Transcript for Thompson, Rebecca Gale, Reminiscences, 1

After arriving in San Francisco, and camping in tents and any available shelters, for some time, we moved to San Bernardino, California. Here we bought land, horses, a few head of cattle, a small home and lived here engaged in farming, and cattle raising, until late in 1857.

When at that time, the Mormons in California were being threatened with persecution, on account of the Mountain Meadow Massacre.

So in the later part of 1857, a company of Saints were formed and ready for their journey to Utah.

They traveled by team of horses or mules and had wagons, and buggys. About one hundred persons were in this company. The captain or leader of this company was William Broom.

Many of these people leaving California had never seen snow, or had never experienced cold, and zero weather, which they did on this trip, but all withstanding the journey well. The most of these people made their destination, being Beaver. Some stopped for a time in Parowan, others settled in Adamsville and Minnersville [Minersville].

We arrived in Beaver February 2, 1858.