Transcript for "This Season's Immigration," Deseret News, 24 August 1864, 376

THIS SEASON'S IMMIGRATION.—There has been much delay in starting a portion of the trains from Wyoming, through difficulty in getting forward freight and wagons, and the late arrival of the last ship's company. And in addition to the six trains sent from here and the Independent Companies, the excess of freight and paseengers required, the purchasing and outfitting of another train of over fifty wagons. This, the last Church train, Elder W. [Warren] S. Snow, Captain, was twenty miles this side of Wyoming on the 19th inst.

Br. W. C. Staines was expected at Wyoming on the 20th, with the last of the freight, some three tons, when Elders Joseph A. Young, H. B. Clawson, Joseph W. Young and others will start in private conveyance and come through as speedily as the Indian troubles on a portion of the route will permit.

Captain John D. Chase's Company, Independent, was, as already noticed, 43 miles this side of Laramie on the 20th, moving slowly, several of their cattle having died. A list of this company was published in the 'NEWS' of the 10th, and those having relatives and friends with them will confer a great favor by meeting them, as soon as possible, with a dozen or more yokes of cattle.

Captain Rollins' [Joseph S. Rawlins'] train passed Laramie on the 20th, "passengers and teams doing well." They left Wyoming July 15th, and are making good time.

None of the trains or companies, so far as heard from, have been interrupted by Indians.

Since writing the foregoing Elder Joseph W. Young has telegraphed that they expected to start for home on the 21st.

Captain [John R.] Murdock's train was at Bear river on the 22nd, and is expected to arrive to-morrow.