Transcript for Vest, Louisa Rosser Evans, Autobiographical sketch 1921 June, 2-3

We left there (Iowa City) June 23, 1856, and traveled through Florence stopping for a while at Winter Quarters. While waiting for the Hand Cart Company to leave or prepare to leave I went to the Bluffs to work. When the Third Hand Cart Company was ready to start to Zion I did not want to go; but my uncle insisted that I should as I was in his care. Yeilding to his pursuasion I came and I now feel very thankful that I came on with the saints at that time as much trouble came to those who remained in the East.

After beginning the long journey to Utah a Sister Roberts could not travel so fast and asked me to stay back with her. I did so and the company was soon out of sight and we felt rather lonely as the wolves were howling and to add to our uncomfortable feelings we saw some <two> Indians on <a> horses approaching us. I became very frightened for I thought that they would kill us; but Sister Roberts assured me that they would not harm us for said she, “I put my trust in the Lord”, and to my relief the Indians rode away without harming us. Later on in the journey as we were pursueing our wearisome march my Brother Moses became very hungry and there was very little to eat, being only one cake and a pint of milk alloted to each of <between> us. However I gave it all to Moses and thought that I could do without; but in the afternoon I became very hungry. So trusting faithfully in the Lord I asked Him to take the hunger away and he heard and answered my prayer; and a beautiful feeling filled my heart and I didn’t feel hungry any more. In camping for the night we would make camp by having all the wagons formed in a circle with the people <inside> and the stock in <out>side. The men would take turns at guarding against Indians etc, so that we would be protected and not have them surprise us. In order to obtain food the men would kill buffaloes and we would use the meat in different forms, one of which was to make soup. We used buffalo chips for fuel and were glad when we could find enough fow to cook with. Our company was in charge of captains Edward Bunker and Grant. After being upon the plains four long weary months we arrived in the territory of Utah in Oct. 1856.