Transcript for Thompson, John, "An English Convert Encounters Martin Harris," in Campus Education Week Program, comp., Voices from the Past: Diaries, Journals, and Autobiographies, ed. Leonard J. Arrington, and others [1980], 85

My father worked for Goram & Company at Providence until the spring of 1862. My parents had joined the Mormon Church in the year 1848. They wanted to come to Zion; so in the year of 1862 we left Providence to come to Utah. We came by road and steamboat to Florence, stayed there a few days and then we loaded into a wagon that was drawn by four yoke of oxen. The names of the four yoke of cattle were as follows: Duke and Dim, Lion and Bay, Speck and Buck, Balley and Brand. Our Captain’s name was Murdock, and teamster’s name was John Middleston [Middleton].

We arrived in Salt Lake City that fall.