Transcript for "The Indian Outrages--Confirmation of the Death of Col. Babbitt," New York Daily Times, 7 Nov. 1856

The Indian Outrages--Confirmation of the Death of Col. Babbitt.
Correspondence of the Pennsylvania Inquirer.
FORT KEARNEY, N. T., Saturday, Sept. 27, 1856.

DEAR SIR : Mr. A. [Almon] W. BABBITT, Secretary of Utah Territory, and owner of the train that was attacked by the Cheyennes, on the 25th ult., near this post, left here on the 2d inst. in a light carriage, accompanied only by two men, for Salt Lake; he had with him an amount of public money and valuable papers. I represented to him fully the great danger of traveling with a small force, and urged upon him the absolute necessity of remaining a few days, when he would have the advantage of Capt. STEWART'S escort. He, however, differed with me in opinion, thought my apprehensions groundless, and my suggestive caution altogether unnecessary, and accordingly started with his small party. The Salt Lake mail, which arrived here on Sunday last, left Laramie on the 17th inst., up to which date Mr. BABBITT had not arrived there, although he had more than ample time to do so. Yesterday a train came in from Green River, a point some distance beyond Laramie; Mr. ARCHAMBEAU, the owner of it, informed me that about one hundred and twenty miles above this post, on the north side of the Platte, he found the place where the Indians came upon Mr. BABBITT, and killed him and all his party. They burned his carriage, and either burned or carried of his trunk, which contained his money, papers and clothing. Some of the papers were scattered about the prairie near the spot, all of which were collected by Mr. ARCHAMBEAU and delivered to me; among them were found some treasury drafts and valuable notes. The Indians took off all Mr. BABBITT's animals.