Transcript for Thomas Wheatly, Jr., life sketch in Biographical information relating to Mormon pioneer overland travel database, 2003-2017

While at Florence, My Aunt Ma[r]y Whitworth gave birth to a baby girl and they named her Florence, after the city, which is now Omaha. We stayed here long enough for Aunt mary to get around a little. I remember one day my father, Uncle George, and myself (Thomas Jr.) were walking along the banks of the river and we came upon a camp of Indians. We surely made a hasty retreat.

At Omaha, Father bought a yoke of oxen and a new wagon and other provisions for our trip to the West. Father, Mother, and their four children, with Uncle George and Aunt Mary and their three children, numbering eleven souls, started for the Salt Lake Valley in Milo Andrew's <Andrus's> Company. After a few days journey on the plains, one of Father's oxen died, and Father had to trade the new wagon for an old one, and for another oxem [oxen], or rather a cow this time. We arrived at Salt Lake City September 12, 1861