Transcript for "The Mormons," New York Daily Times, 21 Aug. 1857, 6

The Mormons.

Elder A. M. MUSSER writes to the Mormon, from the plains, July 16, of his wanderings to and fro on the face of the earth and of the Saints now on the Plains. The Elder has done some traveling; he says:

“Five years have nearly elapsed since I bade you adieu in our own mountain home beyond the craggy ridge which divides the waters that flow into the great Atlantic from those emptying themselves into the noble Pacific. How many changes have taken place with Gentiles and Jews since then! How many myriads of human beings have at the bidding of the Great Author of our existence, come into and departed form this world of sorrow, pain, and degenersey! How varied have been our own individual circumstances, situations, callings and duties. While I have been circumscribing the earth twice in distance and once in reality—preaching to Asiatics, Anglicans, Welsh, Irish, Scotch, &c., forming a religious medley of Hindoos, Payans, Mahommedans, Pursees, Jews, Gentiles, and a heterogeneous mass of discordant elements under the appellation of Protestants, your time has been occupied very differently.

I now beg to submit for the satisfaction of your readers a brief statement concerning the emigration of 1857. Captain WILLIAM WALKER’s company was the first that left Florence for the mountains. I succeeded in organizing it on the 13th ult., while encamped on the Little Papeau. It numbered 86 souls, 28 wagons, 15 horses, 3 mules, 141 head of oxen, 26 cows, 19 loose cattle, and 1 handcart. Before they left, about 27 of the emigrants were baptized—a number for the first time.

Sister NANCY KENT, President BRIGHAM YOUNG’s eldest sister, is accompanying us to Zion; she is 71 years old.

By recapitulating, we find that there are now on the plains 1214 souls, 157 wagons, 646 oxen, 20 horses, 18 mules, 75 cows, 19 loose cattle, and 97 hand-carts; add to these the isolated emigrants in company with Bro. Taylor and others, and you will have the sum-total of our this year’s emigrations; which, I believe, have been as well fitted out, and are under as prosperous circumstances, as our emigrants have been in any preceding year. Our united desire is to see all things pertaining to the emigration brought to a successful conclusion, and satisfactory to all parties concerned. May the Lord assist us all in bringing about those results, is my prayer. Amen.

President APPLELY his appointed Elders JOHN N. WAKELY, MW. CABTES, WM. H. LEE. WM. H. SMITH, WM. F. BULL and RICHARD HILL to travel and preach in the Canadas. All the Elders on missions there will counsel and correspond together. They will set under the direction of the Presidency at New-York, and report their labors.

Another company of “Saints” left Liverpool for Philadelphia on board the ship Fhymday, on the 17th July, under the Presidency of Elder CHAS HARMAN.

The Mormon publishes the Mormon Catechism, by way of showing what holy things are prayed for among the seer:

“Have you committed murder, by shedding innocent blood or consenting thereto?

Have you betrayed your brother or sister in anything?

Have you committed adultery by having any connection with a woman that was not your wife, (or man that was not your husband?)

Have you cut hay where you have no right to, or turned animals into another person’s field without his consent?

Have you lied about or maliciously misrepresented any person?

Have you borne false witness against your neighbor?

Have you taken the name of the Deity in vain?

Have you coveted anything not your own?

Have you been intoxicated with strong drinks?

Have you found lost property, and not returned it to the owner or used all diligence to do so?

Have you fulfilled your promises in paying your debts, or run into debt without the intention of paying the same?

Do you pay your tithing promptly?

Do you teach your family the gospel of salvation?

Do you spras [speak] against your superiors in the Church or against any principle taught in the Book of Mormon, Book of Doctrines and Covenants, or against the revelations given through JOSEPH SMITH, the Prophet and the Presidency of the Church as now organized?

Do you pray in your family, night and morning, and attend to secret prayer?

Do you labor six days, and rest, or go to work on the Sabbath?

Do you and your family attend the ward meetings?

Do you preside over your household as a servant of God? And is your family subject to you?

Have you labored diligently and earned faithfully the wages paid you by your employers?

Do you oppress the hireling in his wages?