Transcript for Thomas, Hayward, Reminiscences and journal, 1848-1851, 27-35

remained at the Bluffs untill the next spring, when I left my home on the Misquoter [Mosquito] Creek for the salt Lake Valley on the 24 may <1854> with a wagon and one yoke of oxen. encamped near the Mis<s>ouri river, for 2 weeks, organized into two Companies of 50 wagons each. I was in the second Company. Isaic [Isaac] Allred was the Captain of the Company, Nathan Davis was the Captain of the ten that I was in.

on the 9th of June we crossed the Missouri river,

on the 10th we moved out about 6 miles and encamped.

on the 12th we crossed the pappea, and arived at the Elk Horn and encamped

on the 13th we traveled up the horn about 18 miles to find a place to Cross on account of the high water, encamped on the prairie. a very heavy rain in the night.

14th heavy rain in the fore noon, remained in camp all Day, very heavy rain through the night, with very heavy thunder and Lightning

in the evening the Lightning struck in our Camp. some where [were] [k]nocked down but none where very badly hurt,

15th sunday, staid in Camp, weather more settled.

16th remained in Camp

17th Day more pleasent, Camp moved on. in the evening a Company of horse men, from Kanesville over took us, with word for us to return to the Missouri river, that the Indians where collecting to oppose our march.

18th remained Camp. very heavy rains in the evening,

19th staid in Camp,

20th rain in the morning commenced our return to the Missouri river. very heavy storm of hail and rain, thunder and Lightning in the Evening.

21st day fair. remained in camp to dry clothes,

22nd continued on our return. arived at our old camp groun[d] 6 miles from the Missouri river on the 23rd,

24 sent for more flour, remained in Camp 3 days, heavy rain some part of the time.

27 of June. commenced our jurney again for the Valley

28th and 29 continued on our jurney and encamped beyond where we where when we turned back. the Day was very Cold and windy with some rain,

30th remained in camp to mend a wagon broke by the Cattle being frighting in the night,

June the 1st continued on our jurney,

2nd returned back 5 miles, being on the wrong course, we then continued on our jurney, struck the trail of Brotheren (who had gone on some time before) and encamped near the Horn[.] Elder O Hyde and Company encamped with us. he being on his way to the valley.

3rd continued on with a fid fine Day.

4th rain in the morning, moved on.

5th move on. we where now 135 miles from Kanesville, we traveled all the time on the divide betwene the Horn and the Missouri.

6th camp moved on. this day we crossed a small stream of water, weather very warm,

7th moved on. crossed a slough. had to double teams. terible storm of wind and rain in the evening

8th fair day, arive at a large branch of the Horn,

9th remained in camp.

10th crossed over the Creek. had to on load the wagons. encamped on the other side,

11th moved on crossed two other stre<a>ms and encamped 197 miles from Kanesville,

12th crossed some sloughs, 

13th arived at the main branch of the Horn,

14th crossed the Horn on a bridge and encamped,

15th moved on and crossed a small Creek over a bridge. heavy sandy roads,

16th Continued on, very heavy roads hard on teams,

17th moved on. very heavy sandy roads[.] arived at the north branch of the Loupe [Loup] fork

18th very heavy sandy roads, a long and hard days march.

19th arived at the main branch of the Loupe fork.

20th crossed the river and encamped.

21st continued on a long days drive. arived at the west branch of the Loupe fork,

22nd crossed the river and continued on. a fine shower of rain in the afternoon,

23rd crossed 2 other large Creeks bad to Cross & high banks

24th remained in Camp. very warm Day

25th moved on,

26th remained in Camp to hunt for lost Cattle.

27th arived at Buffalo Creek,

28th remained in Camp to hunt Cattle having lost about 50 head.     

29th found all the Cattle,

30th remained in Camp to wait the return of some of the Cattle hunters,

31st moved on, encamped late at night without grass or water,

August the 1st arived at the Platte river, 265 miles from winters quarters,

2-3-4-5. moved on cross the North Bluff fork, –  Camp moved on,

13 passed Ch[i]mney Rock,

15 passed off sco<c>tts [Scotts] bluff,

19th passed fort Laramie,

24 remained in Camp to set wagon tire,

27th dito,

31st Crossed the upper ford of the Platte river,

September the 3rd arived at the Sweet water [Sweetwater] river at independence Rock,

15th we arived at the pacific springs.

19th arived at and crossed Green river, weather continues to be very pleasent,

23rd arived at fort Bridger, weath warm and pleasent,

28th arived at the red fork of Weber river,

October 2nd arived at the great Salt Lake City, all well, considerable rain roads mudy