Transcript for Wagstaff, Amos, "Biography of Amos Wagstaff," [1]

We were over eight weeks crossing the Plains. From there we went up the Plat[te] River. There were seven children, Mother and Father. I had it a little easier than some of the children as I helped drive the team part of the way. Our teamster was Elisha Davis of Provo, and our captain was Omer Dunken [Homer Duncan], also of Provo. We landed in Salt Lake City on the block where the City and County building now stands, the 26, of Sep. 1852. . . .

The next spring [1868], I was called to go back East to bring back emigrants to Utah, as I had one oxen, and I matched it up with other oxen to make the trip. We left Am[erican]. Fork April 20, 1858. I was gone five months. I had driven 4 yoke of oxen on the farm so it didn't worry me. I brought ten people in my wagon to Utah.