Transcript for Turnbow, Samuel, Autobiographical sketch, 209-10, in Histories and biographies written by members of Camp Sunflower, Daughters of Utah Pioneers of Center Utah County, Provo, Utah, vol. 3, part 1

The poineers [pioneers] left for the valley of the mountains in the month of February, and in the following June we moved onto the horn, and organized and I was set apart as a captain of ten families, in the A. O. Smoot Company of 1850. As we continued our journey acrossed the plains we met Pioneers at Oacific [Pacific] Springs on their return trip to Winter Quarters, where we camped together. A sharp reproof was given by President Brigham Young to those that sought to make different organizations from that given by revelation, as the Spirit of Wisdom dictated in him before he left us in the spring. We then continued on our journey to Salt Lake Valley about the first of October 1847, when we arrived.

[A variant of this sketch is found in Eliza B. Anderson and Mariam C. Bradshaw, comp., "Original and Native Pioneer Histories, Camp History, Locality History," (Daughters of Utah Pioneers, Timp View Camp [Orem, Utah]), 208-9]