Transcript for "Third Independent Company," Deseret News, 8 October 1862, 113



Capt. James S. Brown, with his company, arrived from the plains on Thursday, the 2d inst. There were about two hundred immigrants, with forty-six wagons, and about three hundred head of stock. This company left Florence on the 28th of July, and made the journey in fifty-seven traveling days. There was but one death by the way—a Mrs. Thompson, from England.

A complete report of the company was forwarded from Laramie on the 31st of August, and should have been received within a few days thereafter, but from some cause did not come to hand till last evening. The names of the immigrants were as follows:

James S. Brown, Levi Garret, and William C. Moody, returned missionaries; Sim[e]on Atwood, Eliza Lester and family, Roswell Scovil and wife, Hemman Kew, Henry Mills and family, Josiah Dixon, John Thompson [Thomson] and family, Wm. Bates and family, George Davis, Anna Dale [Dahle], Ralph Wardle and Family, Joseph Berisford and wife, Elizabeth Gentry, Elizabeth White and family, Elizabeth Claybourn, John Farnsworth and family, Magaret Courad [Conrad] and family, Thomas Patrick, Matthew Jordan and wife, Chas. Williams and family; Sarah, Henry and John Musson, Andrew Mortimer and family, John Runyan, Edward Cash, Henry Rudy and family, Jane Evans and family, Joseph Davis and family, Edward Evans and wife, Samuel Purdy and family, R. A. Russell and family, J. C. Orton and family Henry Nelson, Dr. A. Hood and family; John Horspool and family, Edward Batchelor, David Davis, Frederick Wesinbach and family, Thomas Harris and family, William B. Wilkinson and family, Georgg Slaw [Slaugh], Tillia [Zillah] Greenswith [Greensmith], Chas. W. Johnson and son[,] John Strock and wife, James Ratcliff and wife, Andrew Millward and wife, Seth Watkin[s] and family; Brower Pettit and family, Edward Sawyer, Joseph Everett and family, James Cochran and family; Samuel Marmoy and family; Simon Stewart and family, John Stuart and family.