Transcript for Thomas Rhoades company roster, 1849 July 14

Sacramento City July 14th 1849

Report of the number of California Saints together with the number of Waggons, Cattle and other property in their possessions which Company was organized by Elder Amasa Lyman at Sacramento City: Thomas Rhoades was appointed Capt. by the Unanimous voice of the Company.

Thomas Rhoades, Age 55 years, 1 Waggon, 2 Horses, 3 Yokes oxen
Caleb Rhoades
Lucinda Rhoades 4
Sam (Indian)

Turner Elder, 1 Waggon, 5 Horses, 2 Yokes oxen, 2 Cows
Polly Elder
Martin Elder
Elizebeth Elder
Thomas Elder
Turner Elder
John Elder
Nancy Elder

Alondas D.L. Buckland, Age 24 years, 2 Waggons, 2 Horses, 9 Yokes oxen, 1 Cow 1 Mule.
Nancy L. Buckland
Alondas L. Buckland
Nancy L. Buckland
Prudence Aldredge

Henry L. Dolton, Age 23years, 2 Waggons, 1 Horse, 5 Yokes oxen, 1 Cow, 4 Mules.
Elizebeth J. Dolton
John G. Dolton
Daniel Henry , 2 Horses
Aaron Stow

Wm. Rittlman, 2 Waggons, 1 Horse, 5 Yokes oxen, 1 Cow
Eliza Rittlman
James Rittlman
Mary Ann Rittlman
George Rittlman
Sarah Rittlman
Hannah M. Wm. Glover
Jane Glover
Jane Jr. Glover
Katharine Glover
Joseph Glover
Wm. Glover
Sarah Glover
Zelnora Snow
Eliza Savage
Samuel Ladd

Henry Hoskins, Age 40 years, 1 Waggon.
Thomas Treat, 1 Waggon, 2 Horses
Ashbel Green Haskel Disseased on the road July 27th 1849.