Transcript for Tullidge, Edward W., Tullidge's Histories of Utah, vol. 2, "Biographies (Supplemental Vol.) of the Founders and Representative Men of Northern, Eastern and Western Utah, and Southern Idaho" [1889], 120

On my return to Milwaukee, I engaged as clerk in the large book store of Hale & Chapman, and remained there until the spring of 1849, when I determined to go around the world, purposing first to spend a year in the California gold mines, thence to go by way of China, India and Persia to Europe. My uncle whose adopted son I was, endeavored with all his power to dissuade me, offering me every inducement which his great wealth would permit, and quoting the proverb: that “a rolling stone gathers no moss.” I wanted my moss rubbed off, and told him so. After a tedious journey of six weeks I found myself at St Joseph Mo., too late to join any overland company of emigrants, and so remained in Missouri until the spring of 1850, teaching school in a small settlement near St Joseph.

Leaving the Missouri river May, 15th, we started into the then unknown western wilds and arrived at Salt Lake City, July 22nd, 1850, and after a journey of a thousand miles without seeing a house, we were all overjoyed. During the journey I had two very narrow escapes from death. Once, while among the rocks near the Sweetwater I was obliged to swing myself around a rocky point by means of a small bush growing in the rock, over an abyss four hundred feet in depth, and then found myself upon a narrow ledge not more than a foot wide, along which I was obliged to crawl for about 100 feet, before I found a place of safety. Another time I was in imminent danger from a furious buffalo bull which I had wounded, and from which I narrowly escaped, being on foot and alone. I knew the danger of attacking him alone and with no place of refuge, but could not resist the opportunity.

During the journey I had been told the Mormons were guilty of every kind of wickedness, but on my arrival at Salt Lake City I found I had been so much deceived by those lying reports that I determined to remain in the valley during the winter, study the people for myself, and go on in the spring to California.