Transcript for ""Twelfth Company-Captain Harmon Cutler," CR 100 334: Church emigration, undated.

Twelfth Company—Captain Harmon Cutler.

Captain Harmon Cutler with a company of 262 persons, including old and young, left Kanesville in June and arrived in Salt Lake City in September, 1852. Capt. Cutler was assisted by five captains of ten, namely, Thomas Jenkins, Capt. of 1st Ten; Anson Sheffield, Capt. of 2nd Ten; Wm. Burton, Capt. of 3rd Ten; James Frodsham, Capt. of 4th Ten and Isaac Phippen, Capt. of 5th Ten. Samuel [Daniel] Page jun. was Clerk of the camp and Wm. Robinson, Capt. of the Guard. 

The company had 63 wagons, 17 horses, 231 oxen, 171 cows, 20 dogs, 154 sheep, 222 pounds of ammunition, 47 arms and 23 spades and shovels.

The names of a few of the members of this company may be found in Journal History of Dec. 31, 1852, Supplement pages 79-84, but the roster was not reported with those of other companies.