Transcript for Thomas S. Terry autobiography and diary, circa 1856, 1857 June-1859 December

Thomas S Terry’s Journal

Book Number 4
Begining from June 6th 1857


Saturday 6th

The weather this Morning is warm And beautyfull, today we received A deffinite account of the death of the Brother Parley P Pratt, he was kill on the fourteenth day of May by Mc, Lean the farmer husband of Mrs Mc, Lean, he was Shot Seven times And Stab twice, the Stab which he received in his left breast, which Stab entered through the mark in his Garment was the one which ceause his Death,, thus. fell another Mighty Man in Iseral [Israel], his nam[e] will long be cherrieshed by the faithfull Saints of God, C. To day, I wrote a letter to Eliza Jane My beloved wife, our little Camp is all well to Night, My health is good

Sunday 7th

Morning[.] we are all well, this fore noon I Staid an garded the Cattle while Brother Sweetman went to Meeting, in the After noon I went to Meeting, there was rebaptism To day[.] Sister Emma Dolton gave me A dollar, I allso received Money from Others, I return to Camp in the evening

Monday 8th

A find[fine] Morning, but Some little cloudy, And not quite warm has it has bein for the last few days back, to day Brother Green found his cattle which was lost on Saturday last, they was very wile, in the afternoon, I with two of the camp had quite a chase after them, but after runing after them Some three Miles, we suceeded chachen them and bring them to camp, All well to night

Monday Tuesday, 9th

The weather this Morning is very warm[.] the health of our Camp is Still good[.] to day our cattle Seem to want to Stray off. Brother Sweetman went after them,and found them two Miles off, After he return he was quite Sick, this after noon the weather change, and it was quite Cool and Cloudy, about Eleven OClock to day Sister [Emma] Dolten [Dalton] and Sister Ann Brown, visited our camp, and taried we the camp all night,

Wednesday 10th

This morning it is cool and pleasent, with a kind Cool Breeze, from the North west[.] Brother Sweetman health is Much better this Morning, Brother Case came down to our Camp this Morning, with News, that there was 68 Elders, who were expected in to Florence this Morning from Utah which [with] 27 hands carts[.] They pass our Camp about ten A,M, I went out to Meet them, and went into town with them, Amoung these I recg recognize Meny of my old Friends[.] I was glad to See My Brethern[.] They look well, and they rejoice in the Lord, because he has bless them while on the Plaines, and had prospered them with a quice [quick] Journey of 48 days from the time they left their homes, till they Arrived in Flour Florence, in the evening two of the Brethern, from the Missionarys Bro, David Brinton and Bro. Henry Lee Visited our Camp and Staid all night with us, they brout us good News from the Saints in the Valleys of the Mountains[.] it Cheer our heart to hear from our homes, th to hear that the Lord had bless his People, May the God of Heaven bless these our Brethern, who have, Cross the Plaines with hands Carts th to Preach the Gospel, and preserve their lives, and give him a Safe return to their families.

Thursday, 11th

The weather is warm and pleasent this Morning, the health of the Camp is good this Morning, to day Brother Sweetman finished Making A pair of Pants for Me, which he commence yesterday, Brother Joseph is quite usefull Companion, I was in town the Most of the day, I return to camp late in the evening

Friday 12th

About day light this Morning there was a lite Sharer [shower] pass over, from the North to the South, but it was beautifull and Clear againe about Eight A,M, I went into town this Morning, the Missionaryse finish Seling their Carts at public Saile, I bid my Brethern farewell and return to camp about two P,M, After an hour rest, I wrote in my journal, up to the present, its very pleasent evening

Saturday 13th

It was Cool and Cloudy this Morning but clear off pleasent about nine, A,M, Brother Iseral Evens arrived in Florence to day about two, P,M, with the first hand Cart Company Consis[t]ing of over an hundred Souls, they was all well and rejoiceing in the truth, It Commence to Cloud up about 4, P,M, and about Eight oclock there was a very hard thunder-Storm came up from the north, and it raine very hard during the Night,

Sunday 14th

The weather this morning was quite pleasent After a hard nights raine, The health of the Camp is quite good this Morning[.] to day about two P,M, Brother William Walker roold out with his Eleven Wagons, And our Camp joined him on the Little Pappeaw [Papillon], and there was Organize by Bishop Cunningham, by appointing Brother William Walker Captin, the Company Consist of twenty-Seven Wagons, it being the first Company of Saints on the Plaines this Season, I with Brother Sweetman My companion was left to Camp alone, has we could not Start till the next Company

I remained in Camp all day, and interested Myself in reading the Pearl of Great prise, it Commence to Cloud up in the north west about five, P,M, and about nine OClock it Commence to raine, very hard it Seeme as though the hold Heavens was in Commotion, it thunder and lighten so hard all night, that nether Brother Sweetman nor myself could seep for about the time our eyes was Closed in Seep, there would come Such a hard Clap of tunder it would arose us and So it continued all night

Monday 15th

The weather this Morning Still Seem to be very insettled, My Appetite this Morning Seem to be very poor and My fooud dose not relish very good, I went in to town quite early this Morning, while in Town I visited the hand Cart Company, heard the Sisters Sing Some good Songs, When I was about to return to My Camp I was Called appond to goe to Administer to Sister Johnson who was very Sick with a reaging fever, after I had administer to Sister Johnson, I return to Camp about 11, A,M, About 1, P,M, it Clouded up in the North west, with very hevey thundering, it raine avery little during the hours of three and four, About five this Evening four of the Sisters from the hand Cart Company with two Gentlemen visite our camp, we had Some good Singing, they return about 8, P,M,

Tuesday, 16th

The weather this Morning is very Stormy[.] it Commence to rain about 6, A,m, And continued throughout the day by Showers, I went into town early this Morning, I remained in town till Noon, while in town Brother Samuel Eckersley Made Me a presant of an Ounce of Leeman [lemon] Oil for which he paid fifty Cents, I return to Camp at 1, P,M, this After noon I wrote a Song call, Home Again for Sister Persillar Nobles[.] I allso Coppied one for Myself Call,

Oh Willy is it you dear
Safe Safe at home,

After I had finished writing I went in to town again, and return to Camp about 7, P,m, it is Still very Stormy this evening And the weather is very disagreeable[.] yet we enjoy good health, for which I am ever thankfull to my Heavenly Father for his blessings,

Wednesday 17th

The Weather is Still Stormy this Morning And it bids fore to be [illegible] day[.] this fore noon I went into town, and took a Pail of Milk to the Sisters in the hand Cart Company, for which they was very glad to git, I return to camp About noon, found Brother Sweetman writing in his Journal, this after noon I have a very bad head Ache[.] About 4 P,M, I wrote in my Journal up to the present time, Still very Stormy And [-], disagreeable,

7 P,M, I feel alittle this Evening, it now has the appearance of clear Weather again, I have lost in weight the three Weeks back about ten, lbs, this is fernaly the Case with Me in hot weather, I have bein quite healthy Since I left My Mountain home the 11th of last September, for which I am thankfull to my Heavenly Father,

Thursday 18th

The Weather is beautifull and Clear this Morning, After [illegible][..]gruable Storm of two days[.] there is afind refeshing breeze frome the west & Vegatation with wile Prairie flowers look lovely and beautifull, and the Sweet Songs from the Morning Songster, Makes one feel to rejoice altho fore Absent from the Bosom of his beloved Family,

I had quite a time this Morning in giting the cattle together, I went into town, about 9, A,M, and took with me again a Pail of Milk for the Sisters of the hand Cart. Co, I return to camp about .1, P,M, while in town, I was Call apond by Captain Evens to assis him, to Minister to a Sick Sister[.] My health is good this Evening,

Friday 19th

The weather is Still fine this Morning[.] I Spent the fore noon in town[.] I return to camp about 1, P,M, Brother S[impson] D[avid] Huffaker arrived in Camp this after noon about .4, Pm, I was quite glad to See him,

After he had rested him self an half hour I return with him to town to help him Cecure his freight which was on bord of the Silverheels, this being the boat which he with the St. Louis had come up on from St. Louis, I was very glad indeed to See Sister Huffaker and to Shake her by the hand once more, with this Company was Brothers Taylor and Snow, with Several others of My Acquintances,

I was up till three OClock sick[.] Morning with the Brethern in procuring, their freight, all well,

Saturday 20th

Another fine and beautifull Morning[.] I am quite well this Morning[.] to day I was ingade with Brother Huffaker and Brother Sweetman in ha[u]ling the freight out to Cap[.] we got through halling and got the teams turn out about.4. P,M, Sister Huffaker remark in the evening that She was quite glad to git in to camp. once More, and She Allso remarke that She was tared of the Gentile world, and wanted to git to her Mountain home as quick as feasable

Sunday 21th

The weather is clear and pleasent this Morning, and our little Camp injoys good health[.] to day I with Brothers Huffaker and Sweetman was preparing, fro our long and bagist journey across the Plaines

Monday 22th

The weather is still fine and clear And this Morning, find us all injoying good health, to Day we Commence to load up the wagons and was quite buisey all day, this evening it has the appearance of rain

Tuesday 23th

This morning about day light there was A thunder Storm pass over, having rather a poor Shalter for my bed and the Storm coming on So quick, not having time to preparing for the Storm, I got Considable wet, it Continued to Storm by Showers till about five, P,M, it then Clear off with aplasent evening,

Wednesday 24th

The weather is a little cloudy this Morning[.] This fore noon we went to town to load thrishing Machaine, we return to Camp at .4, P,m,

Thursday 25th

The weather is pleasent this Morning[.] we are all well[.] this fore noon I went in to town, and return to Camp about one OClock

Friday 26th

Another fine and beautifull Morning, this fore noon we finish loading our wagons and got all ready to Start which we expect will be to Morrow[.] this after noon I wrote two letters, one to John Bales, and the other James Merkins my Uncle.

Saturday 27th

The weather this is very warm And it looks Showery, we are all well[.] I was up this Morning by four oclock And wrote a letter to My Mother before Sun raise, we got breakfist about .6 A,m, After breakfist we the Cattle up and Yoke them up and move the Wagons up on the hill in order to joine the Company when they Should Come along, as they was expected to day, After we got the wagons started, I left, and went into Town, in order to heelp the Company out of town, when I got to town I found the Brethern busy in giting ready to Start, we had Considerable trubable in giting the Cattle chain to gather, and before we got them all chain [-] togither, there was a very hevy Storm Came on which Stop us from Starting, I return to My Camp in gining to Came[.] I got wet through[.] the Storm cleared off about, 5 P,M,

Sunday 28th

The weather is clear and pleasent this Morning after the Storm yesterday, our little camp is well, after breakfist we yoke up the Cattle, and hich on to our wagons and drove on four Miles to the little Papeau [Papillon][.] we arrived there about Noon and turn out, and camp, in order to wate for our Company to Come up which we expected this after noon,


Captian Jesse Marttins Company came up about .4, P,M, and camped Just opist [opposite] to us on the left Side of the road, I learnted from Captain Marttin that our Company would not leave town to day, while looking around to Night at the Camp fires it put Me in miand of ten years ago when I first pass through this Country with the Saint of God to find a home, which home we found in the Valleys of the Mountains


Monday 29th

This Morning the weather is pleasent[.] our little camp is well

I left this Morning about 7 A M, with Brothe Huffaker in his Charrieg and return to town, to Assist the Company, out of Florence, After Some little trubable in giting the Cattle together I got the Company Started about ,1, P,M, After a great dill of trubable in dubling teams up the hill we got over[.] I Suceeded in giting Seven teams in to Camp, but on owning, to the Sister Snell braking her axel tree, there was four teams Sop with her to heelp her mend her wagon, I left the five wagons and return to camp after dark walk about three miles,

When I arrived camp I was very tared And about over done, I retared to bead About ten oclock,

Tuesday 30th

The weather has chaned Since last night, And this Morning, it raines very hard, the weath chand about 7, A,M, After breakfast I call on Brother Pullard [Joseph Pollard] and Brother Muffay to goe back with me to mend Sister Snells wagon, we went into Florence to git astick to Make anew Axel tree [-][.] we got the wagon Mended about three, P,M, and Started the five wagons to camp, After we had Started towards camp Sister Snell told me She had miss her third Son which was about 12 years old, I return back to where the wagons had Started from, with her oldist Son to look for the Boy, after I had Scurch [searched] around And could not find him I sent the Boy on to Florence to look for his Brother, for I was imprest upon that the Boy had run away, I after wards found the camp in drubel[.] There was A camp of Postates had returned from Salt Lak, and they had set the camp in an uproar of bout the People in Great Salt Lak City[.] And by the Brothern had left their hearding, there was A nor Ox drowned, I Call the Camp together and Stop the uproar, and Snont Sent the Postal Postates a Away to there own camp, And Succeeded in giting My Camp to order Oder, To night I Appointed Brother S.D. Huffaker captain of the Gard, and he was Sustend by the Company,

July 1th 1857,

Wednesday th 1 the weath this Morning is find and pleasent[.] this Morning, Brother Low give out going any forder [farther] owing to being very Sick and as Brothe Lowrey Ox had bein drowned last night he allso Stop back to buy Another Ox, and he Said that he would come in the next Company, we got our cattle up and Cich [hitched] up and got Started on our way about nine. A,M, we drove thre Miles to the big Papeaw [Big Papillon] and Noon[.] from here we drove Six Miles And camped fore the night,

To day we had quite good luck Considering the Cattle being very wile, and the Temster being un experance in driving Cattle, while crossing a very bad mud hole, Brother Seddon broke the tung of his wagon, this is all the bad luck we had to day

Thursday 2th

the wether is Still and pleasent and the Camp jeinaraly [generally] injoyed good health the Morning, this Morning we got the Cattle up and Started before Breakfist and drove Six miles on to the, Elk Horne river and got ferreyed [-] A cross and Started and againe about. 3. P,M, and drove on three miles at and camped on the Raw hid [Rawhide] Creek, [blank space] to day we had very good luck in deed All tho we cross over Sevearl very bad Mud holes and one bad bridge which was across the raw hid which was un finished, To night I received A note of thank from the company for my kindness and forbareance with the Company[.] Captain Dusten [John Wiliam Dutson] of the Secon ten and Captain Huffaker received the Same for their <[.ead]> bed to the company

Friday 3th

The weather this Morning clear and warm[.] we got up the Cattle about Six and got Started on our way about Seven AM[.] we drove twelve Miles the first Camping Ground on the Platt[e] river, we arrive and Camp about. 3. P,M[.] To day we had Good luck and our Cattle Seem to work A good better, Capt [Jacob] Huffines [Hofheins] drove in to Camp with his Camp about. 5.P.M, And Camped on our right, owning to the danger in traviling[.] on this Season, it was thought most advisable by President John Taylor that the two compts [companies] Should travil together, and as Capt. Huffines was the first Capt and was appointed at Iowa City by President Taylor, he now takes charge of boath Compts, A Eliza

Saturday 4th

The weather this Morning fine and beautifull, I belive the health of the hole Camp is good, to day we remained in Camp all day, it being the forth of July[.] we had a pleasent day, the Camp was Call together for Meeting at. 9,A,M,, we had Speaches from the Capts of the two Companys, one allso from our two Chaplains, I spoak at Some leanght and Susject Some new rolds [rules] in our garding which was adopted by the Company[.] in the Evening we had a dance, in which I took a part, the Brother and Sisters Seem to injoye themselves well through out the day and evening[.] I my Self injoyed myself first rate

Sunday 5th

The weather is fine and pleasent this Morning[.] this Morning we got the Cattle up at 6. A,M, and got ready to start on our journey about Seven oclock, our road to day led up the Platt bottom on the North Side of the river[.] we noon Side of a Slough[.] to night we Camp at the two [...inps] on the Platt bottom, to day we traviled 13 Miles, the weather doing [during] the day was fine for traviling as there was a gentle Breeze from the South west, our Cattle to day appeared to work well and Seem to Stand the days journey much better than last three days[.] And the Brethen Seem to injoy the air cold, to night I was [C… -] to Pray

Monday 6th

The weath is Still fine and pleasent this Morning, the health of the Camp is good this Morning except Brother, and Sister Leutz who seem to be quite unwell—we got the Cattle up, and Started about Seven this Morning[.] this fore noon we travel ten miles and noon on Shell Creek[.] this after noon we drove 6 Miles And camp at a slough on the road, about two Miles from the river, At noon to day I was call appraised by Brother Leutz to administer to his wife and his self, Brother Lindsey Assis[t]ed Me in the Administeration, the disents [distance] we drove to day was 16 Miles

Tuesday 7th

The weather this Morning is fine And pleasent, we got Started about Seven oclk[.] this fore noon we drove 8 Miles and Nooned at Gore Lake[.] This after noon we drove about 6 Miles and Camped for the Night on the banks of Loup Fork River one of the branches of the Platt River[.] [-] at this place there is a town […ild] out which is call Columbis the Inhabutents German, to night one of Brother Shimens Oxen took a wile fit while trying to on yoak him and run off with the yoak on, while Some [hal.] dazons was trying to head him he got very wile and jumpt at Brother Sweetman and nock him down and Stomp on him, and hurt him very much, I ran and help him up and by the assistent of Brothe [Gra…] [-] him into Camp[.] I had him wash and [ba.e] with Chaphire, To night I stud Gard fore the first time on the road

Wednesday 8th

The weather this Morning is A little Cloudy and quite a breeze from the South, T.h This Morning we got Started about half pass. 6. A.M. this fore noon we drove ten Miles and noon at long Lake and L Loup Fork, this after noon we drove about 8 Miles and Camped at the town of Genoa at beaver Creek on Loup Fork, which is a new Setilment built by our People, we Cross Looken Glass Creek a bout 4 oclock this after noon the health of the camp is good to night

Thursday 9th

The weather this Morning has a Stormey Apperance, we now had arrived to the point in our Journey where we had to Cross the Loup Fork, we Commence to hich up our teames and Cross the River about. 8. A.M. which was done by Fordding, by going up the middle of the Stream about ahalf a mile and then Straking across to the other Shore, in our Fordding we had to dubel teams, we finish fordding our 41 Wagons And three C...r Carriages about .1,P,M, the deptsist place in the foard was about two and a half feet,

In Crossing I weded the River Eight times, This evening, Brother James H Hart and myself visited the Brethern at Genoa for the perpose of trading for a yoke of Cattle, to heelp Brothe Shill on his way to the Valley which [..] objeck we Accom[p]lish, about 10.P.M. after which we weded the River and arrived in Camp about half pass ten oclock,

Genoa is sichuated on a beautifull rise of Ground about a mile and a half from the River Clost to Bever Creek[.] the Sishauation is beautifull,

Friday 10th

The weather this Morning, Still look Stormay, this Morning I again recross the River about 4,A,M, fore the perpose of gitting Brother Shill and Brothe Field and Brother Rishell [Restall] and their familes Across the River, before I Started from Camp I lef orders with Capt. Dusten to Send over twelve yoke of Cattle, for the perpose of halling thise three Brethern and their familes, we got them over about, 9,A,M, and the Camp Started about half pass 9 o,’c. we drove about three miles, and had to Stop on the Account a very had Storm, but before we c…el could git the wagons together the Storm came on, we had quite a Job in giting our teames off of the Wagons, in which we all got wet through, we Stayed in about 2 hours while here[.] Capt Huffaines commence to Scoll the Brethern of the Second division of the camp for which he had no Probacation [provocation], And as I had the charg of the . Second divisien, I took the Part of the Brethern, in doing which I got the good feeling of all of the Brethern and Sisters of both devisions of the Camp About the time we got ready to Start for the after noon travel,. Capt. Huffaines feel out with Brother Sabery one of his Teamster and Strok him across the face with the but of his whip Stak and then turn him off and fore bid the Company take him in to their wagons, I most St Say here that Capt. Huffaines has not mani[fe]sted and good spirit, in trying to Govern the Camp, but after I took the part of the camp and he found his Corse was not Approven of by the Camp his Seem to be more humable, After the Storm was over we Started on our way, we travil till about 10. P.M, and Camped on the South Side of the River Opist of Plum Creek, the travil this After noon has been very disagreeable owning to the Storm making the road muddy

Saturday 11th

The weather this Morning is Still Stormay, this Morning Brother Sabey came into Camp with two of the Brethern from Genoa with him in order to Setel the dificulity betwen him and the Capt. there was [--] a Coulcill [council] call [-] which consist of the Officres of the Camp, to tak in to consideration Brother Sabery Case, after the Concill had sit on the Cace Brothe [George] Washington Mousley and Brother friend from [-] Genoa and Myself was appointed as a commitey to wate on the Capt., we [-] Succeed in arangen [arranging] the Matter be betwen Brother Sabery and the Capt., And at lenght succeeded in restorying peace in camp Once More, for which May God be praz Preaise, for his goodeness to us wards, After which the Camp was Call together to tend to Prayers, I was call appain [upon] by the Chaplind to Pray, we remained in Camp to day as it was to Stormey to travil[.] the weather cleared off beautiful about . 5, P,M,
Last night about 12. P.M. I was Call appaind to Administer to Sister Lucy Stevenson, She had a fit, which was cause by over doing her self, It was About an hour before we Could git her to her right Mind again, Capt. Dusten Assised me in the administration

Sunday 12th

The weather this Morning is Still cloudy and has the apperance of rainey we hich up and got Started on our way about 8, A,M, this fore Noon we traviled about 11 Miles And halted for Noon at a Pond of water where the road leaves the Loup fork to Cross the Bulffs to Prairie Creek,

This after noon we drove five. Miles, and camp for night on a Slough where the road enter the Bluffs, I was call Apond last night about .2. A.M. to administer to Sister Wilks [Elizabeth Haines Wilkes], who was taking very Sick with hard Paines in her Bowls[.] Brothers Forman [Joseph Foreman] and Linyi assised me in the Administeration, to day about 12 o clock I with Brothers [James Henry] Hart and Dusten [John William Dutson] was Call Apond to administer to Brother [Jesse Easters] Muffy [Murphy.] To day about 1. P.M. Sister Brown died from a Sudent fright which was cause by one of the Oxen kicken her Husband as she was look out of the wagon. She saw the Ox kick him, She Spok, there the Ox has kick Mrs. Brown, and he will now be layed up from this[.] She fell and inistently dead and did not breath after wards

Monday 13th.

the weather this Morning is very faugy owning to the heavey Storm we had last night,

to day we had to lay by owning to our Cattle taking a Stampead, last night about 12 o clock, they got frighted at the Storm, there was about 50 Head went off about five Miles[.] we got them again and brought them to Camp About 10.A.M., This fore noon we Bared Sister Brown, the Procession was foram [formed] under my charge and as Capt. Huffaines was Sick and could not take Charge himself, The Procession was form by the two Chaplands and Myself in frount[.] then the Caspts [casket] which was Carraid by Eight Men then the Capts. of tens, then the Camp in the rear[.] This After noon I was call apoind with Brother Hart to administer to Sister Fiesensten who had the infermation [inflammation] in [illegible] her Eyes, This Evening we had Meeten[.] the Capts and the 35 Chaplainds address the meettin[.] there was the best of feelings minisfested in the Camp, and the Spirit [of] God was Shed a brod on the People,

Tuesday 14th

The weather this Morning Cool and pleasent with a Cool breeze from the South, This Morning we had our Cattle up and Started by .6. A.M. the road to day was Sandy and very hard rolding, as the road was very hilly[.] To day noon I was Call apoind with Brother Hart to to administer Brothe Joseph Dorten who was very sick but by our administeration was heeled and was enable to walk in the After noon[.] to day we drove 20 Miles And Camped on Prierie [Prairie] Creek, to Night our Cattle was very tared and over done as the after part of the day was very warm, to [illegible]. To Night I was call to Baptise Brother Jesse Muffay [Murphy] for his health, which I done about Eight o clock. P.M. And about .10. P.M. Brother Hart and myself washed him and Anointed him, and Confirm And bless him, Sevearl of the oxen bled very hard [illegible] at the nose, owning to our hard day, drive over the Sands hill which was perform with our [illegible] water as there was no water to day on the road,

Wednesday 15th

The weather this Morning is Delightfull and pleasent, this Morning we got Started about half pass Six. A.M., we cross Prairie Creek this fore noon about Eight. A.M. we then followed up on the South Side of the Creek[.] we Campted on the Same about .5. P.M. Plenty of wood and water which made about 17 miles we traviled to day from were we campt las night and about 13 miles from ware we Cross the Creek, Brother Murphy; is much better to day and is able to walk, and to look after his own team, The health of the Camp is much better to day, and the Brethern and Sisters feel as well and there is more of the Spirit of God enjoyed in the camp than there was afew days ago, and I Pray God, that his Holy Spirit S may still abide with us and prosper us on our journey to the Valleys of the Mountains,

Thursday 16th

The weather is Still fine and pleasent this Morning, and the health of the Camp is much better than it has bein for the last week back[.] This Morning we got hich up and Started about half pass 6. A,M, this fore noon we drove about 13 Miles and nooned at a Slough about two miles East of the Breage [bridge] on the Wood River, This after Noon we cross wood River and Camp on the North Side of the Same which made about 16 miles we drove to day, To day the wind blowed from the South and to Night it Throten [threatens] to Storm,

Friday 17th

The weather this morning is Some what Cloudy, and a strong breeze frome the South, and it has the apperance of rain in the East, My health is good this Morning, and all of the Camp I belive is well, This fore noon we drove about 13 miles[.] we turn down [-] to the River and watered our teams and then drove 4 miles and Camped on Platt River,

About ten. A.M, the weather Cleared off And the remainered part of the Day, was very warm, and the traviling was very dusty

Saturday 18th

The Weather this Morning is Still Clear and warm, wind the Still in the South[.] This Morning we got Started about 6. A.M, this fore noon we traviled 10 miles and Nooned on a Small Stram near Elm Creek, while we was a nooning we Saw Several heards of Buffalo, Some of the Men went out after them, but return with out killing any, we hich up After Dinner and Cross Elm Creek, and drove 7 miles and camped on Buffalo Creek near the old Pineneer crossing, to Day noon I with Brothe Hart was Call apoind to administer Sister Mary Ann Butts [Boote], this after noon I feelt quite unwell,

Sunday 19th

The weather is Still very warm[.] this morning we Saw three teams who had come back from Capt. Morten [Jesse B. Martin] Company[.] they was not able to Continue their Journay owning to the lost of their Cattle which was cause by a Stampide, They allso reported that there was two of the Company kill in the Stampede, And that the Company was in a very bad Condistion, T.h This Morning we hich up about .8. A.M. and Cross Buffalo Creek at the Pineneer Crossing and turn down to the River which was about three miles And Camp near the River on a Bu A beautifull Stram of water, the camp this After noon had a Ginearl time of beathing, This evening Capt. Huffaine and my Selvee after Dark went out from Camp and Clothed ourselves in our Tempel Close and Prayed to the almighty in the behalf of the Camp, and fore our Selves, and for our Families, which we hand left in order to Preach the Gosple

Monday 20

The weather this Morning is Cloudy and Clo Cool[.] the Morning we hich up about 6. A.M. and Started on our Journey[.] this fore noon we drove 10 miles, and Noon on the upper Crossing of Buffalo Creek, to day about Noon we meet about ahalf dozen Men, who was on their way to the States from California, they reported things in Salt Lak V Valley in a very prosperaus Condistion, which was very Cheering news to us all, this after noon we traviled 12 miles which took us till about 9. P.M., we Could not reach the River to night, we had to Camp in the Sand bluffs with out water,
to Night I with Brother Hart was call apoind to Administer to Sister Wasnnar [Watson] Chiled [Childs], which was Sick with the Direre [diarrhea]

Tuesday 21th

The Weather is Still Cloudy this Morning[.] This Morning we hich up at .3. A.M. and drove 4 miles, to the River, and Stop for Breakfist, here is the pleace where Capt. Martains Cattle took a Stamphede,

we Stayed here 2 hours, and then drove on about 12 Miles and Camped fore the Night on Platt River, this after noon was very hott and dusty,

Wednesday 22th

The Weather is Still Cloudy and it has the apperance of raine, to this morning we hich up and drove 8 miles and camped about 12 oclock for the day, to wate for the Hunters of our Company who had Started out this Morning to Hunt Buffalo, Some of them return to Camp about 1. P.M. and reported that they had kill a Buffalo, we Sent A team out to fech it inn, The Team return about 7. P.M. with the Meat of the Buffalo, which was exelent meat, it was devided, to all in the camp, And the Brethern feelt to rejoice to think that the Lord had bless them with Some freash Meat,

Thursday 23th

The Weather Clear and warm, I am quite well and health has bein good Sence I have bein on this Journay, this Morning we hich up and Started about .6. A.M. the road this fore noon was very Sandy and hard rounding for our teams, this fore noon we traviled 17 miles and cross Skunk creek about 12 o clock and nooned on the west Side of the Creek, this after noon we drove 7 miles and camped at the Cold Springs

Friday 24th

The Weather this Morning Clear and Pleasent with a cool breeze frome the South, we hich up and Started This Morning at .6. A.M., this fore noon we pass the Junction of the north and South forks of Platt River, the Altitude 2,685 feet, the road yesterday and this fore noon has was very Sandy, last night I with Brother Hart was call at apoind to Administer to Sister Snall [Snell],

Ith this fore noon we drove 10 Miles and nooned on Platt River[.] Pleanty of good feed[.] this after noon we traviled 5 miles, and camp on the west Side of deep wide Creek

Saturday 25th

The Weather this Morning is very Cool and Cloudy, we hich up and got Started at half pass five. A.M. this fore noon we drove 11 Miles and Nooned on North Bluff fork[.] feed poor[.] this After noon we Cross Sandy bluffs which is 6 Miles from the swell[.] we drove 4 miles farder and camped A the foot of the Sandy Bluffs East foot[.] feed good and pleanty of water to day

Sunday 26th

The Weather is Still Cool, with a Cool breeze from the North, but the Heavens Clear, this Morning. We Started at 6, A M, and entered on the Bluffs East foot, this fore Noon we traviled 8 Miles and Nooned at the Mouth of [illegible] Small Creek which runds between the Bluffs, this After noon we drove 5 Miles and Camped at the Bluffs Springs, to day road very Sandy and hard rolding, This After noon Brother James HarkHart got is foot and Ankel run over, I was call to his Assisance and to Administer to him, [illegible] To night about 11 PM our Cattle took a fright and Stamppede[.] They run about 2 Miles, but I with Broters Dell and [John] Andru [Andrews], Succeded in giting a round them, after we had drove them about a half a mile to the rest of the Boys Came to our Assistance[.] we Succeeded in giting the Cattle back to Camp, we Coraled them Again, but in about ten Minuts they took a nother fright and Started Againe, but we Stoped them on the outside of the Coral, and Guard them on the outside the rest of the night, in the frist fright one of Brother [Simpson David] Huffakers oxen got both Horns nocked off,

Friday 31th

This Morning the Weather is Pleasent, we hich up our teams [illegible] about .9, A,M, and drove two and a half Miles and camp on [text missing], After trying the Expearament we found that we chould Move the Camp with out the lost Cattle, Brother Huffaker return to camp about .9. P.M. with 7 [illegible] of his Men with out any Cattle, the Brethern was tared out.

August, Saturday 1th 1857

The Weather is Still Pleasent, with This Morning I got the teams regulaed [regulated] and the lo[a]ds cakfuled [calculated] and got the Secon[d] Division ready to rold by the time the first Division was ready[.] the Camp Started out this fore noon about .9. A.M. we drove 7 miles and nooned on Three foot Creek, this After noon we drove 3 miles and Camped on the Platt one mile west of the Great Sandy Bluff[.] This Morning the orther Men of Brother Huffaker Band of Cattle hunters return to Camp about 6, A,M, with out finding the Cattle[.] to day noon Capt. M.C.Cuen [Matthew McCune] Wagon turn over in the Creek, it was Stated that Dampnage [damage] of his Propity in giting wet was two hunderd Dollars, the road to day was very Sandy, but but Pleanty of water,

Sunday 2th

The Weather this morning is warm and clear[.] we Started at half pass Seven and drove 10 miles and nooned a Opist [opposite] of Ash hollar [Hollow] on the Platt[e], the road this fore Noon was good with Pleanty of feed and water, I find that we can rold the Secon Division bout as well now as we could before we lost our Cattle, This After noon we travel 10 Miles and camped on a Slough.

Monday 3th

the weather this Morning is quite cool, After the thurnder Storm which we had last night[.] This for noon we drove 11 miles and Nooned on the River, the road this fore noon was good,

This After noon we travil 10 miles and Camped Crab Creek[.] to night we had another thunder Storm

Tuesday 4th

the Weather is clear this Morning with a pleasent breeze from the South east[.] this fore noon we Dove 9 miles and Nooned at Slough South of the road, this After noon we traviled 12 miles and camped on the River, to night I had Some difficulty with Capt. Huffines [Hofheins] about driving So fare.ah as to over do the Cattle when he might of Stop two hours Sooner than he did, I Spoak in the be half of th two thirds of the Camp, for the Camp Considered that he drove be [..]nand [beyond] wisdom, our Cattle was much ingered [injured] by the days drive, and for this reason I probily Spoak Most to rough to the Capt., but the diffucalty was settl to the Satisfaction of the Camp,

the road to day was very Sandy[.] the health of the Camp is fast improving

Thursday 5th

The Weather this Morning is very warm, this fore noon we traviled 8 miles and nooned on the River, the road this fore Noon was very Sandy with Some Bluffs to cross, the weather this fore noon was very warm, and our Cattle Soon got done out, be cause of the hard days drive yesterday, After dinner we drove three miles and Camp for the day in order to ficks Some of the wagons

Thursday 6th

The Weather this Morning is quite Cool and Cloudy, which makes it fine to travil, this fore noon we drove 9 miles and nooned on the River[.] feed poor, This After noon we drove 11 miles and Camped on the Platt river[.] feed good[.] road to Day was good

Friday 7th

The Weather this Morning is warmer[.] My health is quite good, and has bein remarkable good, Sence I have Started on this Journey, To Day we traviled About 20 miles and camped on the Platt,

Saturday 8th

The Weather [.] is Still fine this Morning, This Morning we Started About .6. A.M. we drove 8 Miles and Stoped about .10. A.M., at a traden Post and Boug bought Some Cattle[.] I Bought two yoke fore Brother Huffaker, I also bought a yoke of Cows for Sister Snell, This after Noon we traviled 10 miles and camp on Platt, feed good

Sunday 9th

The Weather this Morning is very warm and cloudy. This Morning I bought one ox for Brother Snows team, we Started About .7. A.M., After we got Started I with Brother Washington Mousley And [James Ashburton] [Bayard] Bierd Crosgrove [Crossgrove], and three orthers of the Brethern, went over the River, to a trading Post to trad for Some Buffalo roabs[.] I bought one for Brother Huffaker for which I paid 5 dollars, we return to camp at Noon, found two of the teams behind one mile owning to the Bad road[.] I sent back two yoke of Cattle to healp them up, to day we traviled 14 miles and Camped on the Platt, 5 miles East of Fort Laramy [Laramie'],

Monday 10th

This Morning we Started at .8. A.M. we pass Fort Laramie about Noon and camped about 4 Miles beond the Fort[.] The road to day and yester day was ker very Sandy which made it hard for our teams

I left the traine this fore noon about 11 AM with Father Mousley, and his Son Washington and Bierd Crosgrove to goe over to Fort Laramie to travil for Some things for the camp,

Last night was call apond with Bother [.] Hart to administer to Sister Amanda Mousley,

Tuesday 11th

The Weather this Morning was cool and cloudy, we Started on our way about 8.A.M. we entered the Black Hills, the road to day was very Hilly and Stoney and there was much teaner in braking the wagons, but we got along without braking any, we did not git into camp till dark, and Part of the train not till Nex Morning, we Camp on the Platt[.] no feed for the Cattle

Wednesday 12th

The weather this Morning is clear and windy, To day we traviled 4 miles and Camp in the Hills, f we found feed and water for the Cattle,

This Morning I with Brother Hart was call to administer to, Sister Huffaker, who was very un well, My health is Still good,

There was q quite a time of grumling in Camp this Morning on the Account of our traviling yesterday

Thursday 13th

The Weather this Morning is [.] quite cool and Cloudy, we had Some rain last night, it allso has the apperance of raine this Morning, To day we laid by to let the Cattle. rest, and to Shoe Some of the Oxen, There is Still a fuse in camp, To night I was call apoind to Administer to Sister Snall,

Friday 14

The weather is still cool and cloudy[.] we had a light rain last night, This Morning our Organasation came to an, and it was thought best to Seperate to two divisions on account of giting feed for our Cattle[.] the first division, Started at .8. A.M. and we of the Secon at .9. A.M. this fore noon we drove 5 miles and Nooned in the hills without water, in the After noon we traviled 6 Miles, on a Small Stream of good water and good feed[.] the road to A day was hilly and in Placeses very bad and much deanger of braking wagons, we pass a Small Stream this after noon about 4[.] I with Brother Hart and Brother Lang Lincoln was Call apoind to administer to Sister [Hannah] Sweetman

Saturday 15th

The Weather this Morning is Some warmmer, it look lik clear weather again, this Morning we Started at half pass Six oclock, to day we drove 16 miles and Camped on the Platt River[.] feed good[.] here we Strack [struck] the river road which run on the other Side of the river,[illegible] at this point I Nooned, and cross the River last fall,

Sunday 16th

the Weather this Morning is fine and pleasent[.] this Morning we started at 6 A.M., the road [this] to day for the first four miles lead over the Bluffs to[.] About .10. A.M. we cross a Smal Stream of water

This four noon we drove 10 miles and nooned one mile from the River[.] This after noon we drove 10 miles and camped on the River[.] we drove our cattle a cross the River to feed[.] to night I visited Capt. Huffaines Company which was camped 2 miles below us, I Stayed with Father Mousley all night, I return to camp next Morning,

Monday 17th

The Weather is Still fine. Our Camp Started at .6. A.M. This four noon, we travil 8 miles and nooned on the River,

The road this four noon was very rought and Mountainaus, which made it very hard for our teams[.] This after noon we drove, 7 miles and camped on the River[.] the road this After noon was good, my health is Still good

Tuesday 18th

This Morning the Weather is good[.] we Started at 2/1 [½] 6 and traviled 15 miles and Camped on the River[.] To Night of th This After noon about .6. P.M. I went to See Some of my friends at Deer Creek Station, here I resevved [received] cheering News from my Family, it done me good to See my old friends, C [.] Th Amoung my friends was Brother Nephi, Jhu Cox, and M Parone Brady,

Wednesday 19th

The weather is Still fine and Pleasent, but quite Cool nights and Mornings, My health is Still good, I return to camp this fore noon about 10. AM, Brother Neph Acccompanyed me, I bought a Yok of Cattle this fore noon for. S.D. Huffaker[.] to Day about 11 AM we Forded the River to the South Side one mile below Deer Crk Creek, And drove 4 Miles to Deer Creek Station and camped for the Day, the Brethen of the fort and our Camp was quite glad to See ech orther, We had a little Dance in the evening,
I enjoyed Myselfe, well And was glad to meet my old friends in the Dance once more[.] To Day we turn over to Mr. Fiends his Stoire, allso Brothers,

Thursday 20the

The Weather is Still Pleasent, This Morning we parted with our friends and Started on our Journay at .7. A.M. we traviled 7 Miles and nooned on Platt river[.] this fore noon[.] one of Brother Huffakers oxen stird died[.] one of those which we bought yesterday[.] in the after noon we drove five miles and Camped on the Platt, feed good, Cross Crooked Muddy [Creek],

Friday 21th

This Morning it is Still Pleasent[.] We hiched up, and Stat Started at 2/1 7. A.M. and drove 16 miles A riccross the Platt, and Camped on the North Side of the River, feed poor to night,

My health is Still good,

The road the last two has bein good, the Country very barern, but pleanty of Bull Basiyo,

Saturday 22th

The Weather is Some what Cloudy and Cool this Morning, we Started at 7. A.M. and took the River road and left the old road to the right, we traviled 8 miles and nooned on the last Camping Place on the Platt, the road this fore noon, rought very hilly but our teames performe their labor well considing the [-] poorfeed Last night, This After noon we drove 2 miles and camped on a small Stream of water, the was good, but there was a great dell of Alklie which was inguries [injurious] to the Cattle, Consiquentley it is not a good place to Camp, The health of the Camp is good And there is a generil time of peace in Camp, My health is very good, and has bein Sence I left My home last faull[.] I therefore Prays Prease My God fore his Blissing which has been over me, through Meny dangers,

Sunday 23th

The weather this Morning is Still Cloudy and Cool, We hich up and Started on our way about 7. A.M. we drove 15 Miles and Camped 1 Mile east of the Willow Springs, we drove our Cattle 1 mile to the South of the road to good feed[.] 1 of Brother Fields oxen died to day

Monday 24th

The Weather this Morning is Clear and very Cool, we Started a bout 8 AM, we travel this fore noon 8 miles and nooned, on the Side of the road near a beautifull Stream of clear water, this fore noon we pass over Prospect Hill, from this point we had a fine, and pleasent view of the Sweet Waters Mountains, This After noon we drove 5 miles and Camped on Grees wood Creek near the Spot were I Camp in 47 about 10 years ago[.] the road to Day was good but Some what hilly

Tuesday 25th

The weather is Still Pleasent[.] we Started this Morning about 6[.] this fore noon we traviled 10 miles and nooned at Independances Rock on the Sweet water, the road this fore noon was very Sandy,

This After noon we drove 6 miles And Camped at the Sweet water Station at the Devils Gate, we was meet kindly by Capt. Hunt and the Brethern at the Fort, H

to Day noon, I with Some orthers went up on Independance Rock[.] The weather this evening was quite Cool

Wednesday 26th

The weather is quite Cool but Clear[.] This fore noon we remained in Camp in order to git Some Blacksmithing done, in the After noon we traviled 10 miles up the Sweet water and camped on the Same, The road to Day, was good, My health is Still good

Thursday 27th

This Morning the weather is Cold[.] it frose Ice in our waters Pailes last night, we hich up and Started at 2/1 6 AM[.] this fore noon we traviled 10 miles and nooned on the Sweet water, the road this fore noon was Sandy, Wile we was nooning Jesse [..l.], and five of the Brethern from the Villey passed us on their way to the Devil Gate, the News they brot from the Villey was Cheering,

This After noon we traviled 5 miles and Camped on the Sweet water, [ blank space] this After noon Capt Hart, and Brother Huffaker went on to over take the Texas Company in order to buy Some Cattle, After traviling 16 miles they arrived at their Camp About 10. P.M.,

Friday 28th

The weather is Still fine and pleasent[.] we Started about 7 A.M., This fore noon we drove 9 miles and nooned one mile above the Three Crossing of Sweet water. the road good also feed good[.] in the After noon we traviled 7 miles and Camped and the fourth Crossing of Sweet water, we meet Capt Hart and S.D. Huffaker with 9 yoke of Cattle which they had bought for the Company,

Saturday 29

The weather is Pleasent and Clear[.] This Morning we had quite a time in yokeing up our new Cattle as they was all two years olds and had never bein yoke before, but after about two hours we got them yokee up and Started at 10 A.M.,

we traveled 12 miles and camped on a Small Stream of water on the South road[.] This evening Col, Burten with 30 Men from the villey Pass us on they way to the Devils Gate[.] I reseived news from hom By Gedian Gibbs one of my old friend, I am quite well and enjoying health,

Sunday 30th

The weather is Still Clear and, fine[.] we Started at 7, to Day we traviled 14 miles and Camped on a Small Stream in the Bluffs, Capt H Dunken was Camped here, Also Capt. Huffaine, This After noon I left the trane to visit the Brethern who was camped on the bluffs about 1 mile East of the road, here I meet with Brother Charles Pulsipher, [blank space] My Brother inlaw, we was both Glad th to See each other, After about 2 hours visit My Brother return to Camp with me, After we had Stayed in camp about 2 hours we return to his Camp, when we arrived at the Boys Camp[.] It was ten o clock in the evening[.] It was his turn to stand [illegible] Gard from 11 to [illegible] 3 AM. I Stayed with him while he was on Gard[.] I enjoyed Myself very much in deed while we was together[.] we went to Bed at 3 AM.

Monday 31th

the weather is Still Pleasent[.] Brother Charles and I Seep till about 8 AM, we Spent the fore noon to gather, which was Spent very Pleasent indeed, I return to my Camp about 1 PM. The Camp layed Still to Day, to let our teames rest as there was good feed for them,

in the After noon about, 3 PM Capt J. Dusten with 4 of the Sisters of the Camp, went to visit the Boys Camp inorder to Sing for them; we injoyed our Selves much indeed[.] After Spending about 3 hours together we took tea with Brother Charles and his Mess, After Tea we Sung ["] when Shill we all Meet agane[".] we then return to our Camp[.] Brother Charles Accompanyed Sister Lucy Spokemson, I and Brother Charles Seept together

September, Tuesday 1th 1857

The weather this morning is Cloudy[.] it raine a very little about 5A[.] we Started on our [j…] Journay Joureny afrash this morning about 8 AM, this fore noon we traviled 5 miles[,] at Some Springs Side of road[.] in the After Noon we traviled 6 miles and Camped in one mile of the Sweet water on the Beanch[.] we drove our Cattle to river to feed which was good[.] the road to D was good[.] Some placeses rather Stony, this evening the Gervonment Exprest of, 11 wagons Pass us on the way to Salt Lake[.] the weather this After noon was cool and windy,

Wednesday 2th

The weather this Morning is very Cool and Cloudy, This morning we Started on our way ½ .7 AM. to day we travel 15 miles and Camped at the last Camping on Sweet Water[.] we watered our teames at a Small Stream near the last Crossing of Sweet water, the road to Day was good, My health is Still good,

Thursday 3th

The weath this morning C is Cool but Clear with a strong wind from the west, we Started, at .8 A.M This fore noon we traviled 9 miles and nooned on the Pacifice Creek[.] feed good[.] This fore noon, we cross over the South Pass. the Altitude 7.085 feet Lat, 42° 18' 58" Long, 108°: 40’ 0”

This After noon we traviled, 7 miles and Camped on Dry Sandy[.] No feed and a very little water[.] very Cold to night

Friday 4th

The weather in is Still very Cold[.] we Started this Morning at ½ 5 A[.] we traviled 4 miles, and turn our teams out to feed Sid[e] of road, we hich up our teams and Dove 5 miles and turn out for noon, on Dry Sandy[.] feed quite good, This fore noon we pass the Junction of California and the Oregon roads,

This After noon we traviled 5 miles and Cross Little Sandy[.] we watered our teams[.] we then drove on 8 miles and Camped Side of road in an ½ mile of the Creek, The road to Day was good

Saturday 5th

the weather is alittle warmer this morning,

This fore noon we traviled 6 miles and nooned on Big Sandy[.] we Stayed here 3 hours, we then drove on 6 miles and Camped on Side of road[.] The road to was Some what rought[.] the feed rather poor to night

Sunday 6th

The weather is Still warmer[.] This fore noon we traviled 7 miles and noon on Side of road[.] watered our Cattle in Big Sandy, in the After noon we traviled 5 miles and Camped on Big Sandy[.] feed poor, to Night Brothers James A Lattle and Gorge W. Thirsten[,] Bro Nuness camped with us They having walked from the Devils Gate in 5 Days[.] To Day at 12 oclock we pass the Corner Stone between Oregon and Utah, I am quite poor in health to night

Monday 7th

The weather this morning is Mile [mild] and Pleasent[.] we Started about ½ 7 AM. This fore noon we traviled 10 miles and cross Green River and nooned on the west Side of the Same, in the After noon we drove down 1 mile and camped on the Same for the night, the road to Day was quite good, Brothers [L.] Little and Thursten left to night on their way home to the Valley, I wrote A letter and Sent by them to my Familey, my health is Some better to night,

Tuesday 8th

The weather is Still warm and pleasent[.] This Morning we Started, 7 AM, we went down the river 3½ miles[.] we then left the River for Blacks Fork[.] we nooned 3 miles for from the River[.] we went on in the After noon, we had to Camp before night, we did not rich the Creek but Camped in about 3 miles of the Creek which made 16 miles to Day[.] Just before we Camped my teame got Skirt [scared] by a Dog jumping at an one of th luce [loose] oxen, the teame run about fifty rod and come near Smithing the wagon to peases [pieces] and killing themsilves down abank, in to depe [deep] guley,

Wednesday 9th

The weather this Morning is a little Cooler, This morning we Started at 6 o clock[.] 3 miles on [-] to Black’s Fork, and After 4 hours to let our teames rest, and to Shoe Some Cattle, In the After noon we move on[.] we Cross Ham’s Fork 3¼ miles from ware we Started[.] at noon we went on to Black fork 1¾ miles and camped fore the night,

The wind Commence to Blow Strong from the west, and very cool, Ther was 3 Companys of the Goverment teames Camped on Ham’s fork,

Thursday 10th

The weather is could and windy this morning, we Started about 8 AM, we Cross black’s fork[.] we traviled this fore noon 12¾ miles to the Second Crossing of black fork, and nooned, in the After noon we traviled 3 miles and Camped on Black’s fork, the feed good to night[.] the road to Day was rought, very could to night

Friday 11th

The weather is Still could and cloudy, we Started about 8 AM. This fore noon we traviled 7 miles and noon on Black fork. This after noon we traviled 7 miles and camped at Fort Bradger [Bridger][.] Altitude 6.665[.] the road to day was rought[.] the weather was very Could all day[.] we arrived in Camp about 6 PM. I left the Camp at 7 PM for Fort Supply, I got a ride 7 miles and walk 5 miles, when I arrived at the Fork the People was all gone to bed, My Brother in law got up and let me in the House, My friends was glad to See me, I pertook of a good Supper and then retared to bed[.] I found my Brother inlaw family all well,

Saturday 12th

The weather this morning is Still Could but Clear, After Breakfirst If I left Fort Supply in Company with Brother and family, and Brother Huffaker and his wife and his Son L[..] Lewis, we arrived at the Camp at Fort Bridger a bout ;1 P.M, The camp did not [-] move to day, but layed by to Shoe Some of the Oxen,

My Bro: inlaw left for his home about, 6 PM,

Sunday 13th

The weather this morning is more Pleasent[.] we Started to about 9 AM[.] we traveled 11 miles to a Small Creek and Camped[.] feed good[.] the road to Day was hilly and a very bad hill to desends

Monday 14th

The weather Still fine and Pleasent[.] we Started about 8 AM[.] to Day we traveled 18 miles and Camped at Sulphur Creek, the road th to [illegible] Day was hilly and rought in [illegible] pleaces[.] to Day we pass over the Summit of the deviding Ridge of the waters of the Great Basin and the waters Colorado[.] the Summit of Ridge the Altitude 7.700[.] to night I was Call appoined to Administer to Brother John Sneel, Capt. Hart aoin Assised me in the Administeration

Tuesday 15th

the weather is Still Pleasent[.] This morning we Started at 8 ½[.] we traveled 11 miles, and Camped in 1 mile of Yellow Creek[.] we cross Bear River this Morning About 10 oclock[.] the road this fore noon was rought, in the after noon very good and plenty of feed, This evening it is Cloudy and look's like raine, My health is good to night

Wednesday 16th

The weather this Morning is Stormmy[.] we had a very hard rain last night, We Started this Morning at 9 [-] oclock[.] This fore noon we traveled 5½ miles and nooned at Cache Cave, the Altiude 6,070 feet[.] This After noon we traveled 8½ miles and Camped in Echo Canyon[.] feed good[.] still Stormy, road very Slippery from the feat of the Storm, g quite well to night,

Thursday 17th

The weather Still has a stormy Apperance, we Started this Morning at 7½ oclock AM. this fore noon we traveled 7 miles and nooned in the Canyon, This After Noon we traveled 8 miles and Camped on the Weber River About 1 mile west of the Mouth of the Canyon,

Friday 18th

The weather this morning is quite Frosty, but the Sun rose Clear and beautifull[.] We Started this Morning at 9 oclock. AM. to Day we traveled 10 Miles and Camped 1 mile east of Canyon Creek, to Day the weather was warm and Pleasent, we Cross the Weber about 10 AM, to night I was Call appond to Admister to Sister Rostoll [Restall],

Saturday 19th

The weather is Still Pleasent, This Morning we Started, at 9 AM, to Day we traveled 9 miles and Camped on the east foot of the Big Mountain[.] The road the last two Day has bein rought but we have had good louck in traveling, My health is good,

Sunday 20

The weather this Morning has A Stormy Apperance, it rain A very little last night, This Morning we hich up And Commence to ascend the Big Mountain about 9 AM[.] We had good louck in crossing the Mountain, we Camped at the east foot of the little Mountain, which made 8 miles we traveled to Day, we had a lite rain this After noon,

Monday 21th

The weather this morning is Clear and pleasent, we hich up and Started at 8 A.M. we had good luck in crossing the little Mountain and going down the Canyon, we Arrived in Great Salt Lak[e] City in the After noon about, 3 PM, The Camp rold on to Union Square