Transcript for "The State of Things in Utah," Occidental Messenger, 7 Mar. 1857

GREAT SALT LAKE CITY, Nov. 3, ’57 [1856].

By the latest accounts from the Third Hand-cart Company, which is now between Green and Bear Rivers, we hear that they are suffering dreadfully from cold and hunger. The train contained 370 adults, and a large number have perished. This news has created some excitement among the people, and a great many teams with provisions have been sent out to their assistance. Of the Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Hand cart Companies we have heard nothing. They are far in the rear, and if they had not stopped at Fort Lariamie [Laramie] will and all perish. Besides these there are several wagon companies, and the number of emigrants yet on the plains is estimated at 1,200. You will perhaps have later news from them through the carrier of the Eastern mail, which left here the first, as he will pass them on his route.

Source: 1857 Scrapbook No. 6, in Historian’s Office, Historical scrapbooks 1840-1904.