Transcript for "The Incoming Emigration," Deseret News, 8 August 1860, 180

The Incoming Emigration.


Mr. Henry Lawrence-of the firm of J. B. Kimball & Co., merchants of this city--who arrived here on the evening of the 31st ult., reports that he passed the greater portion of the emigration destined for this place in the neighborhood of Ash Hollow and Scott's Bluffs, on the 14th and 15th of July, all in good health, progressing favorably, cattle looking well and feed for them excellent.

Mr. Lawrence left Omaha with his train of goods on the 23d of June, and traveled with it up to Ash Hollow, where he left it and came on with buggy and mules, making the remainder of the journey in sixteen days.

Capt. [Jesse] Murphy's company of emigrants was 10 miles behind Mr. L.'s train on the 14th. Capt. J. [James] D. Ross and company were ten miles behind Murphy, and Capt. John Smith and company were ten miles behind Ross on the same day. Mr. L. passed Capt. Robinson with the Hand-cart company on the following day, opposite Scott's Bluffs. Mr. Stoddard's merchant train was passed at Devil's Gate on the 24th. Mr. L. passed a small company on Rocky Ridge which he understood to be that of Capt. Brown, and Capt. [Warren] Walling with his company were passed on the Big Sandy on the 27th.

With ordinary success, the last mentioned company may reach the city by the latter part of the present week; but we hardly think that the Hand-cart and other emigrant companies need be expected much before September.