Transcript for "This Years Immigration," Deseret News, 8 August 1855, 5


This Year's Immigration,


AND MERCHANDIZE TRAINS.—Elder Seth M. Blair, who came passenger with the last eastern mail, and has just arrived from a very successful and laborious mission to Texas, furnishes us the following information:—

The 1st company, Elder Kinley [John Hindley] Captain, left the frontier about the 5th of June with 55 or 56 wagons. Returning missionaries in this company, Bishop Benjamin Brown, Elder J. [John] W. Coward and others.

The 2nd company, Elder Jacob F. Secrist Captain, with about 50 wagons, left on the 13th of June. Returning missionaries, the Captain and Elders N. T. [Noah T.] Guyman, Charles Smith, O. M. Dewell [Osmyn Merritt Deuel], Eric M. [Eric Goudyson Midboen] Hogan and P. [Peter] O. Hanson.

The 3rd, or Texan company, Elder Seth M. Blair Captain, with 43 or 44 wagons and carriages, left on the 15th. Returning missionaries, the Captain and Elders J. [James] M. Barlow, G. [George] C. Riser, S. H. [Sylvester Henry] Earl, J. [John] Mayer [or Meyey], O. [Oscar] Tyler and W. Trost.

The 4th and the 1st P. E. Fund companies, Elder Richard Ballantyne Captain, with probably about 60 wagons, left on the 1st of July. Returning missionaries, the Captain and Elders W. [William] Pitt, W. [William] Glover, I. Allred, W. Pace and T. Jeremy.

The 5th company, Elder Garn, brother of Daniel Garn, Captain, with about 34 wagons, left on the 4th. The rest of the immigration would start about the middle of July, and it was thought that all the through P. E. Fund Saints would come on this season; but in so doing they will have to be rather closely rationed, and will depend upon provisions being sent out to meet them.

The health of the immigration is not so good as heretofore, and an epidemic swept off about one fourth of the Texan company.

Owing to ill health and by Prest. Snow's counsel, Captain [Seth M.] Blair sent back on the road for Elder Edward Stevenson, returning from a mission to Gibraltar, to come up and take charge of his company.

July 11th, Br. Blair took a seat in the mail coach, leaving the Texan and the first companies at Plum creek, 40 miles this side of Kearney. July 9th, 2nd company was 20 miles beyond Kearney and travelling slowly, in order that the 4th and the 1st P. E. F. companies might overtake them, as on the 5th the two last companies were only 30 miles this side of the Missouri river. This concentration had two objects, one to bring the 4 first and 1st P. E. F. companies more directly under the supervision of their President, Elder R. [Richard] Ballantyne, and the other to be more formidable to hostile Indians, as some of them appear quite unfriendly.

Williams & Co's first train of goods was at Plum creek July 11; Gilbert's was near Laramie July 20, and Livingston, Kinkead & Co's first train was at the 5th crossing of Sweetwater July 28, all getting along well, and no sickness.

It is expected that Prest. Snow will bring the list of the names of those crossing the plains this season.