Transcript for Thompson, Harriet Ann, Reminiscences


"We came to Utah in 1853, crossed the ocean in the old style sail-vessel "Galconda" [Golconda]. Mr. Bwerker was the sea captain. It took 70 days to cross from Liverpool to New Orleans. We were detained in mid-ocean because of a severe storm. From New Orleans we traveled to "Keokuk" waiting at this point 3 weeks for ox teams to be fitted out for crossing the plains. The next move was to Salt Lake City. They put ten out fits in a company. Each company having a captain. Our captain was Joseph W. Young.

My father, William P. Thompson, a sick Mother, a cripple, with four young children, set out on this long trip. At night Father stood guard against the Indians, he drove ox team during the day. Mother and baby 10 months old, Sarah Ann, rode. The other members walked full distance. Well I do remember our feet, sore and blistered with walking. Also fear of the Indian attacks. One time they stole Father's watch. Again on the journey Mother was real ill. She had mountain fever. Being to[o] sick to travel, they camped on the Platte River. Joseph W. Young, our captain, administered to her and promised her she would be better and live to see Salt Lake Valley, and she did.

We arrived there in the month of October, after a nine month journey.["]