah, of the first company of immigrating Saints, Captain D. [David] H. Cannon, on the 29th of May, consisting of two hundred and twenty-five persons, with fifty-seven wagons; also the arrival there of Elder Milo Andrus on the 3d ult., with a company numbering six hundred and twenty, the same number that sailed from Liverpool on the Underwriter.

By a letter from Elder Joseph F. Smith, of May 11th, we are informed that the Monarch of the Sea was to sail from Liverpool on the 15th of that month, with eight or nine hundred passengers, emigrating to the valleys of the mountains. They will probably reach the frontiers about the first of July.